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Maya is the first girl Emily ever dates and it makes her finally feel like herself for the first time. The song's chorus sums up the budding relationship, how fast everything changes between Maya saying hello and their kiss at Noel's Party. As Emily falls for Maya, she faces some judgment from her family and classmates but overall Emily is just happy to finally be herself, something only Maya was able to help her do. She had trouble seeing what he saw in her at first, as she was a girlier version of herself who didn't know or understand Toby as well as Spencer did. Also, Paige is a very calculated careful girl, which fits the lyric.

I dislike the idea that this contrast places Hanna on some sort of moral high ground above Spencer, because I'm of the mindset that "girl code" is something that should be left behind in middle school. Adult relationships are complicated and can't be boiled down to such vague and clear-cut "rules. Although Melissa or wren as Big A or A. I dislike Alison, for obvious reasons. It also pisses me off how the writers completely ignored Charlotte and Spencers familial relation.

Charlotte was dead. But i agree about Alison, i LOVED her character in all the flashbacks and before she came back, but she just got progressively worse once she came back home, especially how she forced them to help let Charlotte free.

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I think it was the mystery around Alison and how she wasnt just a typical high school mean girl, she was also manipulating fully grown adults Ian,Byron,Jessica etc She was the ultimate bitch. But after she came back she was just boring.

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In my eyes, Alison likes Emily the most because Emily adores and cares for her so much and Alison likes the idea of being loved instead of being in love with her. It made no sense to me that theyd be together once she came back. I also didnt mind Paige S3 onwards,before that she annoyed me.

I used to like Spencer in Radley and Spencer's drug storyline but now I can't stand them for some reason. The dollhouse episodes weren't that good. In fact, the concept of the dollhouse was ridiculous. The Liars have more than enough reasons not to associate with Mona, or consider her a part of their group.

The whole "she was mentally ill and it made it seem as though she was multiple places at once" thing after her reveal is bullshit.

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Saying nothing about it would've been better. Nobody is ever shown smoking weed Nate is an obsessed murderer.

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Shana is an obsessed murderer. All three of them end up dead and have zero to do with the main plot. It's weird and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I don't know if it's the actor or the writing, but he has this really weird energy to him and is basically the guy version of a manic pixie dream girl. His whole thing is that he's quirky and free-spirited, which would be GREAT for Spencer if he had literally any personality at all beyond those two forced traits, and existed for more than a handful of episodes.

I don't even skip the Sara Harvey scenes, but I skip the ones with Johnny. I don't know why but I hate him so so much. Spencer can be kind of mean to Hanna and sometimes when she talks down to her or scolds her it reminds me of the way Ali would talk to Hanna during the flashbacks. EDIT: Also the whole "she was mentally ill and it made it seem as though she was multiple places at once" thing after Mona's reveal is bullshit.

The police officer in the later seasons who works with Toby is a good black character : I wish he was around more. His weird relationship with Ali was weird though xD.

I agree with you about Spencer patronising Hanna sometimes, always assuming she was dumb or would need help but sometimes i liked the bitchy version of Spencer and i definitely liked bitchy Ali. Oh it totally fit Spencer's character. Pretty sure it's part of why she and Ali had a rougher relationship, because they were a bit similar that way. I think my first unpopular opinion is quite unpopular lol Hanna was my least favorite Liar personally.

I found her too impulsive and emotional, and this often got her and her loved ones into deeper trouble. But to be fair, I don't hate her and she was so loving that I understand why she is so loved by so many others. Caleb says that Lucas just sees her potential - what she could be like if she's the one in charge.

Hanna asks if he's noticed that none of them are in charge right now, and he says that they can fix it - no one's giving up on anyone. She asks where that would leave them - where they started or not. He responds by saying that it depends how far back they want to go. She then confides in him by saying that when she was in the room in the Lost Woods, right before the lights went out and someone pushed her down a hole, she was scared. He admits that he was as well, and she tells him that because he was there and she always felt safe around him.

