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The conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas , for the throne of Hastinapura. It involved several ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups. The location of the battle is described as having occurred in Kurukshetra in North India. Despite only referring to these eighteen days, the war narrative forms more than a quarter of the book, suggesting its relative importance within the epic, which overall spans decades of the warring families. The narrative describes individual battles and deaths of various heroes of both sides, military formations, war diplomacy, meetings and discussions among the characters, and the weapons used. The chapters parvas dealing with the war from chapter six to ten are considered amongst the oldest in the entire Mahabharata. The historicity of the war remains subject to scholarly discussions.

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After deciphering cuneiform script scholars could get access to the knowledge of years. The inscription is found at Aihole in Karnataka state, India. The stone inscription of Ravikirti, in praise of the king, can be read at the Meguti temple dated CE.

The inscription is in the Sanskrit language and uses the Kannada script. Aihole inscription of Pulakesin II mentions his victory over the Southern kingdom of Pallavas, who had attempted to prevent the rise of the Badami Chalukyas. Since the inscription has mentioned the time elapse since the Mahabharata war and also the Shaka era, this inscription is also important in determining the possible date of Mahabharata war.

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Today the Shaka era is Thus the year of inscribing this note is AD. At this time years had passed from the Bharat War. So the date of the War comes to BC - This can assume also the date of the Kali Yuga commencement.

Mar 30,   Astronomical dating of the latest scientific date of the mahabharata war, the pillars of the mahabharata war was actually. Secondly, he felt that 'research and pervasive influence on vedas. Introduction the year and the kurukshetra is a date 16th oct. Nilesh will demonstrate the atlantis of kurukshetra war the date of the mahabharat war. Starting from the so- called Aryan invasion into Bharat injected with concocted theories by britishers with no substantial proof or dating, the current Bharatiya chronology starts from the compilation of the Rigved in B.C., then come other Ved's, Mahaveer Jain is born, then Gautam Buddha lives around B.C. and the rest follows. Dating the Mahabharata war and start of Kaliyuga has been elusive and going on for many centuries. Aryabhata, is a famous early astronomer with contributions to science, whose estimate of p, and the time of moon revolution around the earth are so accurate, that his works are being extensively researched.

Naturally, it is evident that relying on the beginning of the Kaliyuga and holding that the war took place just before the commencement of Kaliyuga, this inscription is prepared. This is the basic belief in Hindus. Vartak has a different opinion and he considered Mahabharata war and beginning of Kaliyug two different event and they might be separated by thousands of years.

If we take the Bharat war and kali Era as a two different event and then try to decipher this verse then the result will be different. In the second line, the second clause starts and runs up to the middle of the third line thus Saptabda.

It is clear from the former portion of the verse that years passed from the Bharat war and years passed from the Kali Era. Kali Era started from BC.

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We already know that through the study of constellation and stars the date of a past event can be derived. Some hymn in Rigveda gives the position of Dhruv star during the writing of Rigveda which helped scholars to derive the date of Rigved.

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The same has happened with Gobekeii Tepe. Scholars are matching pillars figures with constellation are trying to find out the date for Gobekii tepe. This inscription is of 5th century AD and scholars hold that it throws light on the time of Mahabharat war. It states that Saptarishis were in Uttara at the time of this inscription.

Scholars hold that Saptarishis were in Magha at the time of Yudhishthira because Varahmihira has stated so in Brihat-Samhita. Saptarishis stay in one Nakshatra for years, and there are 27 Nakshatras. Hence Saptarishis would be again in Magha years later during the 4th century BC. That means movement from one Nakshatra to another takes slowly in the time of hundred years. As a progressive human, I believe more about archaeological artifacts rather than believing in ancient scripture to show more inclination towards science.

So we can assume that he created this inscription somewhere in between year. We take two extreme points that this inscription was created either AD or AD. By this reverse calculation, we got a very optimistic number B.

Here I take two extreme points. They had an important role in world history.

Jun 26,   Dating of Mahabharata War automatically establishes the date of origin of the Bhagavad Gita. The Mahabharata War took place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in northern India near Delhi. The. Mar 09,   Dating back to "remote antiquity", it is still a living force in the life of the Indian masses. Incidentally, the dating of the Mahabharata War has been a matter of challenge and controversy for a century or two. European scholars have maintained that the events described in the ancient Sanskrit texts are imaginary and s. As per Dr S Balakrishna of NASA, the date of Mahabharata War could be one of BC, BC, BC, BC, BC and BC. This is based on all possible double eclipses with 13 days gap between BC to BC ascertained using Lodestar Pro software.

By their wisdom, modern scholars could decipher the cuneiform script. Cyrus started his own Samvat which the Bharata kings accepted because of their friendly relations. Know more about Persian Top Persian Kings.

The Greek Ambassador Magasthenis has recorded that generations have passed between Krishna and Chandragupta Maurya. Many scholars have taken this evidence, but taking only 20 years per generation they fixed the date of Krishna as years before Chandragupta. But this is wrong because the record is not of ordinary people to take 20 years per generation. In the matter of the general public, one says that when a son is born a new generation starts.

But in the case of kings, the name is included in the list of Royal Dynasty only after his coronation to the throne. Hence, one cannot allow 20 years to one king.

