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Signing up agrees to our terms of use. You have that friend. Everyone does. Who are my real friends? Who is continuing on this journey with me? According to the Bible, we should seek to do the following in our friendships: be loyal, Proverbs , encouragement one another Ephesians , speak the truth in love Proverbs , love unconditionally Romans , make wise choices Proverbs and make sure you have similar values Proverbs ,1 Corinthians

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But it happens. Things can become so one-sided that you question whether you should end the friendship altogether. From never-ending relationship troubles and problems at work to family issues and just basically hating the fact that nothing goes her way, none of the convos between you and your bestie are about light-hearted topics.

5 Tips for Dating a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

The ates on your life, what you think about the newest season of Orange is the New Blackpolitics, travel and any other feelings you have are all relegated to a dusty corner, overshadowed by the latest dramatic occurrence or complaint she wants to discuss. Had a shitty day at work?

Huh, well hers was twice as bad. Back in better friendship days, there used to exist a mutual exchange of problems. You talked, she listened, and vice versa.

Jul 30,   If you know, for example, that your negative self-talk kicks in when those aggressive drivers cut you off in traffic, and you start to talk to yourself about the rude people in the world and how everything is going to pot as a result be ready the next time you get in your car. Are you finding that people are often walking away from you? Telling you that you're too much? Eharmony coined the phrase "dating drainer" to describe someone who sucks the life out of others. Also known as an "energy vampire," you might be one if you have these 14 traits. Oct 24,   When you give too much to your partner, you feel exhausted and drained because you receive nothing in return. When you spend most of your time satisfying your partner's needs and worrying about not being good enough, it is a clear sign your partner emotionally drains you. Be courageous to talk to him about your emotions and your Jennifer Houston.

Degges-White says narcissists see people as objects and leave their partners feeling like accessories. So if they feel their affection is being bought, it's a sign there are strings attached.

Narcissists are masters of manipulation, and they know how to twist any situation to make their victims feel ashamed, guilty, and responsible for everything that's gone wrong.

They believe they're entitled to every shred of their partner's attention, so they label anything else as "selfish. The victim will never win an argument with a narcissist.

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Rows can quickly spiral out of control, and they may use tactics to baffle their partner - speaking very quickly and making confusing and contradictory statements, known as a "word salad.

In private, they will argue and abuse, while in public they'll be charming and show their victim off.

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Essentially, they only see their worth when they have someone else to boast to. The rest of the time, the victim is just a punching bag - both metaphorically and literally. Degges-White says if someone is more concerned about themselves or what other people think than the relationship, then they're probably a narcissist.

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Narcissistic rage is fierce and scary, and the arguments can feel like they go on forever. Essentially, the victim is expected to apologise - even if there's nothing to apologise for - and will get the silent treatment, or should expect to go round in circles, until they do.

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Small disagreements can reach "breakup level" in a matter of minutes, which makes the victim feel like they're walking on eggshells most of the time.

This is highly stressful and exhausting. Many therapists say the only way to heal from narcissistic abuse is to run fast and far, because they will never change. But for some people, leaving isn't an option. Being in a relationship with a narcissist will be hard work - it'll be a draining life full of sacrifices.

Jun 23,   If you're on the brink of a parting of the ways with your bestie, it could have something to do with the fact that she's emotionally draining you. Dating Friends. Here are three steps to help you deal with people who drain you: Know one when you see one. The negative nature of energy vampires is not always readily apparent when you first meet them. Dec 02,   You have that friend. Everyone does. You're not always sure quite why you hang out with them. Maybe it's inertia. You're always apologizing for them to others and steeling yourself to handle your time with them. It's not that you mind hanging around them but, sometimes, you wonder if they take away more from your life than they add.

It all comes down to whether you can live in the narcissist's reality or not. According to Degges-White, a narcissist will always demand the last word and will not back down. If you can handle that, you might be able to make things work.

However, "if you cannot agree or support a narcissist's perspective, then the narcissist will no longer have any need for you in his [or her] life," she said. Insider logo The word "Insider".

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