Even when they weren't getting along, he made her feels safe - and maybe that's why they kissed. They went back to where they were for a minute, but it was only a minute. The Talented Mr. Caleb and Spencer talk about how Caleb has been distant ever since Hanna was kidnapped, and Caleb says that he felt responsible.

She tells him that Hanna is back now and yet he's still distant, and confronts him about what happened in the room when they were alone together. Caleb tells her that Hanna was scared and he was confronting her, and then admits that the two kissed. Spencer is upset by this, but he tells her that it was only for a second - old memories were stirred up, and it was like they were in a time-loop and back in High School. Spencer states that they aren't in High School anymore, and Hanna isn't his girlfriend she is - something that Caleb admits to knowing.

She tells him that she can handle a kiss, but asks if he still has feelings for her. He doesn't answer, and their conversation is cut short when Spencer receives a phone call.

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Later that day, Hanna and Spencer are outside of Alison's house talking. Spencer asks her where Jordan is, and Hanna lies by telling her that Jordan is swamped at work when really, the two broke up.

Spencer asks if everything is okay with them, and Hanna lies again by saying that it's great and why she would ask. Spencer tells her that Caleb told her what happened between them at the lost woods, and Hanna apologizes.

Spencer states that Hanna shouldn't have told her she was over him if she wasn't, but Hanna insists that she is over him and that the kiss was a huge mistake and assures her that it was a mistake.

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She meant what she told her - Caleb is her past and Jordan is her future. Hit and Run, Run, Run. At Spencer's barn, the girls are taking a shower and trying to get a plan together for what to do about Archer Dunhill and the fact they just murdered him.

Spencer and Hanna were talking when Caleb arrives and tries to open the door, but Spencer has it latched so he can't open the door all the way.

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He calls out for Spencer and states that he knows she's in there, and that if he has to break open a window just to make sure she's okay he will. She tells him not to, and tries to get him to leave but he doesn't want to. He thinks that the reason she won't let him in is because of what happened with Hanna, and tries to apologize by saying that what happened with Hanna was like a wound he had tried so hard to close.

Spencer begs him to leave and to stop, but he continues on saying that the wound reopened and everything was confusing - but that's all that it was, a moment of confusion. Hanna listens from the other room whilst crying, but staying quiet as she didn't want Caleb to know she was there. Spencer tries again to get him to leave, and brings up an old memory about them in DC, and Spencer looks over at Hanna who is standing against a wall crying silently and listening to Caleb speak.

He mentions that all he could think about was wanting to kiss Spencer, something that makes Hanna break down and cry silently as she listens. After Caleb leaves, both Spencer and Hanna wipe their tears and continue with their day. Spencer calls Hanna and tells her that she's been trying to find Caleb for the last few days, but hasn't had any luck.

Hanna notices that she's at the state park, and asks if she drove to the parking lot at the lower camp ground - it's the one that Caleb likes. Spencer says that she did and lists a number of other places she's looked, and Hanna says that she should look at the rangers station, as Caleb would need a day pass if he's camping there.

The two get sidetracked when Hanna sees Jenna, but before they end the call Hanna tells her to check the rangers station. Later, Hanna asks if Spencer if she had any luck at the rangers station, and Spencer asks if they can please not talk about Caleb.

Hanna states that she doesn't want to be the one who messed their relationship up for either of them, and asks what she can do to fix things. Spencer tells her to figure out why she's wearing on guys ring when she may have feelings for another, before leaving.

Wanted: Dead or Alive. Spencer and Caleb talk in her barn, and he admits that she was right - he is confused about his feelings for Hanna, but he never meant to lead her on. Spencer says that she knows, and the two decide to breakup.

That night at the playground, Hanna and Spencer share a beer as they talk about their guy troubles. Spencer suggests to Hanna that she tell Caleb that she and Jordan broke up. Original G'A'ngsters.

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Hanna is in Jenna's hotel room looking around for something incriminating, when Caleb enters and scares her. She asks what he's doing there, and he asks her the same thing.

He saw her enter the hotel through the security cameras, and admits that he doesn't think what happened to Sara was an accident. Hanna tells him that Emily saw something on Jenna's laptop that could link back to A. Caleb says that he has a way to get the key for the lockbox, but he would need her help.

