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Or, if you prefer, a dating agency for wealthy people. However Mairead Molloy, founder of Berkeley, has made her agency an entirely offline proposition for her clients among them FTSE individuals and global tycoons. She considers internet dating and digital matching, which is a trend that entirely has occurred within the time that she has started her business, as tricky and potentially hostile. They want to get on with it without having it plastered all over the internet. Her vision of what high net-worth individuals want has taken the business on an amazing growth-curve these last few years, including the opening of its first office in east asia and plans to go west in the US - to Seattle and Chicago. Her services have also expanded: she provides lifestyle counselling as a standard and, enviably, she links clients between her various offices around the world. I fly all over the world meeting people.

Irish by birth, and having made a fortune in hotels, she now divides her time between Cannes and London. Five years ago, with an address book positively bulging with successful but often lonely men and women, she decided to set up a dating agency.

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Surely, I ask her, rich men have no trouble attracting women? These men - actors, plastic surgeons, bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs - not only don't have time to meet women, they've had enough of dating model types who are just after their money.

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That's what I like to hear, but I'm still dubious. Men say they want intelligent, independent women who are their equal in every way, but do they, really? Mairead, who is 38, blonde and delightfully blunt, asks me to fill her in on my background, and tell her what I look for in a man. I tell her I was married to someone much younger who never paid for anything.

The infidelity was. I'm a romantic in that I expect the man I'm with not to even look at other women - to be like my dad, in other words - but then I come over all feminist if he attempts to pay for dinner.

Mairead molloy dating agency

I'd never allow a man to take me on holiday. I'd feel like a prostitute. Mairead says I am, compared to her other female clients, all of whom want to be looked after by a man, very unusual.

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Otherwise, the qualities I am looking for are pretty standard: he must be kind, funny, not pompous or bossy, be intelligent and well read and an animal lover. I tell her I'd prefer someone around my own age she tells me I don't look 50, and am in fact 'slim, fashionable and gorgeous', which makes me want to date herbut they must be boyish rather than Steptoe-like I tell her Imran Khan could be her template, although I wouldn't date him as I don't think my cats would want to live in Pakistan.

I'm not interested in the boring banker types that make up the bulk of her clients. She tells me I seem to have narrowed my options to Paul McCartney but, rather valiantly, accepts the challenge to help me find Mr Right.

Mairead phones to tell me about M, who is 46, in wealth management, whatever that is, and a divorced father of two grown-up boys. He lives between London and Oxford. I ask whether he is handsome. 'People were nicer before social media': Mairead Molloy on matchmaking for the wealthy. View from the Top: The Berkeley International founder still believes in personal contact, romance and Author: Martin Friel. Sep 26,   If you're a business manager acclimatised to the digital era, a dating agency for HNIs might sound like a daintier version of However Mairead Molloy, founder of Berkeley, has made her agency an entirely offline proposition for her clients (among them FTSE individuals and .

This is how it works. Once a client has been interviewed and then vetted - Mairead visits them at home, checking out passports and, if necessary, decree absolutes - she will then introduce them to prospective partners all over the world rich people, it seems, have no truck with annoying things like distance and time zones.

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She never sends clients photos, but instead supplies a brief resume of their qualities. She has, she says, an instinct for knowing who will hit it off.

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I feel as though I'm about to sit my A-levels all over again. My first date takes place in London. Mairead phones to tell me about M, who is 46, in wealth management, whatever that is, and a divorced father of two grown-up boys.

He lives between London and Oxford. I ask whether he is handsome. The next night, he calls me. He sounds young, and is surprisingly open. He says he likes good hotels and restaurants, long walks and log fires. I tell him I live in the middle of Exmoor, have horses, dogs, cats and rescued farm animals, and am recently divorced. We agree to meet the following night in the bar at Claridges.

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I tell him I have dark hair, and will be wearing purple Burberry platforms. He laughs.

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I go to a lot of trouble to prepare for this date. I buy a black lace skirt and silver platforms from Prada, and get my hair done. I invest in a Hollywood wax, and an all-over light sheen of fake tan. When I get to the bar I'm so nervous I down a glass of champagne in one go, then text to tell him I've had a 'slight change of shoe: silver platforms, not purple Burberry'.

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When he arrives I am disappointed: he looks ordinary, in a normal, brownish suit, clutching a briefcase. He has nice brown eyes, but is not quite tall enough for me. He sits down. God, I think, this is awkward. He orders me another glass of champagne, and tells me about his ex-wife. I find it annoying that, when I tell him I work for a newspaper, he doesn't even ask which one. After precisely one hour he asks for the bill, which immediately tells me he doesn't fancy me.

