Policies and Procedures

Eligibility/Age Policy:

Under the Rules, a junior golfer is defined as an amateur golfer who has not reached (i) the September 1 following graduation from secondary school or (ii) his 19th birthday, whichever comes first. So unless a golfer is 19 and in high school or 18 and in college, he should become familiar with the Rules that apply to junior golfers receiving expenses.

Withdrawal Procedure:

If you need to withdraw from an event, please contact the Tour staff as soon as possible so we may add another player from the waitlist. Please contact us via email,
In the body of the email, make sure to include the player’s full name, the name of the event(s) and the date of the event(s). Once this has been received by the staff, you will receive an email confirming your withdrawal. If you need to withdraw on the morning of the event, please also contact the host facility.

Wait List Policy:

North American Junior Amateur players are accepted into events on a first come-first serve basis. If an event becomes oversubscribed we will form a waitlist. If spots become available, players will be moved to the active player roster based on their JGS ranking.

No Show/No Card:

If a player does not show up for an event and has not made contact with the NAJA staff prior to the event, it will be recorded. The same procedure will be taken if a player does not turn in his/her scorecard at the end of a round. If either of these events occurs twice, the player will be suspended from future NAJA events. If a player chooses to withdraw during a round, please be respectful and inform a NAJA staff member. If a staff member is informed, it will not be recorded as a No Card.

Pace of Play Policy:

The pace of play at our events is very important to us. To alleviate pace of play issues, please keep in mind the amount of time allotted for each hole:
-par 5: 18 minutes
-par 4: 15 minutes
-par 3: 12 minutes
At the start of every event, the starter will announce the amount of time you are allotted to play the course. If the first group plays longer than the allotted time, they will be considered “out of position.” For all of the groups following to be considered “out of position” they will have failed in two ways. First, they will have taken longer than the allotted time to play and an entire hole open ahead of them. We will notify a group when they are out of position and will give them a chance to regain their position. If a ruling or ball search has delayed the group and caused them to become “out of position”, the group will be expected to regain its position within two holes. If they fail to regain their position, they will be subject to penalty.
Penalties for being “out of position”:
1st violation: verbal warning
2nd violation: 1 stroke penalty
3rd violation: 2 stroke penalty
Additional violations: disqualification
Once we have realized that a group is “out of position”, monitoring will occur by a Rules Official or other NAJA Staff Member. Each player is expected to play a shot in no longer than 40 seconds, excluding play on the putting green. Timing will begin once the player has reached his/her ball, it’s his/her time to play and there are no distractions. Determining yardages is considered as part of your shot and will be included in the timing.

Tie Breaks:

A tie for 1st place will be dealt with a by a sudden death playoff. Playoff holes will be decided by the committee based on what is available at the course. Ties for any other place will be handled according to the scorecard playoff procedure.

Scorecard Playoff Procedure:

A winner will be decided by the lowest score on the last nine holes, (the last nine holes will be 10-18, even for a shotgun starting format). If a tie still exists after the last nine holes, then the winner will be decided by the last six holes. If a tie still exists, the winner will be decided by the last three holes. If a tie still exists, the winner will be decided by the last hole. If a tie still exists, the scorecard procedure will be applied to the first nine holes until a winner is decided.
Note: Our first priority is a sudden death playoff, but if for any reason, a sudden death playoff cannot occur, (inclement weather, course availability, etc) then we will resort to a scorecard playoff.

Tournament Registration & Tee-Times:

All tournament registration will take place online. Tournament registration for North American Junior Amateur events will be accepted up to a day before the event or until the tournament is sold out. Tee times will be posted online a few days prior to the event. If a waitlist is necessary, an email will be sent if/when a player has been accepted into an event.

Stroke Limit Policy:

There is no stroke limit in the North American Junior Amateur.

Cell Phone Policy:

Use of cell phones by players, parents or spectators will not be permitted at any time during tournament play. IPOD and MP3 Players are not permitted. Violation of this policy results in disqualification.