Later, Spencer asks Hanna if she told Caleb that she broke up with Jordan yet, and Hanna admits that she hasn't. Caleb opens the door and hands Hanna a key to the lockbox. Hanna and Caleb go over the contents of the lockbox, and discuss what is in them.

She moves closer to him and calls his mind beautiful and asks what he thinks the code means, and he chuckles and replies that he'll need more caffeine for that.

She puts her hand on the paper and says that it's some sort of test for Mary, and Caleb looks down at her hand and notices that her engagement ring isn't on her finger anymore. An awkward moments goes by and Hanna pulls her hand back, and he clears his throat before saying that the test is Mary's DNA.

Later, the pair are still sitting on the couch trying to figure things out. Caleb is trying to break the encryption, while Hanna is sitting next to him looking nervous and as if she is thinking.

She then tells him that she broke things off with Jordan, and she thought he should know. He is surprised and sets the computer down, and asks if she's okay. She then states that it's weird being so close to someone, and then having to cut them out of your life completely.

She likens losing someone you love to losing a limb or a part of you. Caleb promises her that the Jordan thing will get better, but she reveals that she's not talking about him. The two share an intense look for a few seconds, before Hanna asks if they're still friends. He responds by saying always, and they share another intense look for a few seconds.

Spencer was in no way in the wrong for pursuing a relationship with Caleb years after he and Hanna broke up, especially after she explicitly got Hanna's permission. Hanna acted like an entitled, petulant child by flirting with and clinging onto Caleb right in front of Spencer while Spencer was dating him. I think Spencer and Caleb are perfect for each other, the relationships on the show were never my main focus or anything, and I did like to see Caleb and Hanna together but always thought Spencer and Caleb made more sense as the series evolved and now more then ever makes a lot of sense to me. Pretty little liars are caleb and spencer dating In as caleb were in real hanna. Montgomery, spencer from pretty little liars. Do you also have sizzling chemistry on-screen and caleb, emily, ' haleb and caleb had fun, ms.

Hanna, the Liars, and Caleb are walking down the street with Hanna trying to convince them that Noel is A.

However, they don't believe her and don't want to help, so she walks away. Caleb follows her and grabs her arm gently and she turns to him sharply yanking away, telling him not to. She asks him when her friends are going to realize that Noel Kahn is the one that they're after, and Caleb states that they just want to be certain.

Jenna and Mary are still out there, after all. Hanna asks how much more proof they need then the words, " I see you ", being written across her car window. Those were the same words that Noel wrote on Ezra's car at Camp Mona.

Caleb knows this, and Hanna thinks that this means he doesn't believe her either. He states that he just wants to be completely sure before they do anything, but Hanna insists that she's sure and states that if he's not, she doesn't know what will change his mind at this point. She starts to walk away with Caleb following her, when a car revs up and tries to run them both over. Caleb pushes her out of the way but is hit by the car which was being driven by Noel, and Caleb lays on the road bloody and not moving.

Hanna screams in terror, and wakes up with a start before realizing that it was all just a dream. She then calls Caleb and heads over to his room. She arrives at his room at the Radley and walks in, asking him repeatedly if he's okay with him telling her that he's fine - really, a number of times. She is so relieved to hear this that she hugs him, with him hugging her back comfortingly. The release one another and she looks at him before asking how it's going with the information, even though she's still visibly distraught.

He states that it's not going that great, he's being looking over all the pictures Hanna and Spencer took of the lockbox, but everything except for Mary's DNA is in a code he can't crack. He then assures Hanna that he's doing his best, and she states that there's been no sign of Mary anywhere - at Alison's or the Lost Woods, and asks him about Jenna.

He says no as Jenna hasn't left her room, and Hanna makes a comment about Noel. He then tells her to give him her phone, and hands her a new one which she is confused about. He states that the new phone is one-hundred percent bug free, and has something for everyone as well, as they can't be too careful with Noel and Jenna on the prowl.

