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Over the last 30 years or so a lot of Bailey bench plane aficionados have studied and observed thousands upon thousands of examples of Bailey and noted their progression of development since You'll find a lot of different type study authors out there but all are based on several people's work namely Alvin Sellens, in his book The Stanley Plane , and Roger K. The result of that hard work is listed below. As is further pointed out by Leach and others, type studies are merely a reference, not absolute nor exact. Manufacturing dates overlap so it's not uncommon to find a type 12 with type 11 components or a type 5 with a few type 4 or 6 parts. Of course if you are a perfectionist you'll want the exact month and day. Good luck on that and it's best if you write your own type study.

Do you know if the lateral adjusting lever can be replaced? Great article. Well done! I Steve Glad you found it useful, yes, it can be a tad confusing trying to type a plane, hence why I did this post. To answer your questions: Yes you can easily replace the lateral adj lever, it is simply peened in place. Since yours is missing, half the job is done You can use a small piece of a finish nail as a pin part to be peened. If you don't have the screw frog adj, its a Type 9, BUT, keep in mind that Stanley used up its parts bins before switching fully to new type.

Somewhere between Type 9 and 10 they went thru a series of changes with the arch sizes. Changes in casting necessitated by a different foundry? Problems in casting?

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Feedback improvement from users? No one seems to know it yet The Type 9 frogs are predominantly found with the higher arch, should not be too difficult to find? Good luck and thanks for stopping by Bob. Friday, July 22, Bob's illustrated Type study of Bailey bench planes. Part 2 The user's models years.

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Notice orientation of Pat dates, was vertical before now horizontal. Notice the small size of the central rib and the B casting mark. Same location were the nib or the S mark was. Pic from my No 7 Type 9. Notice bigger center rib. The original type study doesn't mention this - It's about this time that the brass nuts used to secure the knob and tote to the rods undergo a change. They now have a waist to them whereas the earlier ones are cylindrical over their length.

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The original plain cylinder brass nut for the knob and tote. If the frog is not lined up with the bottom casting, the blade. Frog forward, mouth fully closed. With the frog forward, the back bottom of the blade is left unsupported and is more subject to chatter. Difference between low and high knob. Notice the un-tapered bottom part of the knob. Type 9 on left Type 13 on right same as Type This isn't in the original type study - Some of the lever caps can be found with the outline of the sweetheart logo cast into the backside.

I've only noted one of these planes, a 5, with this lever cap. Its iron is stamped with the first sweetheart trade- mark. Another tool pal of mine, from longuyland, has seen one before.

These two examples are the only ones I know of in tooldom. So far, that is. Again, not found in the original type study - it's about this time that the backs of the cap iron are no longer blued, but are just finished like the fronts, with nothing.

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That bluing that Patrick Leach is talking about look like a mat greyish blue coating. I suppose it was there to help prevent rusting between the blade and its cap iron?

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The original type study doesn't mention it, but there are several treatments of the lever cap, where its finish and the background color of the notched rectangle follow what seems to be a 'style du jour'. I can't date accurately when each of these lever cap treatments occurred, but I can list the order in which I believe they were made:. Matt Like Like.

Send them to vatoolworks gmail. Ed says:. April 8, at pm. Thanks Ed Like Like. Bryant Like Like. David Roberts says:. July 28, at am. Was the kidney-hole lever cap introduced with Type 13, or introduced with Type 16? Thanks Like Like. They kidney hole was introduced with Type Joseph Aiello says:.

September 27, at am.

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September 27, at pm. Frank says:. October 4, at am. Ross says:. October 6, at am. Was this common? October 6, at pm. Thanks for the reply. Leonid says:. December 21, at pm. Just send you an email. Send me a couple of photos and I should be able to help.

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Hi Leonid and Bryant: Just a quick comment regarding Stanley wartime bench planes. On the back of the lever cap, bottom middle, between two ribs, the patent number is cast in the configuration shown below: PAT.

Merry Holidays! Scott Keys says:. March 7, at am. Bryant says:. March 8, at am. Thanks for the information. So far, I really like the plane.

Four categories seem sufficient to describe and roughly date a plane: Pre-lateral for any plane that has no side adjusting mechanism for the cutter, low knob, SW model or tall knob (SW stands for Stanley Works but is usually called Sweetheart) and late models for WW2 vintage and later. New trademark stamped on irons of planes. A series of logo changes are found on these planes. All 3 of the logos are the result of the merger between Stanley Rule and Level, the tool producer, and The Stanley Works, the hardware producer. A notched rectangle, in which the word "STANLEY" is stamped, sits over a heart-shaped design, in which the letters "S.W." are stamped. Start by reading Patrick Leach's comments on Stanley plane dating. Then check out the Plane Dating Flowchart. If you thirst for heaps of data on plane dating, visit the Plane Type Study or the Plane Feature Timeline. Plane Dating Flowchart Get your bench plane in hand (unless you have it's features memorized) and start answering questions. This.

