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Scenic America by Zuber. However, we neither manufacture nor sell reproduction wallpapers. Historic Wallpaper Specialties. Companies offering wallpapers generated form original documents. Companies who will reproduce wallpaper. Historic Wallpaper Consultants.

Their rarities set has a hodge-podge of floral, kitchen, wood veneer and other assorted oddities from every era - from floral and colorful to modern and simple. Toggle navigation Dornob.

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You Might Also Like. There are free wallpaper downloads for your computer. Their website offer patterns with ample information about manufacturer, method and history.

The museum has a collection of more than samples of wallpapers, ranging in date from the 17th century to the present, but the majority of items cover the period Though the emphasis is on British products, the collection includes important French examples, as well as a small number from other European countries and America.

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Brief records of items are included in a searchable database but only a few hundred records have photographic illustrations. The treatment steps are outlined and recommendations for a more stabilized environment in the future are made. Mapes, Phillipa.

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A discussion of objectives and role of the architectural conservator in the task of wallpaper conservation. The interdependent relationship of historic wallpaper and the structure in which it hangs is described. Criteria for determining appropriate conservation treatments are listed. One of America's leading specialists in the investigation and analysis of architectural finishes discusses methodology for analyzing wallpaper.

This article from History-magazine. Albertson, Karla Klein.

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Banham, Joanna. Victorian wallpaper. Clapp, A. Cohn, Marjorie, ed. Cuadrado, John A.

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Dunbar, Jean. Floud, P.

All of the patterns in our collection are authentic, old stock vintage wallpaper rolls from the s to the s. Because our papers are truly vintage (printed somewhere between 35 to 85 years ago), they are rare and in limited quantity. Hannah's Treasures - Antiques & Vintage wallpapers dating from to , including a vintage collection of Nancy McClellan wallpapers. Interior - Vintage wallpapers from the 20th century. Paul Montgomery Studios - Chinese hand-painted panels and murals. The earliest known wallpaper in Britain is thought to date from and was found covering the beams of the Dining Hall at Christ's College, Cambridge. The wallpaper had been printed by carved wooden block in monochrome on the reverse of single sheet documents.

Ledes, Allison Eckardt. Mansell, Sarah. New York: Harry N.

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Abrams, Inc. McClintock, T. Nylander, Richard C. Phillips, M.

Historic Wallpaper Manufacturers of historic wallpaper, add your listing to this page here. These wallpaper companies make wallcoverings that are historic in theme or manufacture. These wallpapers can either be manufactured using old world methods, reproductions, or genuinely historic. Our Retro & Vintage Wallpaper category are designs from yesteryear. Of course, some designs are old enough to be new again, so there is sometimes a thin line between retro and modern. Included are classic designs dating back hundreds of years, to more recent retro designs going back to recent decades, to the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

Pritchard, Margaret Beck, and Willie Graham. Solomons, O. Reed, Rochelle.

Red Rooster Inn Restoration 03?: Antique Wallpaper

Sherrill, Sarah B. Suares, J. Wallpapers: 17th Century to Present Day. London, Studio Editions, Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Kitsch to Corbusier: Wallpapers from the s.

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Dornsife, Samuel A. New York: Macmillan, Entwisle, Eric. Bath, England: Kingsmead Reprints, A Literary History of Wallpaper. London: Batsford, Wallpapers of the Victorian Era.

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Leigh-on-Sea: F. Lewis, Greysmith, Brenda. An Introduction to Wallpaper. London: HMSO, Hapgood, M. London: Abbeville Press, New York: Abrams, This is the best recent book on the subject, covering English, French, American, and Chinese wallpapers, lavishly illustrated and containing a thorough bibliography. Landscape Wallcoverings. Lynn, Catherine.

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Nashville, Tenn. Due to their beauty and fineness of execution, these papers became commonplace in the majority of stately homes in Britain during the 18th and into the 19th centuries and still accounts for their survival today.