Hanna asks him if he's serious, as she hates breaking in new phone. He chuckles but states that Noel managed to find his way into her dreams, and that's close enough. He hands her the phone which she takes after she hands him her old phone. Later, Mrs. Grunwald arrives at Hanna's door and she lets the woman in. She asks Hanna if she's alone, and Hanna realizes what she means and says that she and Caleb are complicated.

Grunwald reveals that the reason she came is because she had a dream that left her with the feeling that their is darkness around Hanna and Caleb and asks if the two of them are alright. That night, after the Liars refuse to believe that Noel is A. She goes to Caleb's room in the Radley, and knocks on the door and Caleb answers.

They greet each other, and Hanna tells him that the reason she stopped by is because she's going to be off the grid for the next couple days. He asks her why and what is going on, and she states that she's going to New York to do some design work for the line her and Lucas are creating. Caleb offers to go with her, but she tells him rather sharply that she'll be fine on her own despite him insisting otherwise. He says okay and they share a moment, and he asks where she's going to say but she says that she doesn't know yet but she'll figure it out She states that she has to go, and he wishes her a safe trip.

She walks down the hallways and he watches her go as he stands just outside his door. She stops and looks around with her eyes, before turning and going back to hug him tightly. The pair hug and then share a moment afterwards, before she leaves once again with him watching her go.

Haleb is the name of the romantic relationship between Caleb Rivers and Hanna Marin. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars TV series. First Relationship: Started: The Badass Seed (1x18), Reason: They develop feelings for each other and kiss., Ended: Someone to Watch Over Me (1x20), Reason: Hanna found out Jenna paid Caleb to spy on her so she ended things with him. Jan 19,   Are Spencer and Caleb dating on Pretty Little Liars, and if so, does Hanna have any idea? I'm torn about this not only because I thought Haleb was .

The DArkest Knight. While at Spencer's, the group talk about the police finding out about Archer's death. Caleb asks if she means the fact that Hanna ran him over or the fact that they buried him like a dog, with Emily saying that it was an accident. Spencer states that they knew how it looked they wanted to protect Hanna, who the group now know is missing. Caleb decides to try calling her again, and Mona suggest pinging her phone, but Caleb states that he gave her a new one that can't be hacked.

The phone just rings before it goes to voicemail, and Caleb worriedly hangs up the phone. The group decide to call the police and report Hanna as being abducted. The next day, Hanna returns to Spencer's and apologizes to the group for leaving.

Caleb then enters asking what's going on, and Hanna turns around and the two share a look. She greets him, and Caleb looks at her shocked, but relieved that she is okay. The pair went to Hanna's loft, where she is on her phone to her mom telling her that everything is fine and that she should stay where she is.

After she hangs up, Caleb asks if she calmed down yet or not. Hanna says yes, and that Ashley is just going to stay there, before she thanks Caleb for taking her home. He asks if she's okay, and she says that she is. He asks her if she's sure, and she says that she is and told them what happened. He knows, and she wants to know why he keeps asking her then. He says that he's waiting for an answer he believes, and she tells him that she's okay.

He doesn't believe it, so she tells Caleb that he doesn't have to stay with her - there's a cop out front that's not going anywhere.

He states that he's not going anywhere either, and is serious. The last time he left her alone in a room A. Hanna states that she wants to be alone, and he asks her why and if she has somewhere to be. She snaps at him calling him a pain in the ass, and he states that she is to. She is surprised, and he tells her a list of annoying things that she does, and in the middle, he states that she won't admit they're rest to spend the rest of their lives together before finishing the list.

Shocked, she asks what he just said, and he asks her if she meant about the milk. She says no, and he walks closer to her and tells her that he loves her and doesn't want to spend another day without her for the rest of his life. She calls him a pain in the ass again which he smiles too, before the pair kiss passionately.

Later that night, the pair is undressing each other in front of the fire in Hanna's loft. They are about to have sex, and kiss each other passionately.

He runs his hand over her back over her scars from her time being tortured by Archer, and kisses one of them. As they kiss, he lets her hair down and the pair lay down on the floor as they continue to kiss.

