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Relationship Blog 56 Views. Dating someone who works on the night shift can be very challenging, and you would have to compromise in many ways to make it work. Seeing your partner prepare for work while you have just returned from your 9 to 5 work schedule can be disappointing. This can cause many problems in the relationship with general unhappiness. If you are in such a situation, I hope you share the experience. If you are yet to, here are some things to know before dating a night shifter. Take A Zodiac Quiz.

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As such, night shift workers have learned to adapt to their schedules by running errands immediately before and after their shifts. There are two main categories of night shift employees: Those that come in at night to prepare for the business day and those that are in hour industries. It could also be anyone working at hour big box stores, grocery stores, drug stores or convenience stores.

People who work nights find that there are lots of benefits to getting off early in the morning. They do their grocery shopping early in the morning when stores first open.

Dating a night shift worker

Being able to be out so early actually cuts down on time spent running errands because of how few people are around. Only so many stores and businesses are open that early in the morning, which means you have to run errands or make appointments later on in the morning before heading home to get sleep.

In many cases you have to either stay up after your shift to take care of meetings or doctor appointments or wait until the late afternoon or evening after waking up.

A night shift work a long work unusual hours including night shift. dating sabbatical rules who work rotating night shifts. Working nights and sometimes it's even trickier when you can be a gaming forum post. And friends that affects your health and few people that the couple months now. And few people feel this impact more strongly than those working the night shift. Not only do they find that the dating pool is drastically limited but eventually feel disconnected from the world at large and end up in their own time. However with a few minor adjustments and a positive attitude, it is possible to socialize when you work the night shift and here are a few tips to get you going. Know where to look.

Anyone who has ever experienced online dating knows that the biggest obstacle to success is a poorly constructed profile. Creating the perfect profile on any dating site platform is a challenge because this is what people will see before they ever have a chance to meet you.

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Sites like eHarmonywhich primarily rely upon a pre-established system of answering questions before direct communication is allowed, will be challenging for night shift dating. Any dating site that connects you to matches and allows you to communicate directly from the outset will give you greater success. Match is one such site, and so too are hookup sites like BeNaughty and Adult Friend Finder, which focus on connecting you to people who meet your qualifications and leave the communication up to you.

When it comes to connecting with your matches, there are two sweet spots in your schedule: Immediately before and after your night shift. From there you can arrange dinner or breakfast dates if you decide to meet, or you can plan to use your day off and have a full day to plan around.


Make it clear from the start that you work a job that requires you to work at night. This is important for a number of reasons. A night shifter would leave for work around 10 pm.

What is Night Shift Dating? Night Shift Schedules. The night shift, which is also known as an overnight shift or the third shift, encompasses all of Burning the Midnight Oil. We live in a 24/7 world and many companies and industries have employees who work overnight. Ups and Downs of Working. Oct 08,   Research shows shift work has a negative effect on health, relationships, marriages and children, and increases rates of separation and divorce. Dating advice for people that work a shift / varied / unsociable / long / odd hours. Trying to fit your dating around your work can be difficult because. first of all you need to actually be able to meet people when you're not working (because you might be working when they're free and vice versa).

So, if you returned from work at 6 pm, you only have 4 hours to catch up. This is a very limited time to be with your partner, and that can be a problem.

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Be prepared to spend many nights alone if your significant other is a night shifter. So, it will always be like when one is coming, one is leaving, and having a good night together is almost impossible.

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Being at home while your partner is out, that can be a source of worry. You may have a sleepless night as you think about how they are faring, the danger they may be exposed and the other troubles night shifters go through. The only moment you can spend quality time with your night shifter partner is during the weekends.

But that also comes with a little sacrifice. You would have to wake up around 4 am to open the door for them as they return. It is obvious and the reality when you have a night shifter as a partner.

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It might be a quick date, but it's a way to sustain a relationship or a semblance of a relationship. Adventure Plan to call in sick on the same day and just go on an adventure. Take a day trip somewhere.

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You probably have been working too hard any way. Get in your car together and just go.

Dating All Hours Better balance your dating with your work hours! Don't let your work hours limit your dating and relationships Great for people with varied work hours and shifts like doctors, nurses, chefs & firemen to find love. Dating For People Who Work The Night Shift 1. They Leave as You Come In. If you are a 9 to 5er, you return home from work at most by 6 pm, and at least you expect 2. Endure the Night Cold Alone. Be prepared to spend many nights alone if your significant other is a night shifter. 3. You would be Author: Deon Webb. The number one rule is not letting your shift working job dominate the conversation. Dating a shift worker does require a little more preparation, communication and creativity when it comes to activities. But you'll be surprised how invigorating life is when sharing experiences outside the norm.

Trust me. It will be amazing. Sign in.

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