By the mid 19th century, wallpaper production joined in the industrial revolution. Increasing demand for paper was met by the use of wood pulp, which was quickly and cheaply processed, but initially resulted in a poor quality, acidic paper.

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Developments in the papermaking machine allowed continuous lengths of paper to be produced. These in turn could be printed using new mechanised wooden and metal rollers. Concurrent developments in colour production also provided possibilities for new and more varied colours, including some 19th century experiments with arsenic green. Alongside the rush for mechanisation, some manufacturers were still producing handblocked wallpaper including the doyen of the Arts and Crafts Movement, William Morris, who issued his first wallpaper in Competition was also strong from the UK's customary rivals, the French, who were producing incredibly elaborate scenic wallpapers for a very appreciative British market.

Choose from our great selection of vintage wallpaper and antique wall murals below. Take a step back in time with any one of these reproduction and nostalgic wall murals. From 70s vintage floral designs to classic world maps we have something to suit all vintage tastes. How to Restore Antique Wallpaper. Antique wallpaper that looks old and tattered may look as it its reached the end of its lifespan, but there are ways to restore it to maintain its original look. Aug 13,   These in parts have been wallpapered at some time and I was trying to find out who to contact so I can get a date for the wallpaper? We can date the timbers through Dendro, but obviously the paper is a much, much later addition.

These large 'panoramiques' usually consisted of non-repeating landscapes or vistas which continued around the room and could necessitate cutting over 1, blocks in order to print the different elements of the design. Innovations continued to keep up with, and create demand for new types and designs of wallpapers. By the end of the 19th century, embossed wallpapers such as Lincrusta Walton had become popular, and special, damp-resistant wallpapers were being produced specifically for bathrooms and kitchens with the development of 'sanitaries', which were machine printed in oils and varnished.

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Although the industrialisation of the wallpaper industry is often associated with the introduction of poor quality materials and designs, many fine examples were produced and can still be seen today.

It should also be noted that increased production provided the opportunity for all but the very poorest levels of society to afford and enjoy wallpaper, and to take pride in the decoration of their homes.

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To highlight the principal types of deterioration effecting historic wallpapers in situ, causes can be broadly divided into 'external' and 'inherent' factors.

As with all works of art on paper, historic wallpapers are susceptible to damage by exposure to light and fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity.

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Combined with the effects of atmospheric pollutants, these can cause the breakdown of the paint layer and the paper support. Further problems can also occur as a result of the differing responses of the various laminations of the decorative surfaces and its substrate to environmental conditions, and wallpaper conservation should not be regarded as the treatment of the wallpaper alone.

The wallpaper, adhesives, linings, canvas, plaster laths and other elements may each respond differently to variations in temperature and moisture for example, and varying dimensional movements are often at the expense of the weakest layer - the wallpaper.

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Such conditions are magnified within historic buildings where their wallpapers have endured seasonal changes, lighting and heating by candle, oil and coal fires, as well as the installation of central heating systems and a reduction in ventilation. Historic wallpapers are also prone to damage from structural problems of the building itself. Movement or settlement cracks in walls will strain and tear the wallpaper at the surface, whilst leaks and damp spots can cause staining, encourage mould growth and the physical weakening of the paper, pigments and adhesives.

Wallpapers stuck directly to plaster walls, with or without a liner, may also suffer disturbance from crumbling plaster or soluble salts emanating from the wall. Wallpapers which have been traditionally hung on canvas and stretchers may be protected from the above to some extent. Traditional hanging techniques may also effect the longevity of a wallpaper in their use of impermanent materials, such as iron nails or inferior quality lining papers and adhesives.

Finally, more apparent damage to historic wallpapers comes from general wear and tear, such as human traffic, graffiti, furniture scratches, and holes made for fixtures among other factors.

Although this type of damage is more obvious, it is usually less serious due to its localised nature.

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