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The next morning the pair are laying on the floor cuddling from the night before sleeping, when Hanna's phone rings and wakes her up.

She gets up and answers is softly, hoping not to wake Caleb, and goes about her phone call. She pinches him, but he doesn't move or say anything. She smirks and pinches him again, and he rolls over and asks her what she's doing.

Pretty little liars are caleb and spencer dating

She states that she's just making sure he's real, and he kisses her. She smiles stating that will do, and asks him if he has any plans for the day. He suggestively says that he has a few ideas, which makes her smile.

However, she states that they could use that energy to find Jenna, who is still out there prowling - she can feel it. He says that he's not going to challenge that, and Hanna continues by saying that Noel's dead but Jenna's still out there and they have to find her.

He assures her that they will find her, but he's not taking any chances with Hanna anymore. The last time he did, he lost her down a rabbit hole - something that she soon corrects as a hotel-hole. He tells her that it's time that she worry about herself, and hands her the sketchbook. He states that there was a time when she wanted fashion so badly that it split them up, and she assures him that she won't let that happen again.

The Love Interests is a rhetorical group of people who were or are currently dating the Liars/Perfectionists specifically. It also includes intense crushes and potential boyfriends or girlfriends. Caleb: Hanna and Spencer Noel: Mona and Aria Other Important Relationships. Pretty Little Liars Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Jan 11,   That may not be a definite "yes, they're dating," but read between the lines: "consenting adults," "huge betrayal," "involved in a relationship." Even if Spencer and Caleb aren't officially dating. 12 hours ago  As they are one of two couples that finally ties the knot in the final season of Pretty Little Liars, this love song from Swift is perfect for Hanna and Caleb. The couple has gone through a lot and it's easy to imagine that both of them would be happy to finally have their own home as a family, as both of them came from torn families and lonely childhoods.

Caleb knows this, but knows that if she doesn't do fashion she'd regret it, and tells her to let him worry about Jenna. Later, Hanna is showing Katie her clothing as she wants Katie to wear her clothes. They make a deal for Katie to pick up three of the outfits later that day, and mentions that Mona is the boss before she leaves.

This leads to a disagreement between Hanna and Caleb, as Caleb believes that Mona is trying to push Hanna off the label. He asks whose idea it was, and Hanna doesn't respond. These Boots Were Made for Stalking. Caleb walks up to Hanna and asks her if she wants to get food, but she doesn't respond. He says her name and she looks at him, and he states that she's obsessing.

He then says that he doesn't like to but he agrees with Mona, and if the client likes her design - but he doesn't get to finish as she cuts him off by saying that it's not her design. It's not completely hers, anyway. She designed it when she was working for Claudia, and Claudia is the one that gave her all the suggestions and tweaks to make. She took nineteen of the twenty suggestions - the beading, the belt, the collar all of it.

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Caleb states that Claudia is a dragon - she stole Hanna's soul for three years and their relationship. The least she could give her is a belt, but Hanna insists that the belt is what makes the dress.

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He takes her hands and pulls her close, telling her that if she believed in her talent half as much as he does, she'd see this moment for what it is. He tells her to take it and run, and the two kiss.

Later, Caleb and Hanna follow Jenna to a building where a cobbler is. Hanna is surprised by who is in it, but Caleb doesn't recogonize the name so she explains that he's the older manager who paired her shoes. She believes that Jenna is going to steal her shoes to, and is about to get out of the car but he stops her, asking her to let him handle it.

They watch Jenna stand outside the shop, and he tells her to stay in the car and he is going to handle Jenna - they need answers not a brawl. He gets out and walks up to Jenna, and Hanna watches from the car. Jenna mistakes Caleb for Hanna, and he states that she's close but offers a second guess.

She coyly says that she doesn't have to, as Hanna's scent clings to him. He confronts her about what she's doing there, and Jenna states that she's meeting friends to rehearse a concert, which Caleb doesn't believe. She states that there's a studio on the top floor, and her friends are waiting. He chuckles and says that he saw her friends, and they weren't carrying instruments, unless they were the kind packed in holsters.

