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The Persona franchise has always handled romance well, even in the games without Social Links. But not every Social Link is a hit, and some romances are honestly better left untouched. Both of them scrape the bottom of the barrel with conflict and neither girl has anything resembling a natural or engaging relationship with the protagonist. She has daddy issues and mommy issues, with the main character acting more as a distant observer than ever. Through the player, Ayane grows out of her shell, slowly gaining not only confidence but stronger individuality as a person. Plus, she looks like a kid. At the same time, she does manage to develop a decent romance with the main character.

IDK, maybe because I play too much VN, I just thinking, is that possible, at certain point where I can save as a branching plot for the romance, so I can easily save and load later on to see all the scene. User Info: nobdy1. I can think of two points you'd need to have saves at. The first is the summer festival. To get the Yukiko or Chie date, you need to already be in a relationship with them. The second is just before the December boss fight. After that, it jumps to the Christmas Eve date.

You'd have to make a save in December, choose a single girlfriend, beat that boss, and then play through to Valentine's Day for each girl. Thats the problem I think of. I mean, for make a girl to be GF, we do that on S. Link right?

Persona 4 Golden All Girlfriends - All Romance Scenes (Female Social Link Guide)

So in order to do that like you said choose single GF before beat the boss for valentine sceneI must hold up in the certain lv of S. For summer festival, how many girl can get that date scene? Only Yukiko and Chie? More topics from this board Build 1 Answer Mach wheel doesn't seems to spawn? Side Quest 1 Answer Which shadow has materials for invigorate 1 at the blacksmith? Side Quest 1 Answer Game keeps crashing on the initial loading screen, how do I fix it?

Tech Support 1 Answer Does dating Ai count as cheating? Side Quest 1 Answer. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Option A: "Geometric shapes. Yosuke: "Sorry, MC. I have no idea. Question: Which country do you think the South Pole belongs to? Option D: "No country.

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Question: What desert is the Welwitschia found in? Option C: "Namib. Obtain any battle related Trophies you haven't gotten yet, except for Registering Skill Cards.

The list for trophies I got are in the Monthly Progress. Yosuke: "Hey, wait What was the question? Is that even in the textbook?

Questions about Dating in Persona 4 1. Absolutely, they continue to rank up, you just get different cutscenes that are less intimate and more like "you're 2. I took Chie out again after maxing the social link. She went to my room again, and I spent a long while with her. But. Jun 13,   Rise Kujikawa S-Link Guide - Lovers. If you're planning to get to know the ex-idol in the Rise Kujikawa social link in Persona 4 Golden, this page has you northamericanjunioramateur.com've got every s-link rank.

The roots of 'bridal'? Question: Do you know what an "atlas" is? Option C: "A book of maps. Question: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, What is this sequence called? Option A: "The Fibonacci sequence.

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Question: There are over ancient pyramids in Egypt, but do you know who's buried in the biggest one? Option B: "Khufu. Question: Which of these is considered a "rice cake"? Option D: "Mochi. Question: What does French food stem from? Option B: Italian food. Question: What does the "figure in "figure skating" refer to? Option A: Geometric shapes. Question: Who is buried in the biggest pyramid in Egypt? Option B: Khufu.

Persona 4 dating guide

Question: What is a book of maps called? Option B: Atlas. Question: What word has the words "bride ale" as its roots? Option A: Bridal. Question: What kind of bird is a "kanko-dori"? Option A: A cuckoo. Question: Which country does the South Pole belong to? Option D: No country. Option A: The Fibonacci sequence. Option C: Namib.

Option D: Mochi. There is a dialog tree that will determine the ending you get. I will map out the options for each ending, but to avoid major spoilers I will not map out what each dialog option says. If you want to try get the Good Ending by yourself, then don't look ahead until you finish today.

However, it can be difficult to get it first try. You should expect minor spoilers from here on out, but I will be doing my best to take out as much story related spoilers as possible. Yosuke: "What do you want to do The next dialog tree also determines what ending you get. You have 3 chances to determine the most likely culprit.

Again, minor spoilers ahead. Narrator: The person who seems to be the most likely culprit is The following is what happens after choosing to follow the Accomplice Ending.

There will be minor spoilers ahead, but I will withhold any major spoilers. The following is what happens after choosing the Good Ending or better. As always, minor spoilers ahead.

