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Posted by: Akinozshura Posted on: 07.11.2018

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Such performance is to be expected in the first week, as you are in the process of learning. The unsettling thing is that the failures keep happening, and eventually they will come frighteningly close to the date of the exam, and the fear of impending doom will start to mess with your brain. Some ct of your life, something that you were able to maintain throughout even law school, will fall by the wayside. If you were a cool, work-life balance kind of law student , that might mean you stop playing guitar or surfing or making cool jewelry holders for a few months while studying. You might start showering at alarmingly low rates, eating erratically, and talking to friends and family basically never. You will amaze even yourself. At some point, you will make a stress purchase that makes no real sense at all.

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