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How to explain lack of relationship experience to a new love interest? I've managed to turn things around a bit these past two years - I moved to a large East Coast city, got a job I love, started going to therapy, and eased myself into the local dating pool. To further complicate matters, I have had sex, but only once. It was a textbook one-night stand that happened a few months ago - I literally had never met the girl before that night, we were both drinking, things suddenly got a bit physical, and well, you can imagine the rest. The one-night ct was pretty much her idea - she seemed to have no interest in giving out her number or ever seeing me again. I'm not exactly proud of it, but I'm not really ashamed either - I was totally unattached and really had no reason not to go along with it.

Your progress is your progress and your pace is your pace. Fast forward to this semester.

Nov 30,   This is just as true with a lack of dating experience as it is with other areas in life. Having little (or no) experience has nothing to do with who you are as a person; it's a contextless data point in your life. Your behavior is what gives it context. Take, for example, physical affection. You do not need to explain to dates anything about never having a girlfriend. If you get close enough you might chose to tell her. What's important is your relationship with them not your past. When he's become unattractive himself. Which depends if he ages well or doesn't. One guy can still look good when he's 30, but another can pull off The logic behind this might be that a guy will stop being attractive when he looks unhealthy, sullen or ungroomed.

During class I also realized he still remembered my favorite movie that I had mentioned during the previous semester. He agreed enthusiastically and asked if I have a break before class. When I tried to get his number, he took mine instead and double checked that I received his missed call.

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We agreed on a time for the next day but when I texted him to confirm he asked if we could meet next week instead because he had overslept and had to do homework. My question is what do I do now?

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Do I just play it cool and see what happens? Or truly just forget about him? Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action a message.

Jan 01,   I know many women believe lack of relationship experience (esp. past a certain age) = committment-phobe or other serious defect (this isn't pure conjecture BTW, I've had a couple of female friends specifically tell me this).

But before you click to another site, you might want to read the next letter, COITG because some of this is going to apply to you too. How do you keep the momentum going when you get her number and contact her the next day? This happens to me a lot.

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I always try do an instant date when I meet a women out. So I am forced to contact them the next day and the feeling is not as hot as it was the night before.

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Last night an attractive girl was flirting and talking with me all night. As I was leaving she gave me her cell number and I text her the next day for a get together but she had other plans. If not we will exchange boring senseless text messages. As time goes on I feel the relationship is dust.

Explaining lack of dating experience

Should I send her a text mid week inviting her out to a drink after work the following Friday. Plus: you can arrange to meet up later that night. The longer you go without actually meeting up in person, the more the emotional momentum is going to stall out. Now the thing to keep in mind: we live in an age of cellphones, caller ID and call blocking.

Karjuna I wish I was this tone deaf. Guest writers having 'total autonomy' or otherwise, this is a baffling article to post considering last week. The article itself is OK, even if reducing 'flirting gone NerdLove Dr. NerdLove Store Dr. Hi there Doc was hoping you could give me some advice.

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Good luck. Be vague in the beginning and fill in details as needed as you go. A relationship is not a deposition.

Dear Sara: When I'm dating, I really struggle with how to answer questions about my (lack of) relationship history. Within a few dates, the question about past relationships inevitably comes up, and I never know how to answer this. I want to be honest, but as someone in my 30s with little relationship history, I know that isn't the norm. May 30,   Im having a hard time sorting out my lack of relationship/sexual experience. Im 24 and the only relationship Ive had was about 3 months long and it was the first time I had sex. I ended it because I felt like I was the one putting in all of the effort and that we werent really right for each othe. The thing is my lack of dating and relationship experience is really starting to get to me and I've been feeling down. Not so much depressed but more frustrated. I blame myself for what's happened and usually end up ripping myself apart. The thing is most of my friends seem to have no problems with getting girls which I've seen firsthand.

You can be honest without answering questions she probably isn't going to ask. Just tell her you dated some in the past, but nothing ever developed into a serious relationship. That's it, seriously.

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I've dated people for several years and we never had the "relationship talk. There are some people who expect a full sexual resume of the person they are dating, but those people seem to be rarer as you get older.

By your late 20s everyone knows everyone has a past and most people don't really want to dwell on the details. The sexual inexperience you may need to be to tell her a bit more, but I would probably keep it at you aren't a virgin, but you aren't a big fan of casual sex and since you've never been in a serious relationship you aren't that experienced, but you take direction well or something else to keep it upbeat and light. First of all, congratulations that you're entering this phase!