From here on out, the culprit's identity will no longer be kept secret. If you have not played or seen the game up to this point, and are unaware of who the culprit is, then proceed with extreme caution.

Question: Do you know what color a polar bear's fur really is? Option A: "Transparent. Question: What determines whether a hair grows curly or straight? Option C: "The cross-section. Chie: "Huh? I wasn't listening MC-kun, help! Yosuke: "MC, will you tell me if you know the answer? Nanako: "How did you get it so big? Question: What are you supposed to put on top of a kagami mochi?

Option A: "A orange. Question: "Toso" is a traditional drink for the new year, but what does that name mean? Option B: "Bury the demons. Spawns in a chest for every 20 chests you open. He will despawn after changing floors or opening a chest that he isn't in.

Defeating him gives everyone their ultimate weapons, ultimate armor, and Omnipotent Orb. Need to defeat him once for a trophy. Question: In the Thai and Vietnamese zodiacs, which animal is used in the place of the rabbit? Option C: "Cat. Yukiko: European snow in spring? Do you know, MC-kun? You can now do whatever you want during the daytime. After that, feel free to explore Inaba and complete anything else you would like to accomplish.

We have enough time left to help Nanako with her homework, so its your choice if you want to help her. Question: What's the next unit of measurement up from a terabyte?

Option C: "Petabyte. Question: What color were the pyramids originally? Option B: "White. You have finished pretty much everything that you can do on your first playthrough!

Feel free to spend the rest of your time doing whatever the heck you want. Option B: Beta. Question: How was the theory that the pyramids were built by slaves disproven? Option A: Attendance logs. Question: What drink name means "bury demons"? Option D: Toso. Option C: Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

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Question: What is the Japanese zodiac equivalent to the "cat" in the Thai and Vietnamese zodiacs? Option B: Rabbit. What vegetable was used to make the first jack-o'-lanterns?

Option A: Turnips. Question: What color were the pyramids when they were first built? Option B: White. Question: What gets mixed with snow in Europe that sometimes causes it to turn red? Option B: The Sahara Desert sand. Hollow Forest is a dungeon with a lot of special rules. Thankfully our only task for the guide is to beat the dungeon.

This response determines if you get the Good or True ending. This is easily missed so make sure you pay attention. Narrator: You should return to your house to prepare for tomorrow The following is what happens after choosing to follow the True Ending.

There will be Major spoilers ahead! Read ahead at your own risk! Here is a list of stuff you could do. This section covers everything you can find in dungeons except for bosses. You will need to complete an investigation before you can explore a dungeon. Here is the legend for the bestiary:. The first regular dungeon. This is the hardest to clear in one day.

SP recovery items are hard to come by. Notes: Must have triggered Good Ending Flag. This section covers the bosses and strategies to defeating them. Side Bosses appear after the deadline to complete a dungeon has passed.

Out of all of the Persona games, Persona 4 is the most popular (Well, until Persona 5 came around at least). Since its creation in , it has amassed the following: a manga series, 2 anime series, a remake, 2 fighting games, a dancing game, 2 Persona crossovers, a fighting crossover, a stage play, and even a pachinko machine. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Multiple Girlfriends = bad?". Jul 06,   Persona 4 Golden is on PC right now, marking the first time the series has been available on the platform. Understandable, then, that you might not be familiar with this singular JRPG series, and it's unusual focus on not just monster battling, but also filling out the social calendar of a high school student recently moved to a rural town.

The legend for the bestiary is the same as the Dungeon section. Rakunda is your best friend against bosses. If she glares at Yosuke make sure he guards. Otherwise this fight isn't too tough. This dude is strong. Protect MC at all costs and prepare to revive your party members if they get KO'd. Shadow Yukiko is similar to Shadow Chie. Focus on the Charming Prince when he appears.

If she stares at the party make sure Chie guards. I hate this guy. Ignore his Red Wall. Part of this fight is dependent on how often he uses Rampage, because that skill will wipe your party if you are unlucky or if he spams it. Physical Mirrors are your friends. Nice Guy should be taken out first, followed by Tough Guy. They can be pretty annoying. Shadow Kanji has Power Charge and some hard hitting moves, so be on guard. He will also inflict Rage and Poison a lot, so plan accordingly.

