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Even though they were only a couple on television and did not date in real life, the Monday couple fans were still upset when it was revealed that the famous Monday girlfriend, Song Ji-hyo, was, in fact, dating someone else. Many fans considered that the dating news has caused the Monday Couple to break up. While in fact, the Monday Couple never dated in real life and only had a love line in the variety show. The Monday boyfriend, Gary, left Running Man after six years. Gary had hinted before that he would be leaving the variety show, as he wants to devote more time to his music career, and also he plans to study more about it. Gary is one of the original cast members and has been a part of the show for six years.

8 moments that show why Song Ji Hyo and Gary should really date in real life. By. most of us who are fans of Monday Couple probably hoped that the both of them eventually start dating in real life as well. From tender moments to funny moments, And this is where Song Ji Hyo stays in. Ji Hyo, on the dating hand, primarily laughed it off the just dating amusement dating the jokes and comments. With time, the dating began initiating things as well, being the first one to make a Monday couple comment and allowing her easy friendship with Gary to develop even more. Mar 04,   On the March 3rd broadcast of SBS ' ' Running Man ', Song Ji Hyo gave hope to her ' Monday Couple ' partner Gary for a chance of dating in real life. Ji .

But more than anything, it made me realize how once again very popular Running Man and the members are, around the world.

But then after watching episode of Running Man with excitement, i feel am in the right mood to write. Even though i like Monday couple, i have never gone as far as wanting them together in real life, as their interactions have always been sufficient for me.

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Today,i have decided to transform my thoughts into words but at the same time also give space for the readers to form their own judgments on the subject. For a relationship to develop, a person has got to spend quality time with the person they like, talking while no one is around and trying to get know the person on a personal level.

Song Ji Hyo kissed Kang Gary and he asked for more

With no public or eyes around you, just simplicity. If one day Gary and Jihyo became a real couple and the announcement came on TV, you should not believe it happened all on Running man, no, they talked behind the scenes, called each other and became close ,they made time for each other outside of the show to build a real foundation. For e. It did not happen overnight: they had to talk outside of work to try to get to know each other, they therefore became close and then their relationship became public for everyone to see.

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But of course, after filming Running for more than two years as members, it is very likely they have met behind the scenes among the running man members. I believe a person could never date someone while being in love with someone else or being attached to someone. Song jihyo has dated, in fact is currently dating someone outside of Running Man while being known as the Monday girlfriend.

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When Gary gives her compliments, among the numerous compliments she received from him on Running Man, the reason why Jihyo does not take it to heart, is it because she sees it as a show he puts on for Running Man, therefore she tries not to waver?

But first, let me ask you: [Question] Have you ever had a crush on someone? I will work harder now, knowing that there are people out there who care about me enough to tell me to be strong, but no need for that anymore!! There is nothing that I need to be strong about there are other people out there who are struggling for real my biggest struggle is finding myself haha. What are the odds of the two of you actually dating? I think she needs to find someone better than me. You never know what could, have, might happen, happened behind the scenesor even what could happen in the future.

For Song Jihyo, her perfect other half should be : 1 A man who Is stronger than her 2 gives her compliments 3 makes her laugh.

Ji hyo and gary dating in real life

The foundation of every relationship even between boyfriend-girlfriend is friendship. Once you have that, you have everything!

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I think so toobut am just sad if i think with logically. Reblogged this on galuh I see only Gary looking at or laughing at someone whenever they got tripped, fell,etc. Noona-Dongsaeng 4ever!!

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Reblogged this on Brainism and commented: Wow I found this one really good thought, very open minded. And this will answer all the question about Gary and Jihyo. But if they turn into a real couple someday, it would be good though.

Naaah, just kidding. She recently went to his concert and he even put her on the stage while performing. Such a great point!

Gary said before that if they he and jihyo date and if they break upit would be really awkward to be in running man. It made me sad when i hear my friend said that he would probably hate Gary so much if gary was not really in love, sweet and all romantic towards jihyo in real life.

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When the next few episodes aired though, it did appear that there was a bit of awkwardness between the pair which prompted many fans to comment on the episodes. This seems so awkward and difficult. With time, the two stars seemed to regain their easy friendship and find new footing concerning the relationship between their characters on the show.

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This time however, things appeared slightly different. Previously, Gary had almost always been the one to initiate things on the show or was the first to bring up the Monday couple. Ji Hyo, on the other hand, primarily laughed it off and just found amusement at the jokes and comments.

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With time, the actress began initiating things as well, being the first one to make a Monday couple comment and allowing her easy friendship with Gary to develop even more. With this new and seemingly more authentic relationship, the rumors once more began to rise rapidly. It seemed as if fans were primarily divided into two categories- ones who totally believed that the Monday couple was real and others who felt it was an act but secretly wished they were really dating.

As their relationship progressed, it was easy to notice that Gary and Ji Hyo seemed different than before.

Aug 04,   While in fact, the Monday Couple never dated in real life and only had a love line in the variety show. Gary Leaves Ji-hyo and Fellow Running Man Members The Monday boyfriend, Gary, left Running Man after six years. Running Man announced that the year-old rapper has filmed his last episode. Gary had hinted before that he would be leaving the . May 07,   Gary and Ji Hyo are not a couple for real!" In one small article, we can't possibly sum up a relationship that has been going on for several years, nor cover all the reasons why people think. Apr 02,   Gary in had a twitter interview while being fully on mode being the "Monday boyfriend", when the question ""You and Song Ji Hyo are a 'couple' on 'Running Man'. What are the odds of the two of you actually dating?" he responded by " "Ji Hyo is a really laid back, sweet & cute dongseng of mine, as well as a good colleague.

The awkwardness was gone and in its place there appeared to be something bordering on genuine affection. Usually, at least one of the people involved will start developing feelings for the other.

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To many fans, it seemed like Gary genuinely had some feelings for Ji Hyo or at least had a crush on her in a star-struck kind of way. However, the difference in real life is that when a person who is supposed to be in a platonic relationship begins to develop feelings for the other person, it causes a lot of awkwardness.

Whereas most friends would take a step back and start seeing less of each other, Ji Hyo and Gary still saw each other on a weekly basis as coworkers.

Meanwhile, they believed Gary still harbored feelings for her or, at least, a sentimental crush over what might have been. Whatever the fans believed though, things truly did seem different as their onscreen relationship started moving forward after the th episode or so.

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So, did that mean that it was just an act before, while later it had become real? Fans continued to debate the issue, and rumors spread that the two were secretly dating.

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Apart from fans though, even other stars were somewhat confused by their relationship. What makes the Monday couple so believable is their natural chemistry. Somewhere along the way, the producers realized that the Monday couple was pure gold and began to purposefully make situations for them to shine. Even with the contrived and scripted situations, however, there seemed to be something real and genuine in the actions of our Monday couple.

People see it in their looks, their behavior, their natural skinship and even in their conversation. All of this aside though, the question still remains today.

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Is the Monday couple real? Has it ever been real? Do Ji Hyo and Gary truly like each other?

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In an interview once, Ji Hyo said she missed Gary who was elsewhere filming. She recently generated interest when she admitted that sometimes Gary felt like an ex-boyfriend.

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