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This harmonica was made by M. Hohner in Germany, undetermined date. It is a Marine Band No. This harmonica has a light brown and black stained wooden comb with metal cover plates screwed to top and bottom. Accessioned with original cardboard box.

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The original harmonica or a modern take. Passion for Blues, Country, Jazz. Sustainable materials meet traditional craftsmanshipMissing: dating. This harmonica was made by M. Hohner in Germany, undetermined date. It is a Marine Band No. model in the key of C, with 10 single holes and 20 reeds. This harmonica has a light brown and black stained wooden comb with metal cover plates screwed to top and bottom. Accessioned with original cardboard box. The harmonica is engraved: MARINE BANDMissing: dating.

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Visit the IIIF page to learn more. View manifest View in Mirador. Description This harmonica was made by M.

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October 13, marks a historical day for the world of music. On this day, Bob Dylan became the first musician to ever be honored with the Nobel prize in literature.

Hohner Harmonicas! - What's the difference?

The harmonica has a long tradition not just in folk and blues, but also in popular culture. It is used in all genres, from rock and pop to classical music and jazz.

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The harmonica is relatively easy to learn, and quickly opens a broad variety of options to the player. Another great advantage is its size: You can easily carry it around in your pocket, making it the perfect companion for travelling.

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Wir haben auch eine deutschsprachige Webseite. Today Hohner produces a wide range of harmonicas, and the number of models can sometimes be a little bewildering.

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This type of harmonica is the most ubiquitous and usually features 10 holes, each with one blow and draw note. This is, perhaps, the most famous name in the lineup.

First produced at the end of the 19 th century, it was later adopted as the instrument of choice by blues, folk and pop artists, from Jimmy Reed to John Lennon. All models are made in Germany.

Dating hohner harmonicas

Classic : the original Marine Band with a pearwood lacquered comb and brass reedplates. Deluxe : improved comb design for greater volume, triple lacquering for longevity and an Ultraglide coating for comfort. Crossover : triple lacquer bamboo comb for a brighter sound, Modern Compromise Tuning. Thunderbird : bamboo comb, tuned an octave lower than standard.

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These are more modern looking harps, with ABS mouthpiece surfaces and combs, arguably providing better comfort and less chance of swelling than wood. All Progressive Series models are made in Germany.

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The Rocket : designed to be loud and comfortable to play, with a comb that features rounded sides and edges. Rocket Amp: features the same construction as The Rocket, but has covers without side vents to facilitate playing with a microphone. Special 20 : this was the first Hohner harmonica to be manufactured with a plastic comb, potentially making it more airtight and less prone to swelling than wooden combed harps. Many modern harmonicas from other manufacturers are based on the Special Golden Melody : this is a retro-inspired model with rounded edges.

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This line of harps features modular construction, enabling covers, reed plates and combs to be swapped between harmonicas. All MS Series models are made in Germany.

The chromatic harmonica was revolutionary when it was first released over years ago and its unmistakable sound has helped define jazz, blues, pop and classical music ever since its inception. Today, the Hohner Chromonica is still the blueprint for all modern chromatic northamericanjunioramateur.comg: dating. Don't worry, with our product finder you'll find the perfect HOHNER harmonica. Harmonicas. Diatonic. The diatonic harmonica, also known as blues harp, offers simple major scales and chords. Special playing techniques like bendings and overbends extend the tonal range. Its sound is typical for blues, folk, and country, but also pop and northamericanjunioramateur.comg: dating. Harmonicas are often described as the most popular instruments on the planet, mainly because of their portability and low cost compared to, say, a grand piano or tuba. But don't mistake their ubiquity or simplicity for a lack of sophistication. Harmonicas pack a lot of engineering into a small space, producing different notes depending on whether the player is blowing out or breathing in Missing: dating.

Blues Harp : features a doussie comb and mouthpiece surface and stainless steel covers. Big River Harp : this model has a plastic comb and streamlined covers with side vents.

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Pro Harp : black ABS comb and black coated mouthpiece surface. Particularly popular amongst rock musicians.

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The Meisterklasse : features full length cover plates, an aluminium comb and slightly larger nickel-coated reed plates. These are entry level harmonicas, made in China, that are competitively priced and are designed primarily for beginners. Plastic comb and mouthpiece surface. Blues Band : features a plastic comb and mouthpiece surface.

Jul 26,   Here's what we know: We can't usually get an exact date of the harmonica's manufacture. There are too many factors involved, and Hohner has never kept precise records on dating their harmonicas. Also, details given from experts may be incomplete, false, true, or somewhere in between. The experts disagree at times. With the FlexCases HOHNER offer three brand-new harmonica storage and transport solutions. Learn More. Discover the all new Sonny Terry Heritage Harp Learn More. For those bored at home - discover our colouring pages! Learn more. Italien and German craftsmanship in perfect symbiosis. Discover the new HOHNER Mattia series!Missing: dating. All Hohner harmonicas had 4-digit date stamps on the reedplates from until about two years ago. There may be more subtle changes in construction that could further date a harmonica (such as the rounded rivet heads on prewar 64s) but that stuff is beyond my expertise.

Hot Metal Harp : similar to the other models in the Enthusiast Series, but with a sound more orientated towards hard rock. Chromatic harmonicas consist, effectively, of two harps, tuned a semitone apart and separated from each other by a slide, which is operated by a button at the side of the instrument. So, in the case of a chromatic harp tuned to C, when the button is not activated, the harmonica will have the notes of the scale of C major available.

Conversely, when the button is depressed, the notes of C major are available, meaning that a chromatic harp can play in any standard Western key.

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This is particularly useful in jazz and classical music, where the chromatic has seen the most use. These are entry level chromatic harps available with various ranges, from 2 to 3. The CX12 Series models are made in Germany and feature a single unit integrating the mouthpiece and covers, which can be disassembled without using any tools. CX12 Black : injection moulded plastic comb, 1.

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