Shadow Rise is pretty easy, just make sure not to get careless. Shadow Teddie is the real problem.

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He has Mind Charge and Mabufula, which hits pretty hard. Shadow Teddie is an endurance run. Killing Hand summons a lot of Almighty Hands, which gets annoying quite fast. Deal with the Almighty Hands and Killing Hand is toast. This one is tricky. You have to go through Mitsuo the Hero to get to Shadow Mitsuo, who is tough all by themselves.

Shadow Mitsuo has quite a few skills he can use, and he can recreate Mitsuo the Hero. If he uses Whisper, then deal out as much damage as possible to destroy the shell.

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All dangerous moves, but pretty predictable. Has a lot of skills to use but doesn't excel at anything. Beware of Silence and Enervation. Not too hard of a fight. Has some pretty powerful spells along with Mind Charge and Power Charge. Be well prepared for the possibility of things going wrong. This guy is really tough. Quad Converge changes what Attribute he takes the most damage from. He also has Control which brainwashes your Party Members. I highly suggest bringing a Persona that Blocks Physical.

He can cast Silence, Enervation, and Exhaustion, so be wary of that. He also likes lowering your stats, so bring a Persona with Dekunda. Try to wipe them out ASAP. Envious Giant can cause Panic and has Almighty, so b well prepared. Adachi is pretty easy, its Ameno-sagiri you gotta worry about. He has a ton of powerful moves and likes to decrease your Party Members stats. He also has Bewildering Fog, which makes him invincible for 3 turns.

Come well prepared for this battle. Also likes to use Mind Charged Megidolaon a lot. Be very careful of him. Heaven's Giant can also cast a lot of Status Ailments. Marie is pretty easy, the one to worry about is Kusumi-no-Okami. She also has some heavy hitting attacks and Enclosure Shell which makes her invincible.

She can be tough. Neo Minotaur only has Rampage.

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He is laughably easy. Sleeping Table has a few powerful skills, and can cast Fear. Otherwise he isn't too tough. The final battle. The first phase is not that bad, just be careful of Mind Charge. The second form has a lot of powerful moves. If you aren't careful she can wipe your party. Bring your A-game. The Reaper spawns after opening 20 chests, after which you will hear chains.

He has a chance of being in one of the chests on your current floor. He will disappear after either opening a chest or moving to a new floor. He is very tough if underleveled, and a joke if overleveled. Defeating him has a chance of dropping the ultimate weapon for any character in your party.

If everyone in your party has their ultimate weapon, then he will drop the ultimate armor. If everyone in your party has both their ultimate weapon and ultimate armor, then he will drop the Omnipotent Orb. Margaret gets 2 turns a cycle, so after 25 cycles she will kill you. Having a skill or accessory that lets you endure will let you drag the fight out until 50 cycles. Also, if you have the Omnipotent Orb equipped she will kill you instantly, so don't do that.

After getting her to half health she will heal, so you need to deal as much damage as possible. She is the hardest boss in the game, but she isn't impossible to beat. Make sure you are well prepared and you can do it. This section covers all information regarding Personas, including suggestions on possible fusion combinations. I've also included the formula for fusions if you need a specific Persona. Unfortunately, I can't include a fusion chart because the image is too big, so look under the section of the arcana you need for fusion combinations.

These are the formulas for how the game computes which Personas you can fuse. Note that these formulas only work for Normal and Triangle spreads.

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There are 2 separate calculations to determine the Persona you get. The first one is for the arcana, which you can find the possible combinations under the section of the arcana you need. You add the base levels of both Personas together, divide by two, and add one. The base level of each Persona can be found in the section of their respective arcana. The Persona you get is the one with the closest base level equal to or greater than the result you got.

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Note that the closest Persona to your result does not include Personas that are Special Fusions more info down below.

Here is an example of the fusion process:. This one is a little more complex than Normal Spreads. In order to determine the arcana, you must first find the result of the first two Personas in a Normal Spread, then take the result and combine it with the third Persona's arcana in a Triangle Spread. So the third Persona is the Persona with the highest current level.

You add the base levels of all three Personas together, divide by three, and add five. Just like a Normal Spread, the Persona you get is the one with the closest base level equal to or greater than the result you got excluding Special Fusions.

