Spectator Code of Conduct


We realize how exciting and nerve-racking competitive sports can be for players, as well as family and friends. We encourage all spectators to support their players by coming to watch our events. We, the staff of the North American Junior Amateur , work solely for the players. Our belief is that our players will gain more independence, confidence and integrity from handling all aspects of competition themselves. This will help to enhance their experiences on and off of the golf course. We would appreciate if you would respect this.

• Remain on cart path, rough and at least 50 yards from participant.

• Stay off fairways and keep up with or ahead of your group to ensure pace of play and do not interfere with other groups’ play.

• Do not give advice to players during the round as this is a breach of rule 8-1 of the USGA Rules of Golf.

• Spectators may assist in looking for lost balls and act as forecaddies.

• Spectators may carry umbrellas, jackets, food and drink, etc., but MUST refrain from conversation.

• Rulings will only be made by Rules Officials.

• No cell phones will be permitted on the course.

• Please respect the host facilities’ policies regarding dress code, indoor cell phone use, etc.


Parents/Spectators may rent carts according to course policy, however ONLY 2 carts will be allowed per group. Carts will be rented to parents/spectators on a first come-first serve basis. If there are already two carts rented for your group, no other carts will be issued.

Carts must stay on the cart path at all times. Players may not be driven from shot to shot at any time during an event.


Parents/Spectators MUST remain on the outside of the roped area as players are confirming and recording their scores. Only NAJA staff and players will be allowed within the scoring area. Please refrain from conversation with the players.