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Having a baby or losing a significant amount of weight is cause for celebration for many people. But if your recent reduction around your midsection has left you with loose abdominal skin, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to tighten and tone this part of your body. Gaining a significant amount of weight causes your skin to stretch. And if you remain this way for a long period of time before losing weight, your loose skin may be less likely to retract. In a small January study published in the Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery , researchers discovered that the skin of 30 morbidly obese patients who experienced massive weight loss was weak due to lower density and thickness of collagen fibers and damage to its elastic fibers. In other words, the longer you remain overweight, the harder it is for your skin to retract after a significant weight loss. Where this gets tricky, is defining what a significant amount of weight is.

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Jan 08, The technique involves using a natural fiber brush with a long handle to brush and exfoliate skin in a particular pattern, according to Healthline. Practitioners believe .

Read more. We really are unfair when we expect our SOs to reject physical flaws. It's a way of reducing people to be less complicated than they are and it is a bit insulting. An SO can see your flaws and still think you are beautiful and sexy and everything they want in their bed.

When we form relationships, we are usually looking for intimacy. Sometimes, yes, we want a hookup and that intimacy is shallow and short. Sure, maybe those interactions rely heavily on appearance.

But most of the time, we are looking for deeper, more long-lasting intimacy.

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And appearance is really just a part of it. I say, your loose skin is a testimony to how strong and amazing and persistent and dedicated you are. Any SO worth a minute of your time would see that as admirable and sexy. And most humans find one another sexy for more than just how their body looks. Anyone who doesn't, well, it's probably best that you keep your life full of as few of those as possible.

You've spent a long time reminding yourself that you are more than just what you look like on the outside. Don't give up on that idea now! I definitely needed to read that, because even though it sounds simple, I've never been able to really accept it.

Jun 27, "Skin removal over the abdomen takes the form of either a full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or a mini-tummy tuck," explains Greer. In a mini-tummy tuck, Greer says the excess skin over the lower abdomen is removed. "This is good for people with just a little loose skin, whose abdominal muscles are still tight," she explains. Dating and Loose Skin After Weight Loss (Pictures Included)? Apart from this, dates naturally lend themselves as a great binding agent due to their turn, and can be mixed with nuts and nut butter to getting energy balls and granola bars. What makes the Mediterranean diet one of . Honestly, it varies from person to person, just like any other trait. Some people will be bothered by loose skin, some will be apathetic about it, a few will even admire it. That's just how the dating field is. In my personal experience: most men and women aren't as bothered by it as I am.

Thank you. At the end of the day, we've just gotta own it. Sure - reality is s bitch. Will it turn off some potential partners? Will it not bother others? You bet. There is nothing sexier than confidence, and I'd much rather have my potential mate just accept their loose skin and own it.

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Yup, it sucks. But, it's better than being morbidly obese. In the future, it may improve or you might pursue removal, etc.

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But today - right now - you still deserve to live your life and enjoy yourself. This fucking go round is finite and precious, kiddo. Choose to be happy.

Dating loose skin

That was beautiful. Please tell me you're some sort of motivational speaker. Or at least a dad, because that pep talk was on point.

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Lol, thanks. I am neither of those things. I'm just trying to be passionate about life, and make healthy choices - emotionally and otherwise. Loved this idea, but unfortunately it looks like it's no longer done. Mainly because it's substantially cheaper and easier to get the skin from dead donors, compared to living ones.

I've still personally got roughly 35ish pounds to go before my goal weight, so this kind of stuff will be interesting to look into some day in the future. Just remember that you will always give your own body more shit than anyone elses, take stretch marks for example. Have you ever looked at someone with a bare upper body and thought "damn, those stretch marks are disgusting?

150 Pound Weight loss//Dating with loose Skin and Stretch Marks

Cruel people exist and sometimes can be just as terrible critics as our own mind. That said, i've unfortunately known these people for over 4 years and they are proud assholes, enjoy thinking themselves as better than others, and they will find something in 98 out of 99 people they are disgusted by.

If not loose skin, then it's one's face isn't "perfect", etc. The people who are cruel about loose skin will find something to be cruel about because they are assholes, not because they are right. My boyfriend has a stretch mark or two and it has never once bothered me but once he noticed one on my upper thigh and thought it was a bruise.

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I was so disgusted with myself but then I realized it didn't bother him and his stretch marks never bothered me. So what's the big deal You should worry about finding someone who is worthy of you! I don't have this issue, but I have some gnarly scars. I've always told people about it before any clothes came off.

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There was one guy who recoiled, but others were either indifferent, or even found it endearing not the scars themselves, but the fact that I shared something personal with them. Burned breast here. I also burned my hand and stomach.

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For the first couple of years, my hand was really obviously burned and people asked and it was awkward. I've had guys walk out as soon as they heard and guys walk out after they saw it.

Nobody cared about my hand or stomach but a discolored boob that hurts is too much, I guess. I tend to play it by ear.

Best Dating site free Find your match today We are trusted by millions of users Only verified profiles, START NOW! You must be 21 or older to enter! Enter. Dating site. Dating. You don't need to explain why this or that person is not suitable for you dating. It is not necessary to have a debate about whose approach to Missing: loose skin. So I've never really ventured into dating or being "intimate" with a girl mainly because of my insecurities pertaining to my body image - my loose skin. I've been working out 3 - 4 per week and have been dieting in the hopes of obtaining a leaner physique. Oct 18, Loose skin due to massive weight loss may cause physical and emotional challenges: Physical discomfort: Excess skin can be uncomfortable and interfere with normal activity. A .

I like to take things slow physically, so it's usually after several dates. There's a moment when you're both a bit hesitant, wondering what's going to happen next.

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That has worked well for me. I'll just say that I'm feeling a bit self-conscious because of the scars. Check out "obese to beast" on YouTube.

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He has a great perspective about loose skin on his channel, and even has a video where his girlfriend talks about it. Second, it's probably not as bad as you believe. I can't say there won't be men out there who will recoil there arebut the reality is they are a very small percentile. Some may need to adjust to it, some won't care, some may like you more because of it. Different strokes, different folks, don't sweat it too bad.

So I'm not overweight and have never lost a lot of weight. My SO was very lean when we met. We dated for a couple months and when it was time to do the deed, I was surprised. Also: Building muscle-by way of a solid exercise regimen with strength training work-is always a good idea.

Plus, it can make your skin look tauter, says Holly Wyatt, M.

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Anecdotally, people on forums such as MyFitnessPal claim that dry brushing helps prevent loose skin. The technique involves using a natural fiber brush with a long handle to brush and exfoliate skin in a particular pattern, according to Healthline.

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Practitioners believe dry brushing may help tighten loose skin; eliminate toxins from the body; stimulate the lymphatic system; and increase circulation. However, there is little scientific evidence to support these claims. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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Jun 15, Loose skin. When someone loses a significant amount of weight (from pregnancy or otherwise), they can end up with loose skin on their stomach and other parts of Author: Lindsey Lanquist. r/dating: A sub to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you really have loose skin, surgery is pretty much the only option. Apr 24, Minor loose skin wouldn't bother me but lots of loose skin would definitely be a turn off. Fellas, please advise: Does a woman's loose skin distract, annoy, or repulse you in intimate times; or are you so focused on 'other stuff', it really doesn't matter?
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