Here is an example:. Using the same arcana in a Normal or Triangle Spread will get you a Persona of the arcana you fused with. The same rules as above apply, with one exception: the Persona you get is the one with the closest base level equal to or LOWER than the resulting level. Make sure to keep that in mind.

Personas that are Special Fusions don't use formulas. They only have one combination of Personas that you can use to fuse them. More info can be found in the Special Fusion section, as well as the requirements to fuse them. Fusing Personas on a certain day may grant you additional bonuses. You can check the Fusion Forecast of the current day and the next day, so keep an eye out for the Fusion Forecast.

It can sneak up on you sometimes. Note that if there is no Trigger, than the effect happens on that day every time you fuse. The following sections cover the list of Personas and all fusion possibilities for each arcana.

For Triangle Spreads you need to calculate the resulting arcana of the first two Personas under Normal Spread and combine that with the third Persona under Triangle Spread. Special Fusions have specific fusion requirements listed down below and Ultimate Personas can only be fused after maxing the Social Link of the respective arcana. Note that for both Normal and Triangle Spreads, using the same arcana in a fusion will make the resulting arcana match the one you fused with.

This is a good starting point if you are having trouble fusing a Persona of a specific arcana. There is only one Persona of the World arcana: Izanagi-no-Okami. To fuse Izanagi-no-Okami you need the following Personas:.

This section covers all Special Fusions and how to fuse them. Special Fusions are fusions that require a specific combination of Personas. The Special Fusions below are listed alphabetically.

This section covers the most complex mechanic in the game. Social Links run on a point based system. Earn enough points and you will rank up, with rank 10 as the max. Some Social Links level up automatically, or after completing certain quests.

Others require a certain rank of a Status Parameter in order to unlock. If you have a Persona of the same arcana as the Social Link you are hanging out with then you earn bonus points. In this section, when listing points the first number is if you don't have a matching Persona and the second number is if you do have a matching Persona. Just one number means it doesn't matter if you have a Persona, and a question mark means either the amount depends on the exact scenario, or I need to go back and check the amount you get.

Here are points you get from any Social Link:. Notes: Social Link ranks up automatically with the story, so a Persona of the matching arcana isn't needed for bonus points. Yosuke: "Just being born, living your life Before you know it, you're already special to someone. Yosuke: "I like you for that, and I'm proud of you But I guess I was jealous at the same time.

April 19th May 3rd and 27th June 7th and 10th July 5th August 5th September 2nd and 13th October 11th November 1st and 15th December 9th and 16th January 13th, 24th, and 31st February 1st. Yukiko: "Sensei recommended this book to me because it has details on a bunch of different job licenses Yukiko: "I was thinking something along the lines of an interior decorator Yukiko: "Then the furniture department.

I want to look at the desks. Those and the lamps Yukiko: "But it's not turning out quite like it does in the book, even though I'm following the directions.

If you do have the Skill Card of the requested Skill, then you can just put that on the requested Persona. Also, after every rank up you need to exit and re-enter the Velvet Room. Kanji: "She's always apologizing for me. She's been sprouting more and more white hairs Kanji's Mother: "He's always had trouble getting along with people.

He didn't have any friends like you before. Kanji: "As long as there's someone like that snot-nosed kid to accept me, I ain't afraid of nothing! Social Link's availability is based on the current dungeon. If the dungeon is completed, then you can spend time.

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If this Social Link is available, then Justice won't be available. Will need to test. Notes: Social Link has 2 different routes that splits at Rank 8. Rise: "Senpai, have you ever thought that you're pushing yourself too far, or that you were just acting? This Social Link is unavailable when Hierophant is available.

Can accept quests without Spending Time, but turning in quests and ranking up spends time. Rank determines how much it costs to recover SP. Notes: Social Link hat 2 different routes that splits at Rank 8. There is a Costume that can be obtained by choosing the right responses.

Social Link can sometimes hang out during rain, but I think it depends on what rank you are on. Naoto: "I don't know about those, but my belongings aren't of any particular value, so Naoto: "When the bank closes, the fruit tree grows.

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By the large seven at the third is the spot I chose. Notes: Social Link has 2 routes depending on which Sports Club you join. Social Link will sometimes be available on Wednesdays I think it's on specific days and won't be available during the week before exams. There are 3 Books that can be obtained during certain Sunday Hangouts.

