Can 18 dating a 23 year old are

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Nothing weird or wrong about it, that is normal. Most couples usually have an age separation. That is only a five year age difference, I know couples who are more than ten years apart in age. I am 18 and my boyfriend is 25, we have no problems with age in our relationship. You shouldn't make a big deal of this, you're both adults Im 18 courting a guy who in simple terms became 23 years previous. Im waiting for a lengthy time period to inform my mom and father, because i don't understand what they could say both.

18 dating a 23 year old

I just turned 18, I got married 6 months ago to a 24 year old. We didn't marry that young with that big of an age gap because of any religious reasons, parental pushyness, pregnancy, ect. With that said, I think your age gap is totally fine!

Sep 18,   When I was years old, I viewed this as the norm because it was just how things happened. Since then I have come to realize my views on dating have changed a lot. So here are a few reasons why dating at 23 is so dramatically different from dating at You know what you want. At 23 you think you know everything. Apr 13,   No. You are 18 years old and legally you can do whatever you like. But I have seen this situation happen so many times that is just plain wrong now. Girls your age or younger think dating a guy in his twenties means he'll act more mature when in reality the girl is being stupid for thinking that. Find someone your age or Aug 11,   That seems like a much bigger red flag than an 18 year old being interested in a year old. 0 0 0. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Meagan. 5 years ago. Im 18 dating a guy who just turned 23 years old. I love it. We are long distanced,so we talk on the phone pretty much all day everyday. He is supposed to be coming in September and.

And really, guys are more immature than us girls, so a good age gap is a good thing! I was 18 when i started dating my fiancee and he was No certainly nothing wrong with that.

I am 23, almost dated a girl for 4 months that was always considered the "half age + 7 years" rule. so in my case, 24/2 = 12, 12 + 7 = thumbs up. level 1 0 points 5 years ago. Yes, a 16 year old can date a 23 year old. The age of consent in S.C. is 16 years old, but other problems, both psychological and legal, could arise with this relationship. Dr. Michael G. Sribnick, Esq. criminal defense attorney in S.C. The 18 year old can't legally drink, the 23 year old can. the 18 year old needs to be laying the foundation for the rest of their life, the 23 year old has already been doing this - or should have. They may discover that they want different things from life, and may find that they can't.

No, age difference is just a number to me in this case. As long as you like him, he likes you, no problem at all. What's 5 years if he treats you right.

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Jan 21,   No. I was 18 when i started dating my fiancee and he was 23 now im 20 and hes 25 but i am way more mature then him. remember girls mature faster then boys do!! and its better to date older (within reason!)!!! if ur an 18 year old girl goin out with an 18 year old dude. its really like your datin a 16 year old! aim BIGGGGGG. So for an 18 year old, that would be years old. For a 16 year old, that would be For a 20 year old, that would For a 23 year old, that would be For a 25 year old, that would be For a 30 year old, that would be 39 years old. Being a kid yourself, practically, I would say no. As you get older, a 4-year age difference is relatively minor. When you're 26, maybe then 18 is out of reach.

It's normal, you're asking this cause you're a freshman but you'll get used to it once you adapt. Only thing is you can't drink or go to the club.

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So if you're a year-old, you can feel free to be with anyone who is at least 19 (12 + 7) but not someone who is 1 The (lesser-applied) other side of the rule defines a maximum age.

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The age difference is fine, as long as you two get along. I started going with my wife when I was 26 and she was She told me after we were engaged that she wouldn't have sex with me until we got married.

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I respected her wish and waited. It was well worth the wait.

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That was 49 years ago. I don't think you are to young to be dating a 23 year old man. As for having sex with him, that would be up to you and him.

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If you can't wait and don't want to get pregnant then use protection. Have fun and enjoy each other. Should i date him in the first place?

Answer Save. Good luck Ian x.

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