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Now, don't scare her off by talking about this too early on. Anecdotally I've always discovered that when men talk about the importance of a relationship in the first two-three months, or show too much insecurity, the ladyfriend tends to back away a bit.

I imagine you want to express how you're really happy to finally be in this position, and to let her know your history in case you do anything awkward, but don't confide too much just yet on this point. If everything else goes well, a few months down the track you can really open up about this and have a laugh about it with her. Been with my current girl for six years, engaged to be married.

Be honest and direct, not wishy-washy or coy. Tell her what you told us. But this doesn't have to happen immediately. I'd limit it to a talking point at first and expand as needed. Things that might be relevant are - do not have much relationship experiences [don't have to say none] - am not a virgin [don't need to talk about one night stand, but please do not pretend you've never had sex] - I like you and am excited to explore what we have [or whatever] Personally I don't see single 30 year old as commitmentphobe, I think it's still really in the range of "late bloomer, didn't find the right person" especially if you've been doing something else with your life [school, travel, family things].

The big deal is to tell what you tell in some sort of "this is normal for me" way and then move past it. Most people won't see it as a weird red flag or any kind of big deal. If you guys start telling more personal stories, you can explain how you've been working on things, pleased with the results and looking forward to getting to know her. If you didn't act like a commitment-phobe that probably wouldn't be my first thought, but I would still wonder.

On the other hand, if you said, "I haven't had much relationship experience, though I've wanted to, because I was really shy when I was younger," then I would totally understand.

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And in fact, I think I would probably find that really charming. I just entered into a relationship with a guy who had a similar-but-not-identical background as you, and is younger than you. The new relationship is going really well. So: don't feel too too bad about this!

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Caveat: I had a slightly similar background, but with more one-time fooling around stories and a single relationship. I am also younger than you and younger than my boyfriend. Basically, when the time was right, we started talking about our pasts. He discussed his struggles with similar issues as you, and simple explained that he wasn't in a place to have a relationship before.

I thought that that was just fine-because he was being honest, but he also wasn't wearing a huge chip on his shoulder about it.

Obviously, some people lack experience for reasons that are obvious and some people just haven't found someone they'd like to date yet. I think you have to get over the idea of "young love." It's hard, I get it, I've gone through it, but you have to drop it. You're not a kid anymore, nor a teenager. Nov 14,   Neither of you has to be perfect, or even close. Neither of you has to meet any external measures "normalness"-you can both be weird, if you like, and love each other for it. Instead of seeing your lack of dating experience as a black mark, I'd suggest you look at it the other way. Feb 23,   To say modern dating is tough may be an understatement, and while dating apps and sites are supposed to make the process easier, for many, technology is often the leading culprit in.

And we proceeded to be a disgustingly cute new couple for the rest of the night. This was on the third date or so, but our dates had been both very long and enormously successful, so I wouldn't necessarily suggest dropping this in on the third date for most people or for most relationships!

My suggestion: if she asks when you last had sex, be honest, say a few months ago with a one night stand. If she asks about your exes or your "experience," say you weren't in a place to date for a long time, so you didn't Only bring it up if asked.

If asked for details, give them without acting like there is anything wrong with you, because there isn't anything wrong with you.

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I'd couch it more as a matter of discretion and choice - "I've dated some, never really clicked with anyone, perhaps because I was more focused on school and career An explanation that depicts you as a wallflower who was single because of your shyness really doesn't do you justice. Yes, in some sense it may be true, but I would suggest putting a more in-control spin on it, an "I had other priorities" line.

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I'd concur with what the other posters have said earlier. If she doesn't bring it up, don't bring it up yourself.

How Do Women Feel About Guys Who Lack Dating Experience?

Especially early on in the relationship, there's no need to complicate matters. I'd go with the focus on other priorities school, career, family as the reason you didn't have a relationship, but if you have the talk later during the relationship phase, I think talk about the shyness is okay. In fact, I find it cute and charming. So it'll probably depends on the woman in how she'll interpret it.

You'll probably know if she'll take it well or not as you get to know her better.

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But if you have this talk while the relationship is still in a very early stage, then skip on the shyness ct might be a safer option to pursue. My bf is also shy and is a late bloomer and when he told me about his shyness, I thought it was refreshingly honest and it helps to bring us closer as a couple. But then I'm also a later bloomer, later than him he started dating after college, I only started dating in graduate school.

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