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Theresa Caputo is the star of the TLC reality series Long Island Medium , and she claims that she has the power to talk to dead people. This type of assertion happens periodically, and Caputo is nothing new. She's a fake. She has no powers. If someone approached you on the street and claimed they saw something behind your ear and then pulled a coin out from behind it, you wouldn't be amazed. You would understand it was just a cool trick.

The excitement was palpable. The biggest scam of all is at the snack bar.

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We considered Reese's Pieces, but decided we needed something stronger - wine. I remembered the brand, Trinity Oaks, and Googled it. Survey says We could've bought two bottles for the price of one sippy cup.

I was almost impressed.

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A patriotic opening. Before Caputo took the stage, we were told to rise for the National Anthem.

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They were fired up. Caputo is captivating. I had hope she'd wear her signature rhinestone-studded Louboutin heels, but instead she was in rhinestone-studded Louboutin sneakers, due to a bad knee. Still, she was captivating to behold.

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First, Caputo gave a minute speech about how it's up to us to figure out how these messages fit in our lives. How "spirit" talks to her through symbols that make sense to her - a vocabulary, if you will.

If you've seen the show, you've heard it all before. She has a gigantic waiting list.

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A rough start. After her schpiel, Caputo announced that a few folks had been selected from her fan club to come backstage. The readings hadn't even begun.

Caputo began with the front row. A woman raised her hand, and they were off to the races. She moved on. Another woman rose and was handed a microphone while the first woman stood there, hanging, waiting. She asked if that woman's mother had an issue with her legs. It went on like this. Any time something was wrong for one person, it was right for someone else and that person stood up.

Three mics got passed around. Caputo bounced around all night this way, talking as fast as an auctioneer, leading her own game of spiritual whack-a-mole. A pair of suicides, competing for her attention. After the mess with the front row, Caputo moved to the side of the stage. She started talking about the man who had killed himself and instantly two women, rows apart, shot up and both began to cry.

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The tissue person was on the way. One said her husband had jumped from the George Washington Bridge. For the other, it was a boyfriend. Caputo shouted things out, and they competed with one another to place them faster, both clutching the provided tissues and weeping, both trying to hold Caputo's attention. My heart went out to them, but still, there wasn't anything wildly specific or accurate about Caputo's messages.

Just when I'd had enough, someone gave her the finger. They were vulnerable.

Jul 04,   Dating Is Dead | Kevin Carr | TEDxWilmingtonSalon - Duration: TEDx Talks , views. How Modern Dating Culture Stops Him from Taking You Seriously (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) -. 2 days ago  Charlize Theron is single and has no interest in mingling. For an interview with E!'s own Scott Tweedie, The Old Guard actress gave an ate on her love life or, by her choice, lack thereof. "I. Jan 03,   Created by Glenn Gordon Caron. With Patricia Arquette, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, Sofia Vassilieva. Suburban mom Allison DuBois attempts to balance family life with solving mysteries using her special gift. The dead send her visions of their deaths or other crimes while she sleeps/10(K).

Eager to validate. Then, as Caputo tried over and over to get someone in the orchestra area to acknowledge a murder where evidence was mysteriously moved, a woman three tiers up in the back started yelling.

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Caputo tried to stay cool, making jokes about how she wishes she could be like Oprah where "You get a reading! And you get a reading!

Brandis Kemp, a veteran actress and comedian known for roles on the old ABC late-night show "Fridays" and the short-lived "MASH" spin-off "AfterMASH," has died at age 76, reports said. Aug 06,   1 Dead Files Amy Allen Medium is currently dating a Boyfriend Rob Traegler After Divorce from Husband Matthew Anderson. 2 Amy Allen and new Boyfriend Rob Treaegler Getting Married in August 3 Amy Allen and Ex-Husband Mathew Anderson's married life and divorce; 4 Know her Boyfriend, Rob Traegler in detail. 5 Her career details, TV show. A trailer played scenes from "Long Island Medium," now in its 13th season. (The show has recently been focused on the drama of Caputo's split with her husband, Larry, after 28 years.).

There was no way she was going up there. And that's when the woman flipped her off. Caputo reacted instantly. The woman tried to sit down but eventually was forced out. As she left, Caputo quipped: "See, God don't like ugly. This Saturday Night Live clip is a pretty accurate depiction of how the night went.