She warns him to back off, and as they pair are talking, Hanna quietly enters the shoe store behind Caleb. He suggest Jenna to back off as well, and Jenna asks what makes him think she's not alone. He says that she couldn't make a dress from a stolen sketch on her own, and tries to move past him.

He grabs her cane and tells her to think twice about why she came back to Rosewood, but she leaves after saying that the only person who contradict who story is dead.

Inside the shoe store, Hanna calls out for the man but he isn't there. She turns on the light and wanders around, eventually entering a shoe cage to investigate. She is suddenly trapped inside of it by A. She soon starts to have flashbacks of her time with Archer, which leads her to have a panic attack and A. She hits her hand on the machine which causes her to fall to the floor in pain, and she eventually crouches to the floor in fear.

Caleb enters the store and calls out for her, and sees her in the cage terrified and in shock. He quickly runs over and tries to open the cage, asking her what happened as he attempts.

He finds a metal bar and breaks the lock, heading in and consoling her as she struggles to breath and relax. Hanna and Emily discuss the fact that neither of them got any sleep last night, and Hanna states that she didn't because she was afraid of the phone screeching at her again.

Emily asks if she hid it from Caleb, and Hanna confidently states that she hid it in her purse and he won't find it. She then says that guys aren't going to go in a girls purse, because their too afraid that they'll accidentally touch a tampon. Emily starts to ask about how long their going to keep the game a secret, but Caleb walks into the loft and interrupts the conversation.

He has a magazine in his hand, and says that Mona wasn't kidding when she said that Hanna was in the style section and tells her the page she's in. Hanna, who is very excited, picks up the newspaper as Caleb reads it.

The article praises the dress, which makes everyone happy. Caleb tells her that he got a copy for Ashley, Grandma Marin, and her Dad along with an extra copy.

Hanna leaves to get a bottle of champagne from the fridge, and Caleb gets the glasses as he states that he's really proud of her. She reminds him that Mona help too, and he states that he'll shake her hand when he sees her but for now, Hanna would get a kiss. The two kiss happily, and Emily asks Hanna about a fashion blogger from the other room who may have mentioned Hanna. The couple walk over to read it, only to discover that the headline is bad and mentions that the design is stolen.

Caleb hangs up his phone and tells Hanna that Jenna checked out of the Radley late last night, and Hanna states that they have to find her.

Caleb has an idea about how to find Jenna, and states that if they find Sydney Driscoll they might find Jenna. Hanna asks what the plan is, and Caleb says that he thinks Jenna and Sydney are communicating and thinks that they should use Sydney to find Jenna through their conversations. Caleb proceeds to show Hanna a group of high-tech merchandise, including a pen with listening device.

In the meantime, Aria watches an interview with Nicole where she talks about Ezra, and the couple attempt to console Aria who tells them not give her the sad eyes. She reminds them that the two of them found their way back to each other, and she's sure that her and Ezra will too. As she waits for him, the phone that A. Music plays and it announces that it's time to play, with Hanna giving an annoyed sigh.

Pretty Little Liars 7x10 - Hanna and Caleb come back together

She looks at the phone and it tells her to open the door, and moments later there is a knock at the door. Caleb yells from the other room asking her if she's seen his other gear bag, but the loud banging on the door continues so Hanna doesn't respond. Caleb walks out and realizes something is wrong, and hears the banging on the door.

He opens the door and is shocked and shows it to Hanna. In front of them is a life-size figure dressed as Hanna with a sewn-on Hanna mask.

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He was the attractive British boy her sister brought home that seems to think he picked the wrong sister after meeting Spencer. But she clearly had feelings for him and this was a truly selfless act on her part. Two A. Spencer told Caleb she needed someone who could love her the way she loved him and he couldn't do that because Hanna would always be his number one. The two may not have been meant to be but at least they will always have Madrid.

The moment Alison saw Ian she knew she was gonna be in trouble. She was instantly drawn to his blue eyes and as she never saw any boundaries when it came to herself she didn't let the fact that he was with Melissa stop her from going after him. The word delicate alone describes the relationship between Alison and Emily.

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