If you choose the Basketball Club, the first call only happens before Rank 4, and the second and third calls only happens before Rank 5 or after Rank 6. The Soccer Club doesn't have the calls restricted by certain ranks.

Kou: "Just the other day I was greeting people at one of those high society. Can you imagine? Me at one of those things? Daisuke: "I got some dirt on a bunch of other guys too, so we should have no problem getting together a full team. Kou: "And now that I don't have to wear that mask anymore I guess it's time to step off the stage. Naoki: "I usually eat here a lot because it's so close to our place, but for some reason, I haven't eaten here recently. Naoki: "How do I get out from that? What would be best for me, for Sis?

I just don't know. Naoki: "Because I wasn't able to cry like the actors on TV. I thought that maybe I didn't actually like Sis Notes: Social Link will always rank up regardless of points, so a matching Persona isn't needed. Eri: "I should have known better than to try.

We're not related, so there's nothing I can do about it. Eri: "So, today's the last day he'll be here. When Yuuta's done with school, we'll spend time together at the house. Sayoko: "Would you like to study with me? Perhaps a subject that they don't teach in school, if you catch my drift? Sayoko: "That was the first time anyone ever called be a "slutty bitch" to my face Sayoko: " sigh The other nurses were just watching with these stupid smirks on their faces.

Middle-aged Nurse: "We're going to be needing this room, so can you get all your cleaning supplies out of here? Shu: "It seems that I've been talking to you about things that really aren't relevant to my studies Shu: "Thank you for recognizing I wouldn't have been able to talk to Mom if you hadn't.

Accept her invitation to skip class. Notes: Requires Courage Rank Brave to skip class. Social Link has 2 routes that splits at Rank 6. Ai: "Hmmm, doesn't look like they've gotten anything new in. I already have all of this Ai: "They should get rid of all sales people and put in vending machines. Press a button, and out comes your clothes. Ai: "Hey, why don't you pick out some clothes for me?

What do you think I'd look good in? Ai: "He was just I guess what I felt was kind of a fleeting thing.

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Ai: "Still I'm not good at being alone. I know it's a lot to ask, but Notes: Social Link has 2 routes depending on which Culture Club you join.

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Both routes also split for a total of 4 routes. She comes across as mean and selfish, but getting to know her will reveal how timid she is.

4 hours ago  I already finish Persona 4 Vanilla years ago, so for this P4G, I want to use guide only for northamericanjunioramateur.com But after reading some discussion, it's turn out in P4G, you can dating all the girl, but will get bad impact later in the story (romance segment) on valentine day. Apr 04,   Page Tools Just like real life, you can enter Intimate Relationships with the girls in Inaba. After obtaining a high enough Social Link with each girl, you will be given special options when. Jun 13,   Chie Satonaka S-Link Guide - Chariot. This page features a list of all social link ranks and conversation choices for hanging out in the Chie S-Link in Persona 4 northamericanjunioramateur.com's presented as spoiler.

Her willingness to open up to Yu despite her setbacks is touching, but at the same time this journey, again, was a bit of a hike and one we aren't exactly sure Yu, or any guy, would really want to stick around for.

Rise Kujikawa is without a doubt the cutest girl in the game. That is kind of the point as she is a pop star and all around idol. Everyone wants her, but she doesn't want anyone else but Yu. While it's great to get to know that she wants a more quiet life and how her fame has affected her personality, we found that she also comes across too strong.

She really, and we mean really, wants it. We love Rise to death, we truly do, but there is something less appealing about a girl that easy to please. Where was the challenge? Yumi Ozawa is the last non-playable character on this list. She can be encountered if players decide to take drama. More so than band, we love the idea of Yu joining this club given his situation. That is to say it makes sense for him to want to learn how to get into acting in order to fool those around him about his true powers and what he and his friends are doing at night.

Yukiko Amagi is straight up awesome. She is the book smart, devoted daughter on the outside, who is dying to let her true colors out. Meeting Yu and the rest of the party allows her to do this. Diving deeper into her relationship players can find out how exactly she struggles with this dynamic in real life. The best way to describe this love angle is sweet.

It is kind of the most realistic one out of all the girls. That is except for our topic pick, which we will get to in a bit. Before we get to the best girl, we have to nominate Naoto Shirogane for the worst romance option.

Don't get us wrong.

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