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Harry and Ginny by TheLionsPrincess reviews What if Harry's parents didn't die, what if they got to see Harry grow up, and fall in love. This is Harry's story of falling in love and having his parents there to help him with love and Voldemort. We Will All be Alright by booknerd reviews Now he could move through the Hall without interference.

He spotted Ginny two tables away; she was sitting with her head on her mother's shoulder: There would be time to talk later, hours and days and maybe years in which to talk.

You Suck by that lionhearted vagabond reviews Of all the places he possibly could have proposed he had to have picked a muggle cafe at four o'clock in the morning.

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Now a series of oneshots. Always the youngest, Always the smallest, And was never really given the chance to let her voice be heard. But sometimes the best insight comes from those who were always in the background. Now, it's her time. Love by gollden sparrow reviews What I think happened after Harry and Ginny's kiss in the common room.

How will her family take the news and how do they find out? You'll just have to read? Feel free to guess which Weasley finds out first until the revelation.

What is Witch Weekly saying? And where do Hermione and George play into this all? A story about a very interesting article in Witch Weekly, Ginny's infamous temper, and George just making things worse.

We're just on hold. Ginny flared up immediately.

Harry Potter: The Story Continues - Pt.1, Ch. 7

Don't you think I know you three will be leaving any day now? I wanted to say goodbye to him, in caseI mean, what if I never see any of you again? Ginny's eyes were bright and full of tears now, and George could see that everyone else in the room was sharing that worry with her, because wasn't that the most awful part of this war?

The idea that they might not have the chance to say goodbye to the people they loved, that they might not see their friends and family again, except for in a coffin? But Ginny did not cry, and George realized that the little girl they had all coddled over the years had gone and become a woman when they were all busy with their lives.

They had expected her to stay at home and watch the clock with Mum, and they had forgotten that they had all taught her over the years to be a fighter, to stand up and battle. Now she was ready, and they were all, for some reason, shocked. Surprisingly, it was Charlie who spoke first, and there was a sheepish quality to his voice when he said, "Merlin, Ginny.

When did you grow up? They all laughed, Ginny a little tremulously. You can't expect us to not even try to protect you, alright? Ginny peered around at all of them solemnly, and said steadily, "Of course you can try to protect me.

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Just not from Harry, ok? I don't need protection from him. Now, these Death Eaters on the other hand". Everyone in the room laughed, and George felt the tension evaporating, finally. The laughter was interrupted by a second knock on the door, this one much quieter than the first.

Ron was the one to walk over and answer the door this time, and they all saw him go red as he peered out at his best friend.

Didn't mean to interrupt, sorry. He turned to leave, but stopped when Bill unexpectedly said, "Come in here for a second, Harry. Harry cracked a hesitant grin, looking around at all the brothers. Suddenly, he spotted Ginny, and without seeming to think about it, smiled widely. In the next moment, he obviously remembered he was standing in a room full of overprotective Weasley brothers and that he was Ginny's ex; the smile slid off his face so fast that George thought a dementor had just entered the room.


Charlie was truly a brave man, George thought. Ginny and I are broken up, we were just talking, and it was an accident, and I promise I won't let it happen again. She knows thatshe understands that, right now, we can't be together, and I'm sorry-".

He broke off because Ginny had stormed up to him, hands on her hips and suddenly looking a lot like Mum at her most frightening. I've already talked to my brothers about what's going on with us, and about that whole episode earlier.

They've agreed not to kill you. So can you please stop trying to blame yourself for something you didn't start? And once Voldemort's gone," she ignored the little shudders around the room at the name, "then, well, you know where to find me. For a moment, Harry and Ginny just looked at each other, and George saw them say more in that glance than some people say in full days of conversation. Idly, George wondered what Mum would be like at when that wedding eventually rolled around.

Harry and ginny dating fanfic

Ginny rounded on the twins and said in a scarily pleasant voice, "Do you really want Mum to know who hid all of the Celestina Warbeck recordings? She still thinks it was Fleur, you know. George held her close, thankful she was there, and mentally promised himself he would do all he could to make sure that she survived this war. Ginny was about to walk out the door when she looked back at Harry, then rushed over to him, giving him a hug and quick kiss. They parted, and Harry smiled brightly.

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Who knew that Harry Potter could look so, wellhappy? Charlie grinned at them, then turned to Bill, who spoke before he could. It's not your fault you've been in Romania, and you've been a better brother than- well, some I could mention. Percy, George thought sadly, and then he was furious at himself for missing that git of a brother. They all bid each other good night, and marched off to their various rooms, Ron and Harry talking quietly about something that sounded vaguely like 12 Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches.

