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In the passenger seat was my high school boyfriend. We had become infatuated with one another senior year, and we were now facing the inevitable relational shift: going to different colleges. Our chosen colleges were three hours apart and neither one of us had a car or money. I was devastated, but a few weeks had passed and we were still in semi-regular contact. I would sign onto iChat everyday, and we spoke as if nothing really had changed. Breakups are almost unimaginably painful to begin with. So what do you do when you find out your friend, someone you also trusted, starts dating them?

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These may be fleeting emotions that are superficial or fleeting. You should consider if your feelings for the best friend are the real deal before you sit your ex-partner down for a chat.

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You may also ask mutual friends about what they think of your new relationship. Sometimes getting an outside perspective on the relationship can help you to put it in perspective.

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Tell your ex one on one in a private setting. If you feel the relationship is meaningful and could lead to a serious relationship, it may be time to talk to your ex-partner about it. Do this by contacting your ex and asking for a one on one, in person meeting.

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Choose a neutral meeting spot, like a park bench or a coffee shop. This will make your ex feel more comfortable with meeting you and make the meeting seem less intimidating. Doing this may come across as cold and disrespectful to your ex. You should also try to tell your ex-partner before word gets around about your new relationship, as you want your partner to hear the news from you. You may decide to bring the best friend to the meeting.

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However, you may want to be cautious about doing this, as this may anger your ex-partner. When you tell your ex, you should make sure you are being accountable for your actions and choices.

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Speak clearly and honestly so your ex-partner knows you are trying to be sincere and mature about the situation. I have started seeing your best friend. I did not plan it or know it was going to happen.

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We were all out one night and one thing lead to another. I am really happy with this person and I hope you can be happy for me. Maintain open, positive body language.

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You should maintain eye contact with your ex-partner when you tell him about the relationship and keep your body relaxed. Avoid crossing your arms over your chest or sitting on the edge of your seat.

Try to project positive body language so your ex-partner knows you are speaking with intention. This could help your ex to come to terms with what you are saying.

Instead, try to keep your body relaxed and maintain eye contact so you can make sure your ex-partner understands what you are trying to share. Part 2 of Give your ex time to process the news. Be prepared for your ex to be upset and unsettled by news of your new relationship.

Rather than try to get your ex to accept the news, you should give your ex time to process the situation.

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You may also give your ex space to process by opting out of get together with mutual friends. Ask the best friend to give your ex-partner space.

If one of my friends wanted to date, have sex or even marry my ex-girlfriend, I would now be able to say, "Go ahead!" and would be genuinely happy for him, because I've enjoyed my choice with women for many years and am now in a relationship with my perfect woman. Aug 07,   For me, I realized that I should have been dating my girlfriend's best friend a few weeks after I had become exclusive with my girlfriend. Since college, my lack of . Aug 21,   Even if you broke up awhile ago, dating your ex's best friend can be a touchy situation. Rather than try to get your ex to accept the news, you should give your ex time to process the situation. This may mean that you agree not to be in contact for a few days or a few weeks%(7).

You may also talk to the best friend and recommend that you both give your ex space and time to process. Sometimes, people just need to digest emotional information and come to terms with a sensitive situation.

So, over time, the best friend may be able to reach out to your ex and explain their side of the story.

Jul 16,   After I found out my ex and friend were dating, I cried for hours on my best friend's couch. There was a seam in the sofa that had been wearing away for years, pieces of stuffing frequently. Feb 21,   Well, provided that your ex girlfriend married someone shortly afterwards, perhaps your ex feelings for you weren't as deep so she may not mind that you and her best friend became close. But I think the girl you are dating know should tell her bes.

This may help your ex accept your new relationship and also avoid ruining the friendship between the best friend and your ex. Accept that your ex may not be okay with the relationship. Though you may try your hardest to get your ex-partner to understand and accept your new relationship, it may not always be possible. Your ex-partner may be too upset by the relationship and have a hard time being okay with your new romance.

Your ex may also be angry that their best friend became involved with someone from their past. You may need to learn to accept that having your new relationship means letting go of your relationship with your ex-partner. Over time, your ex may come around and accept the situation.

Dating Advice: I'm dating my ex-girlfriend's best friend and now she wants to break us up. by me, HogWild V in "Cleveland" (because if you don't tell me where you're from, I put you in Cleveland!) writes. Dating Ex-Girlfriend's Best Friend. Background on me: Junior in High School, got out of a two month relationship with my gf a month ago, and because of quarantine . Mar 28,   I'm pretty sure that her best friend is pissed at me but we were really good friends before and Im willing to work and get her to like me. But she is also still my ex's best friend and my ex refuses to hang around me and so I can't hand out with my crush when my ex is with her (which is about 70of the time) So I have a problems and a question.

But you cannot force your ex to do this. Part 3 of Avoid comparing the best friend to your ex. To create a healthy relationship with the best friend, you should avoid comparisons between the best friend and your ex. Your relationship is not a competition and the best friend has different qualities than your ex.

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Comparing the best friend and your ex will just lead to conflict and tension in your new relationship. Maybe he tends to plan more intimate dates at home, and your ex would go all out with an expensive dinner for date night. Rather than compare the two, focus on the positives of each approach. Then, remind yourself that you are with the best friend because he does things differently and offers different things than your ex did.

Trash talking your ex, in front of the best friend or with other friends, will only create more tension between your ex and the best friend.

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Your hurtful words about your ex may make your new partner upset. This could then lead to tension and conflict between the two of you.

Allow the best friend to spend time with your ex. For the sake of your new relationship, you should try to be okay with your new partner spending time with your old partner. Your new partner may also miss spending time with his best friend, despite the circumstances.

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You should encourage them to spend time together so it does not seem like you are trying to be controlling or selfish in the relationship. Making an effort to spend time together as a group can help to normalize the situation and allow your ex to get used to your new relationship.

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Be respectful of your ex's feelings at social events. Obviously your girlfriend doesn't care tooooo much about her friend's feelings since she is dating you in the first place.

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Tell your current girlfriend that you have no bad feelings towards your ex. The problem is that your ex can not handle knowing that you and her are in love and have something more special than they ever had. Perhaps more women should live by a similar code, "Besties If you fear that your ex will really ruin things because she'll never get over the emotions, then you need to Only Premium Members have access to this Video!

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She's my old lover's best friend. Oh, boy. So what can I do so my new girlfriend does not follow my old lover's idea? So what I suggest you do is put the entire situation in this light She is jealous of you two. She wants you to This is taken from my Premium Members section where I post my new videos.

Comment below! Have you ever dated a friend of a former partner? Would you?

I caught my ex-girlfriend \u0026 my best friend on a date... *COPS CALLED*

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