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Email address:. The Aquarius woman has a tremendous thirst for freedom. Unconventional and wacky, the Aquarius woman needs people who are open-minded. Trust her and you are sure to have a great time. A sign of the Air element , the Aquarius is primarily focused on activities that are either social, or intellectual. Governed by Uranus, which is the planet of transformation, an Aquarius woman will always be interested in innovation and revolutionary ideas. Due to her inventive nature and her smarts, she can come up with inventive solutions when she or someone else is in trouble.

She is a natural barrier breaker and she hates anything that has something to do with prejudice. She appreciates when people are sincere and speak their mind.

Apr 30, The Aquarius woman has a tremendous thirst for freedom. She's a great friend, and how she goes about relationships can't be understood by everyone. Unconventional and wacky, the Aquarius woman needs people who are open-minded. She may come up with strange ideas of a first date, but you'll definitely remember where she took you. Oct 23, Dating an Aquarius female means being with a woman with taste and class. Treat her to sweet continental dishes, especially those with tasty exotic cuisine. Visit artistic places like a gallery, and take her dancing to places where wonderful music gets played. A musical concert is equally an excellent idea for a date. May 23, Important traits of an Aquarius woman in relation to an Aquarius man An Aquarius woman has no interest in conforming to or rebelling against gender role expectations. For this reason, to the extent that it can be said that any Aquarius native is like anyone else, an Aquarius woman is very similar to an Aquarius Cynthia Thinnes.

It would be pointless for you to throw numerous gifts at her as she finds these things impractical and not sincere. She will only respond to affection expressed through words. Think of yourself, who you are, and what makes you tick, and tell her this story. Put all the passion you have in telling her this and she will fall for you almost immediately.

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All she wants from a possible partner is an interesting conversation somewhere stimulating, for example, a library-cafe. As said earlier, this is the most eccentric signs in the zodiac. Dating an Aquarius will surely impress you from the first encounter. Dates with her are unusual too. Anything that makes her mind discover and explore will fascinate her so consider these cts.

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If you are dating her, take her out to book fairs, the circus, a new collection at the museum. Since she is happier in a large group, go out with her friends in the beginning so she is more comfortable.

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Only after that take her to intimate dates. You will always have to share her with her friends anyway as she puts great value on friendships. Aquarians are busy personalities.

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Even if they do nothing, they think they are still busy. Aquarians love themselves and believe they work harder than others, thus they want others to adjust to their seemingly busy schedules. If you are in love with an Aquarius, learn to be as flexible as possible, otherwise your relationship is going to fail for good.

Dating aquarius girl

Be it a moonlight beach walk or a romantic candlelit dinner, Aquarians are not big fans of everything that screams romance.

Do not shower them with romantic gifts.

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Keep the romance to a minimum and a reality to a maximum. This way, your partner will be happy and your relationship will be successful. One of the best traits of an Aquarius is that they accept people as they are.

Mar 02, Confessions Of An Aquarius Girl: My Dating Experience with Each Zodiac Sign. CL March 2, March 5, 0. This is a user submission to IRL. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author, and do not represent the opinions of IRL or its affiliates. While dating the Aquarius woman can be a challenge, it will never be dull. As long as you can handle her independent nature and understand that her aloof manner has nothing to do with you, you will have an intriguing and enlightening partner. The world will never look the same Donna Roberts. The Aquarius woman in love While her friends may be desperate to tie the knot, the Aquarius female is in no hurry to settle down. She certainly wants companionship, but she won't slot into any traditional wife role and become someone's 'Mrs'. She won't be with a demanding or jealous partner either.

They rarely judge or laugh at someone. Bullying is not their thing.

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When you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, you may not worry about your flaws. Aquarians never get along with dishonest people and have trouble forgiving those who hurt them. Perhaps some guys love mysterious girls, but it is not about Aquarians.

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When dating an Aquarius man, you need to be as open as possible. We were both too similar, in a bad way. We played mind games with each other. It was exciting, yet exhausting.

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I had gone out with the Aquarian and the Piscean at around the same time, and they were like night and day. When a Piscean is in love, he will make a very obvious effort and constantly shower you with affection.

As an Aquarius, I am a natural skeptic.

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How can a person become so affectionate and transparent with his feelings so fast? Like in a fairy-tale, he fantasized about a future together that seemed totally unrealistic to me.

But I blame my Aquarius traits for my reservation. Instead of warming to his affection, I found him too overwhelming, and I was unable to reciprocate his gestures and love.

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In both relationships, we were instantly attracted to each other the first time we met and we had clicked from the moment we met. This means that opposites attract, repel or are complementary. With my current boyfriend, I am fascinated with his charm, gentleness, intelligence.

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And boy do they know how to flirt fiercely - like a lion! The problem arises when the bossy Leo requires a lot of attention and affection, and they can be extremely dominating.

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My Leo can become very mean in arguments and I would despise it. Another unrelated reason I never dated one is that I understand Tauruses too much - my brother and my guy best friend are both Tauruses.

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On the other side of the coin, they are the most loyal souls on earth. My brother has fancied a girl since he was 13, and the same goes to my best friend.

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My ex-manager is an Aries, and we had a lot of disagreements stemming from the way we work, as we are both very strong-minded yet have very different working styles. As such, this has turned me off dating people who are under the sign of Aries.

Even though there might be good Aries out there. It may be due to our natural traits that are in very different cts, but we may not find each other interesting in the first place.


To conclude, I wrote this story to show my personal experience. This is all based purely on my perspective. I absolutely meant no harm and judgment to anyone.

What are your dating experiences with the Horoscopes you were paired with? Let us know in the comments! Username or Email Address.

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