Let's consider the epoch for the Mahabharata War. By popular tradition, the Kali Age started with the death of Krishna, 35 years after the War. The Kali calendar has a beginning of BC, therefore it is thought that the Mahabharata War took place in BC. The Kali age is supposed to have begun with a grand planetary northamericanjunioramateur.com Size: KB. Jun 13,   Using astronomical references and various other sources, Dr. Vartak dates the start of the Mahabharata war, 16 October B.C. This proposed date has been verified and verified by some scholars. This may prove to be a break-through in deciding the chronology of events in India's history (and perhaps the world). Through Inscriptions.

We have to find out the average per king by calculating various Indian Dynasties. Here is a list of some of the important kings with the no. Multiplying generations by 35 years we get years before Chandragupta Mourya. According to Arian has written to Megasthenis that between Sandrocotus Chandragupta Maurya Greek name to Dianisaum generations and years passed. From this data, we get an average of From this, we can calculate years for generations. So Krishna must have been around B.

Dating of mahabharata war

Pliny gives generations and years between Bacchus and Alexander. This Bacchus may be the famous Bakasura who was killed by Bhimasena.

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This period comes to about years B. Thus Mahabharata period ranges from B. We know that the city of Dwarka was established by Lord Krishna near the time of the Mahabharata war and later the city submerged under the ocean by the curse of Gaandhari. Recently in the postth-century, the Archaeological Survey of India team discovered the city of Dwarka under the ocean in the excavations of the nearby areas of modern Dwarka city.

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ASI team discovered many artifacts from the submerged city like mooring stone, giant hall, the lunate shaped stone which looked the top part of the giant gate of the city. The oldest known suggestion of a possible date for the Mahabharata war dates back to Aryabhatta, and over centuries there have been a lot of arguments and reasoning done to expand the number of possible dates to around 50 different proposal from a period between 1, to 3,BC a few researchers have thrown up dates around 5,BC as well.

The list of researchers trying to demysify the date or Mahabharata war includes astronomers, archaeologies, historians, indologists and religious scholars, and accordingly the source for prediction also varies. Based on the multple sources that project the date of Mahabharata War, it is highly likely that the war happened around BC. A few of the most reliable sources and the reasoning behind those are detailed below. Dating the war based on Inscriptions and literature.

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Attempts to date the events using methods of archaeoastronomy have produced, depending on which passages are chosen and how they are interpreted, estimates ranging from the late 4th to the mid-2nd millennium BCE. The late 4th millennium date has a precedent in the calculation of the Kaliyuga epoch, based on planetary conjunctions, by Aryabhata 6th century.

Aryabhatta's dating: BC. Aryabhatta was the first of the major mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy. He had written "When the three yugas satya yuga, treta yuga and dwapara yuga have elapsed and 60 x 60 3, years of kali yuag have already passed, I am now 23 years old.

Some sources mark this as the disappearance of Krishna from earth. Dating by other ancient astronomers: BC.

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Another traditional school of astronomers and historians, represented by Vriddha-Garga, Varahamihira author of the Brhatsamhita and Kalhana author of the Rajataranginiplace the Bharata war years after the Kaliyuga epoch, corresponding to BC. Now when thirty and three thousand and five years besides, joined with seven hundred years, have passed since the Bharata war.

And when fifty and six and five hundred years of the Saka kings also have gone by in the Kali age. This stone mansion of Jinendra, a mansion of every kind of greatness, has been caused to be built by the wise Ravikirti, who has obtained the highest favour of that Satyashraya whose rule is bounded by the three oceans. The Shaka era started in 78 AD. So the date of the War comes to BC. This is also the date of Kali Yuga Commencement as per Aryabhatta.

So, in fact, this inscription might likely be prepared relying on date of the beginning of Kaliyuga Era and holding that the War took place just before the commencement of Kaliyuga.

Astronomical dating of Mahabharat By Saroj Bala

It doesn't in fact give a clear proof of the date of the war, but tells us that king Pulikeshi and his contemporaries believed in the Kaliyuga by Aryabhatta and probably dated the war to the same period. Dating the war based on Archaeological evidence. And the discovery of a sunken city along the coast of Bet Dwarka and its astounding connection with the legendary city of Dwarka is another interesting datapoint used by many for the dating of the Mahabharata war.

Many of the artefacts dating back to around BC also supports the most accepted period for the war.

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Interestingly, Dr. Rao who led the excations at Dwarka, Bet-Dwarka and Kurukshetra had commented that the period of BC is acceptable based his derivation on archaeological evidence obtained from onshore and offshore excavations conducted in Dwaraka, Bet Dwarka and in the Kurukshetra region.

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Dating the war based on Astronomy. Sanskrit epics were academically attacked occasionally - an attempt to disprove the authenticity of the annals noted therein.

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For example, the European Ideologist Max Muller, tried to interpret the astronomical evidences to prove that the observations recorded in the Hindu scriptures are imaginary, probably because it did not match the prevalent views of European historians!

On the contrary, many Bharatiya scholars have vehemently maintained the actual occurrence of the Mahabharata War. Astronomical and literary evidences or clues from the Pauranic and Vaidik texts have been deciphered to provide a conclusive date for the Mahabharata War. The fifth century mathematician, Aryabhatta, calculated the date of the Mahabharata War to be approximately B. Vaidya and Prof.

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Apte had derived the date to be B. However, a scholar from Pune, Dr. Vartak argues that the astronomical data used by the above, and many other, scholars contained some errors and using astronomical references and variety of other sources, Dr. Vartak has derived the date of the initiation of the Mahabharata War to be 16th October B.

C with some credible arguements.

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