Vince says:. May 28, at pm. Did Stanley make non Bailey no3 type 13 ? Mark Buongirno says:. January 30, at pm. Curtis Ellison says:. April 4, at pm. Tanya says:. Trevor says:. July 9, at am. July 14, at pm. Sounds like a s model. July 9, at pm. Robert says:. I just saw one for sale on. It is a custom made plane. Very cool but not made by Stanley. JulIan Pratt says:. August 30, at pm. Anonymous says:. August 31, at am.

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Matt Williams says:. October 13, at pm. Mike Kirlin says:. December 13, at am.

the plane size # in the bed? No No Yes Types Types Is the lever cap back recessed or simply flat? Flat 1 Recessed Types Types "BAILEY'S PATENT" "AUG. 31, , AUG. 6, " on the depth nut? tote)? No Yes Type 1 Type 2 ) Is the frog receiver a broad rectangular area with an arched rear (toward the No YesMissing: dating. Type 2. Boston-New Britain (Stanley) only. E. All features of TYPE I except Eagle Trademark now stamped on toe end (no number). Planes in production at time sale were taken to New Britain and stamped with Eagle Trademark. TYPE 3. First All Stanley All features of TYPE 2 except: F. Markings on solid adjustment nut changed. The following tables provide a summary breakdown of identifying characteristics and markings of the Bodies, Frogs and Receivers, Lateral Adjustment Levers, and Lever Caps on Stanley's Bailey line of bench planes. Features are broken down by type.[1] These tables provide a helpful quick reference guide for identifying type. Please see the full Type Study and Plane Chart.

December 13, at pm. My mistake, it has Stanley, with no date, stamped on the lateral adjustment lever. Sounds more like a Type 7 or earlier model pre Like Like. Thank you for for your help Bryant. I am ordering a replacement lever cap. Paul Belcher says:.

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May 8, at pm. Prices vary greatly depending on condition. George Northcutt says:. July 7, at pm. I just came across a Stanley would like to Know year and value?

The size of the plane (stock #, e.g. #4, #6, etc.) is incised into the underside of the frog and the lever cap. This isn't listed in the book I reference, but every example of these early planes I've examined has it. Type 2 Planes made by Stanley (Bailey's existing stock was . Type 9 "Bailey" and patent dates appear on bed. Type 18 Type 10 Frog adjustment screw appears. Type 19 Type 20 Blue paint appears. Comments: "Sweetheart" types are #12 thru 15, Made from Generally, the most desirable user types are considered to be #10 thru File Size: 63KB. Stanley Plane Identification: How to Identify Antique Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Age and Type? Stanley Type 1 Handplanes: Stanley Type 2 Handplanes: Stanley Type 3 Handplanes: Stanley Type 4 Handplanes: Stanley Type 5 Handplanes: Stanley Type 6.

July 8, at am. They were made from to Check for recent sold prices to get a sense of value. Levi says:. January 7, at pm.

Is this original or is this a replacement piece Like Like. January 8, at am. Bailey planes made after had lever caps marked Stanely Like Like. Heidi Schimmel says:. February 12, at pm. February 13, at pm.

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Many Thanks Bryant, it good to have its approximate date and I will indeed check. February 26, at am. February 26, at pm. Type 13 or 14, to Like Like. Steve says:. March 18, at am. March 19, at pm. Dave Hodgson says:. March 29, at pm.

I have a Stanley No. Bruce says:. April 9, at am. Hedleypicton gmail. May 7, at pm. Is it possible to get replacement hardwood handles for a Bailey 5? is your best bet for replacement parts.

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September 24, at pm. October 14, at pm. Not likely, the transition planes are neither rare nor particularly valuable. Martijn van der Plas says:.

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March 24, at pm. Martijn The Netherlands Like Like. March 25, at am. March 27, at am. Thanks a lot! That was exactly what I was looking for!

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Channon Teague. June 12, at am. A large No. Does anyone know what this means? Cole says:. March 10, at am. March 10, at pm. Almost certainly random pattern numbers. Has no relevant meaning today. Miguel Aguirre says:. December 10, at pm. Joe Lesko says:. January 29, at pm. Caps prior to had no logo.

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Ben says:. February 1, at pm. February 3, at pm. Tim says:. July 6, at pm.

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