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Jan 15,   Ex-Google TechLead explains how to talk to a programmer. This highly educational video should help normal, everyday people better understand & . May 14,   White women with asian men are 2 years younger, more likely to be first married, 76first marriage vs 65%, make 30k vs 22k, and be 50more . r/ProgrammerHumor: Dedicated to humor and jokes relating to programmers and programming.

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The main challenge anxiety sufferers face in dating and new relationships is getting their needs met in terms of reassurance, consistency, and accommodating behaviors. That is because, deep down, they know they have needs for reassurance that will ease their anxiety, but they fear that these basic needs for reassurance will be misconstrued as neediness or fragility.

An anxiety sufferer needs a partner who is extremely consistent in their words of affirmation, actions, and behaviors.

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An example of inconsistency is this: On Monday, your partner sends you several loving texts and plenty of affirmations about how much they love you. On Wednesday, you get a casual call or text asking how your day is, but it almost sounds like they could be talking to a friend. You get the picture.

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Anxiety sufferers need consistency. If someone really loves you, they will hear your needs and not ignore or dismiss your needs.

Dating a programmer reddit

Tell him where your brain goes and why this happens. Are you dating someone with anxiety?

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Those with anxiety disorders often feel compulsions to tell the truth, which makes them very open and honest partners. Anxious individuals are rarely fake, as it gives them more anxiety to negate their own needs or fake emotions. This authenticity is a wonderful quality in a partner. See more of her articles on her advice column www. Erica is also obsessed with Bucket List travel. Want proof? Or via RSS Feed. Find help or get online counseling now. This is a guest post from relationship expert and anxiety sufferer, Erica Gordon, of The Babe Report.

In this case, we might want to ask ourselves: can we simulate a dog entering the room without a cat leaving because that might teach us something ; can we simulate a cat leaving without a dog entering because likewise ; can we recreate that environmental factor i.

Jun 23,   Los Angeles, California, United States About Youtuber Matthew Hussey is the world's leading dating advice expert for women. He has coached millions of women around the world to help them get the love lives of their dreams. He's a New York Times bestselling author of 'Get The Guy,' the relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and the resident love expert on The Today Show. /r/TranscribersOf is a sub dedicated to the curation and support of transcribing content posted to to make it available to all. We're not officially open yet, but we will be very soon! Stay tuned! Currently in beta while we flesh out the bugs. A year and a half ago, I was 23, single, and working as an engineer at the online-dating site OkCupid. The site held a similar philosophy when it came to distance, and we employees would sometimes.

And on it goes. The important thing is that you start to learn to apply a methodology in order to establish causation in the event that something changes.

The ability to do that will help you out time and time again when you're coding.

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I've purposely left this one until last, because it's one of the trickier ones and I'm still getting to grips with it myself. Imagine a pizzeria.

you're asking women on , a place known for tech and nerd stuff, whether they're okay with dating a programmer. Apr 14,   The online community hosted on is where men go to air their toxic views about women. Stephen Marche aims to find out if The Red Pill is perpetuating a culture of hatred - or if it's. On Jan. 2, a year-old programmer named Julian Alexander hosted a AMA in which he debuted Juliet. The concept is that users of the app will only be paired with one prospective partner at.

Each day the pizza-maker makes pizzas with different types of toppings. Each pizza is made by following a specific set of instructions in order: first you prepare the dough, then you rest the dough, then you mould it into the base, then you add tomato sauce, then the toppings, then the cheese, then you bake.

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But of course, the pizza maker doesn't make each one from scratch as it's ordered. That would take ages. Instead he prepares ahead of time such that when the order comes for a Napoletana, all he needs to do is take the base which is already moulde add tomato sauce, anchovy and cheese to it, and pop it in the oven.

The key thing to grasp here is that, even though making pizza is, in its entirety, quite an involved process, at the time of ordering, all the pizza-maker needs to know is the ingredients that are to go on this particular pizza.

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In every other respect, it is just like any other pizza. Programming is a little bit similar, and uses a process called 'abstraction' to keep slightly the more general things the programming equivalent of making the pizza base separate from the slightly more specific things which toppings we want in a particular instance.

Let's imagine we were turning this pizza-making process into code. I'll start with the wrong way of doing it. We might have a method don't worry too much about what this is at the moment - it's the principle we want to focus on called. But what if I want to make a salami pizza?

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This seems a bit wasteful. Programming's approach to this, much like the pizza maker's, is to say: hang on, let's remove or 'abstract' out all the bits that the two pizza methods have in common, and work out a way of taking into account the bits that are different - ie.

It does this via something called an 'argument', that is 'passed in' to the method.

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Here's what I mean. The method will now look a bit like this:. In this third line, I'm going to take the toppings that I specified at the start and add them to the pizza.

You haven't got any specific toppings here - you've just got this word: 'toppings'. How do the actual toppings get on it? Now that I've defined my general pizza-making method, I can just 'call' it, and at the time I'm calling it, I specify the toppings I want. Everything else happens automatically. In making that one change - the topping that is passed into the method as an argument - I get two totally different pizzas.

It's the very same economy that means a waitress can write "1 x salami, 1 x vegetarian" on her order form, and the pizza-maker knows everything he has to know.

I think taking risks is important in dating; some may see it as cringy, but I see it as having a big pair of balls. If you tell me her main language I can write something up for you. Jul 09,   ComiXology has announced a new digital graphic novel, Virtually Yours by Jeremy Holt (Before Houdini, After Houdini, Skip to the End) and Elizabeth Beals with lettering by Adam Wollet about dating. Jul 03,   India About Blog The Crazy Programmer will guide you through the simplest basics of C, C, Android, PHP, SQL and many more coding languages. Frequency 1 post / day Blog northamericanjunioramateur.com Facebook fans K ? Twitter followers K ? Domain Authority 45 ? ? Alexa Rank K ? View Latest Posts ? Get Email Contact. 2. SitePoint.

In programming, this is referred to as 'abstraction'. So there you have it: seven principles which have instilled themselves in me in my first three years of programming, and which, I think, have done a lot to aid my understanding of the craft of writing code.

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If you're thinking of setting out on this journey, I hope that they may be helpful to you too. Turn autoplay off Turn autoplay on. Jump to content [s] Jump to comments [c] Jump to site navigation [0] Jump to search [4] Terms and conditions [8]. Information Developer blog.

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Seven things you should know if you're starting out programming. With a little reluctance, I said yes. All rights reserved.

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