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Powered by Shopify. American Express. Apple Pay. Google Pay. Shop Pay. VintageStitching - Vintage Sewing Patterns. Dating Vintage Patterns Tips for determining the date of a vintage pattern.

We now have a separate instruction sheet, too- though the content still looks like it did on the tissue paper counterpart of two years ago. The sewer was meant to cut right down the middle of the two lines to get an accurate cut.

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The seam allowance, however, did change. This one is from And another from By this time, McCall had more advanced instruction sheets.


The patent with Butterick was expired, so McCall started adapting the step-by- step instruction method as well. McCall patterns from the early s and later are much more familiar to use than other vintage patterns because by this point they combined these techniques we take for granted today.

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From And from We will stop atsince my area of experience also stops around then. What I would like you to notice, is also the information on the back covers of these envelopes and how it changed.

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Layouts changed, but also measurements. The silhouette changed based on how fashion dictated, and often proportion was changed due to undergarment structure. I will continue this series by taking a look at other pattern companies next time. In the meantime, feel free to comment below to let me know any thoughts, questions, or comments. What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am very eager to read the rest of them.

Dating mccall patterns

Thanks so much for catching that! Thanks so much! Its funny, I MUCH prefer vintage patterns - and generally avoid new and reproduction and even indie pattern companies at all cost.

I dont find the extra sewing information useful at all.

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And two pages of instructions!? Not to mention the horrible pattern paper that is flimsier than my 70 year old Mccalls and even more impossible to fold back into its original shape. Dont even talk to me about the excess ease either.

Vintage McCalls Patterns. Vintage McCall's sewing patterns for ladies, men, children, costumes & crafts. We have vintage McCall's patterns for all types of fashions including dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, suits, sleepwear, crafts & costumes. Please see our page on Dating Vintage Patterns to determine the age of your vintage McCall's pattern. Jul 03,   The Vintage Patterns Wiki boasts more than 83, patterns that are at least 25 years old, which makes for a fascinating look back at fashion history. As a collaborative effort, the database is constantly being ated and organized, with any newly uploaded patterns dating prior to Nov 09,   Most vintage sewing patterns did not have a copyright date before the s, except for McCall, who included them from the invention of the printed pattern (which was patented). Simplicity started including copyright dates in

Fitting them is easier and I find that the diagrams that come with the patterns will tell you a lot, even if the wording is confusing. Anyways - this is a fantastic post and very informative. Gotta love those Mccall patterns and their handy guides.

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Also have noticed a lot of my unorthamericanjunioramateur.cominted patterns are a bit imprecise when it comes to notches and holes. I still find it so fascinating that you have seam allowances included in the patterns - here in Europe we add them ourselves.

Something I prefer since I usually want different allowances on different seams. But very interesting that they have changed with time. What a lovely post!

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Thanks for sharing this information and I adore the photos! Smiles, Cyndi. Why De-coding? Narrowing your focus helps because you can learn about and recognize patterns in your chosen area much quicker than if you try to digest the whole range of sewing patterns made since the s.

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Concentrate on a style, maker, era or theme - and when you do see a pattern in your specialty, you'll know whether it's common or not; you'll have a general expectation of the price range; and then you can decide if you love it enough to spend the money. Which brings us to one basic precept of collecting anything: Buy what you love, and buy the best example you can find and afford.

Apologise, dating mccall patterns apologise, but, opinion

There are two prices for any sewing pattern: 1 what you could reasonably expect to sell it for on the open market, and 2 what it's worth to you. The pride and joy of our collection is the s McCall breakfast coat pattern show here. While it's nice to know the pattern's fair market value is much higher than the price we paid, it's even better to know that we could have paid five times what we did and still felt it was worth it. That's what makes for happy collecting.

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Local availability of vintage sewing patterns varies tremendously depending on where you live - and how much shopping stamina you have. Some people can find great patterns at their neighborhood thrift shop; others can't because their shops throw away donated patterns.

Estate sales, auctions, even garage sales can be sources of wonderful patterns - if you have the time and the patience. Happily, the number of vintage sewing patterns available online has never been greater - although you may have to spend more time looking. As changed its policies, any of the folks who started out selling patterns on have departed to other sites like the Sewing Palette, or opened their own storefront.

Sewing patterns for fashion clothing, crafts and home decorating. Dress sewing patterns, evening and prom sewing patterns, bridal sewing patterns, plus costume and cosplay sewing patterns. Dec 09,   It is important to note, for pattern dating purposes, that when McCall started printing their patterns, instead of doing perforated patterns, they included a copyright date on their pattern envelope. It is also of note that McCall was the only pattern company to include a copyright date on their pattern envelopes during the 's. Dating mccalls patterns Your source for sewing patterns using butterick; mccall's patterns, and kwik sew classic. Tips for dating mccalls patterns m infants' buntings, jumpsuits, fig. Mccall pattern company company research investing.

Naturally, we hope you'll shop here first. You may also enjoy the 22 sites listed in the annotated directory compiled by Sweet Sassafras. You may find it helpful to keep a few notes on the places and date you've visited. Some sites will be a better fit to your collecting taste, and some are ated more frequently than others. If you're looking for a specific pattern without any luck, pay a visit to the Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki.

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There are over 40, vintage patterns cataloged as of March And while they're not for sale, the entries may include a link to an online shop that does have it. If all else fails - or if you discover a favorite pattern is missing pieces or instructions - head on over to Pattern Rescue.

It's a not-for-profit site that maintains stray pieces for vintage sewing patterns, and there's a Post section where members help each other find replacement pieces or complete patterns for sale.

Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 3): Introduction to Patterns, Fabric \u0026 Notions

You can also donate patterns you don't want - and pick up a few patterns that you do! Dating vintage sewing patterns is largely a matter of experience and practice. You learn the date of one pattern, then another. Your brain records the sometime subtle differences honest!

About Dating Vintage Sewing Patterns The pattern number is only ONE indicator of the date on vintage sewing patterns. You can't use the number alone because the companies would start over again when they got to a certain level. 's Hollywood Pattern 's Hollywood Pattern. Vintage McCall's Patterns: Vintage McCall or McCall's Patterns; Most from the 's to today were dated; Dated at various points on the envelopes: Bottom, right side, around top flap; Patterns before were named McCall without the S. The S was added in Nearly all McCall's patterns are dated somewhere on the envelope, and the majority of Simplicity patterns from the s are too (for s and s patterns, check the instruction sheet; from on, check the envelope). You can figure out the approximate date of your undated pattern by comparing it to patterns whose date is known.

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Shop Pay. VintageStitching - Vintage Sewing Patterns. Dating Vintage Patterns Tips for determining the date of a vintage pattern.

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Not all of the major companies dated their vintage sewing patterns in the same way. It is easy to find a printed date on a vintage pattern to determine the date.

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