I hobble off into the night on my shoes and text Mairead: 'Am V depressed. He couldn't wait to get shot of me. I think I looked pretty good.

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Who are these men expecting, Elle Macpherson? Contrary to popular opinion there are, according to Mairead, a glut of rich, single men in New York. I find this hard to believe, having watched a great many episodes of Sex And The City, but I valiantly call skirt and shoes into service yet again wearing the same outfit acts, I as a sort of scientific controlmeet Christie, from Mairead's sister agency, Premier Matchmaking, who is hand to arrange everything.

Our chat reveals straight away how different the dating scene is in the U.

Mairead helps people find love. Specifically, she helps affluent, professional, wealthy high-income people find love. The 1pc, you might say. Membership to Berkeley International, an elite dating. Berkeley International is firmly established as the sophisticated private members club that the smart set trust and with the discretion and judgement that they respect. Global Director Mairead Molloy is considered one of the world's foremost matchmakers and introduction specialists. Mairead Molloy founded  Berkeley International  to cater to the dating needs of the world's wealthy, who often have not just a lack of time but can also be extremely demanding. The introduction agency counts among its members several celebrities, the heads of .

She tells me where my prospective date went to school and college, lists his many degrees, tells me he is 6ft 2in, divrced with no children, and is the CEO of a bank. She hopes very much I 'enjoy him'. I agree to meet P at a restaurant on Madison Avenue.

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I sit down at a table. He arrives, and although he is indeed tall and dark, resembling none other than Mr Big, I know in less than five seconds that I will never fancy him. But, after a few minutes, and much to my surprise, I start to enjoy his company immensely.

What do you look for, I ask.

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He says women in New York are only interested in how much money a man makes. Don't you fancy the over-groomed, immaculate Manhattan type?

Mairead Molloy Business Insider met Mairead Molloy, global director of matchmaking agency Berkeley International, to get a sneak peek inside the jet-set world of elite dating. Berkeley's pricing Author: Rosie Fitzmaurice. A Luxury lifestyle print magazine based in Hong Kong. At #legend, we like to believe that there is much more to a luxurious encounter, in that it should be exquisite, unique, tailored, authentic, conscious, cutting-edge, life-altering and, yes, northamericanjunioramateur.comoning luxury fast-forward, we believe in legend and tradition, but with a nod to the future and the fast-paced world we live in Missing: dating agency. Apr 10,   If there's one person that knows the business best, it's Mairead Molloy, an Irish-born hotelier and qualified criminal psychologist that now heads up  Berkeley International, the world's most elite introductions agency. Business Insider took her on a casual date to get some intel about the company's operations.

I ask. The test is what they look like straight out of the shower. Oh dear. But I can tell he fancies me, this despite his lack of curiosity about me, and his disconcerting habit of continuing to talk into the remote of his mobile phone.

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He keeps touching my arm and once, instead of saying, 'If I were to have a relationship with you', he says, 'If I were to have sex with you'. He is put off, though, when I tell him about my animals; particularly my anecdote about the fact I've trained my three lambs to kiss me on the mouth.

That's a deal breaker. Men like to know they come first. After two hours, he pays for our drinks, apologising that he has to leave for a dinner engagement. He gives me his card, and asks me to ring him if I'm ever in New York again.

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We say our goodbyes and I go to freeze in the snow, trying to hail a cab. We begin by listening to you and what you need, and working out which level of service best suits you. The initial meetings have to be largely about you, the better we know you, the better we can match you. Dating can be daunting in the age of speedy digital progression and transience.

How does the Berkeley International team help to prepare clients for meetings with a prospective match? This depends entirely on the individual. You have to remember that our service is tailored to individual need, so everyone feels supported and any preparation is on-going, throughout the entire journey with us.

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What advice do you have for those struggling to meet someone because they are frequently travelling on business? Our advice is to either make the time, or to be proactive and let an agency take control of the details. And if you need a partner that is flexible enough to travel with you, we can make sure those are the type of matches you meet. No pressure here We have people who are constantly in the limelight who love to privately dine somewhere off-grid, and others who would rather fly to NYC and leave the capital behind entirely.

Horses for courses. A fail-proof date comes from listening to the needs of your match and planning accordingly. Do you have any exciting, romantic success stories you can tell us? We had a gentleman come in last year who was so incredibly set on the type of woman he wanted, literally down to her shoe size and the number of siblings she had.

Anyway, I asked him to trust us and just go for coffee with our wild card choice. Those are the matches that have us doing high-fives in the office.

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