Instant tears. Caputo is a solid entertainer. As upset as I found myself as Caputo failed again and again to land most of her messages, I did find something about her endearing.

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She told funny jokes. She was sassy. She cursed. She could be from Jersey, I thought. Most of the audience was entranced. I've been entertained by the show and watched more than a dozen episodes, even if I never fully bought in.

She ate people's candy. They each ate them, willingly, gladly, saying that was just the sort of thing their prankster of a son would do. That's how much people love Theresa Caputo.

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The baby For what seemed like forever, and across the entire place, Caputo kept going back to "a baby" and "watching the baby on a monitor. Then she talked about a window with blinds and a baby with a cord around its neck. Still nothing. I began to wonder why she doesn't talk about something more common, like, ya know, heart disease. The woman explained she was supposed to be watching her brother, she was only 10, he couldn't even walk, but somehow he got out of his crib and fell out of the window.

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That's going to be a tough campaign, I think. Caputo commits. They go from dancing around information to directly proclaiming, "I love you," or "I miss you," or "I want you to be happy.

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Because the "spirit" is Caputo using her tactics and experience to hone in, that's why. It disgusts me. When working with large audiences, there have been times when Caputo has reportedly started talking to the wrong person. For some reason, the departed don't stop her from going down this path? In fact, why does she ever get anything wrong? People who have seen Caputo live have mentioned that she seemed to miss the mark more during live events than she does on television episodes.

Disenchanted fans have even left heartbreaking messages on Ticketmaster's site after attending Caputo's live shows. After tonight, I am no longer a believer Some participants are so amazed by what Caputo gets right that they don't notice how much she gets wrong.

The correct guesses are simply more memorable than the incorrect ones. Caputo defends herself by saying that she makes people feel better, which is true. Her shows and specials are full of heartwarming moments, but that's exactly why it's clear the show is fake.

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The living and the dead never exchange any harsh sentiments on Long Island Medium. Even if there were problems, the spirits are always either sorry or forgiving.

Tyler Henry Koelewyn is an American reality show personality who appears in the series Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry as a "clairvoyant medium". The series began its broadcast on the E!Television Network in the United States in January , and was E!'s largest launch of a non-spinoff unscripted series in the past three years with million viewers for its third Tyler Henry Koelewyn, Hanford, California, U.S. Aug 08,   Dating Is Dead. The Angry Therapist. Follow. Aug 8, On Medium, smart voices and original ideas take center stage - with no ads in sight. Watch. Make Medium The Angry Therapist. Theresa Caputo's romantic life has seen a lot of shifts in the past year or so. Just in case you missed it, here it is, in a nutshell: After 28 years of marriage with Larry Caputo, the Long Island.

Okay, maybe dying gives souls a sunnier perspective, but that doesn't just erase all problems. Some dead people should be like, "Even though I died, I'm still mad about that time you got drunk in front of my parents. Caputo says she only asks her "spirit guides" to share "good things," unless, of course, a negative morsel of memory can lead to a positive breakthrough for her clients. Caputo's conversations with the dead never seem to bring up any information that wasn't already known.

People keep secrets. Sometimes those secrets are small. Are there no spirits who want to unburden their souls and admit to anything or at least brag about never getting caught?

Maybe Caputo has asked her so-called "spirit guides" to only transmit shared memories, but others suggest those guides are actually the show's flesh-and-blood staff members. Myth buster Tebo thinks assistants may run background checks, conduct preliminary interviews, or even eavesdrop on audience members before sessions. Others clients allege they've been interviewed by Caputo's staff before meetings and that camera crews often tour the house in advance and sometimes move furniture around or take down photos before filming.

Medium dating is dead

After Caputo left, the subject realized the crew had set up shop in her late son's room, which had a giant SpongeBob stuffed animal on the bed. Caputo doesn't care if you don't believe her. Even if everything else here hasn't convinced you that Caputo is a fake, explain this: why isn't she doing something interesting with her powers? Sure, it's cool to reconnect dead people with their living relatives.

Jun 07,   Theresa Caputo is the star of the TLC reality series Long Island Medium, and she claims that she has the power to talk to dead type of Author: Nicki Swift.

That's very kind of her. It's also not very helpful.

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