George hummed along with Fred to the tune of Ginny's old Valentine poem. And before they fell asleep, they carefully plotted a way to slip Harry a Cow Pie during the wedding reception. Story Story Writer Forum Community. She smiled at that and leaned over the table to kiss his cheek. I just want to make sure it happens. He grinned at that.

I've never been happier these past six months in my whole life. I'm content. Now stop trying to set me up. Hermione shrugged and took another sip of her butterbeer. I loved going to Oxford University. It was nice to be back in the muggle world; to be learning muggle things. I think it will really benefit me to have a muggle degree when I work at the Ministry as well.

She grinned at that. But now I have a degree in history and criminology. The background in the muggle political system will really help me when I work at the Ministry I think. I was accepted into the Wizengamot internship by the way. I will start that in September and hopefully one year from now I'll be working in the Ministry of Magic. I think you would be really good at it.

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We both know you're going to love it. Hermione working in politics just seemed to fit. She wanted so much change and working as a lawyer would definitely give her that opportunity.

Ultimately she wanted to be a judge in the Wizengamot and Harry knew that she would get there. What are you going to do when you're finished with Quidditch?

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Harry shrugged and brought his bottle to his lips. I'll figure that out when the time comes I suppose. Hopefully, it won't be for a few years yet. I've only been playing Quidditch for two years. He grinned.

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That last match we had before the finals against the Harpies was a great one. Ginny is an amazing Quidditch player. It's going to be a real shame when she leaves the team.

If any team had the chance to beat us out of the finals it was hers. Hermione nodded at him. She really loves it too, you know. I don't think Molly understands that. She's just so happy that her daughter is going to be a healer.

I think she looks at Quidditch as the job that's getting her through the Healer Academy and not as a career. Molly's a bit old-fashioned in that sense. I think she hopes Ginny will quit as soon as she graduates. I was just surprised at the match.

I remember she was good when she took my place as Seeker back at school but what a chaser. Anyway, with the finals done and complete I'm hoping I can use the summer to make my flat a home.

Everything is white and none of your furniture matches. It's almost scary.

Harry looked around, and seemed to guess what this whole conversation must have been about. "Look, if you guys are mad about what happened earlier, it was all my fault. Ginny and I are broken up, we were just talking, and it was an accident, and I promise I won't let it happen again. Title: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Are Dating Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling and associates own these characters.I am writing this story for fun and not profit. Pairings: Harry/Draco, one-sided Harry/Ginny Rating: PG Warnings: Profanity, crack, Ginny POV. Ignores the epilogue. Wordcount: Summary: Harry thinks he and Ginny are's up to Ginny to correct the misconception and send. Harry and Ginny wondered off to the grounds for some privacy, whilst Neville scurried away, still in shock from what he'd seen, and slightly scared of Ginny's threat. Later that day, Ron and Hermione sat in the common room when they noticed Neville sitting alone with a troubled look in his eyes.

He laughed. I have the paint picked out and everything. I just need to do it. I think I might get it done tonight. Unlike Ron, I've done enough muggle painting in my life time. Merlin knows my uncle made me paint the tool shed every summer along with the deck and the common room walls. I think I'll just use magic and start setting up house. The two of us are going to have to go out to lunch or something this summer.

I'm taking the summer off completely, staying with my parents. Hopefully that will work out. Hermione shrugged. The one you met last year when you came to pick me up for George and Katie's wedding? He's still hitting on me all the time! Now my mother told me that he asked my parents if he could have their blessing to date me and eventually marry me!

The room had gone very quiet. Then several people wolf-whistled and there was an outbreak of nervous giggling. Harry looked over the top of Ginny's head to see Dean Thomas holding a shattered glass in his hand, and Romilda Vane looking as thought she might throw something. Hermione was beaming, but Harry's eyes sought Ron. Harry and Ginny - Ginny struggles to get on with her life after the Battle of Hogwarts. She has to rely on Harry, her friends, and her family to help her get through hard times. Ginny and Harry's love for each other becomes stronger, as they journey . Just a little Ginny/Harry story about the night when they first started dating and what happened Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 2 - Published: 4/14/ - Harry P., Ginny W. - Complete.

Can you believe that? Harry grinned at bit at the exrated sound in his friend's voice. It doesn't seem too far-fetched that some guy would want to marry you. He nodded.

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Well, last year when he was hitting on you, you weren't seeing anybody. Now you are. Just tell him you have a boyfriend. I thought I had made myself clear last summer when we spoke but after my mum told me this I was just blown away!

I mean I go home at least once a month and he always somehow knows when I'm there. He's nice; he just can't take a hint. Hermione laughed now. Well, I'll see if I can talk to him again.

I just wish he would take a hint is all. Not to mention that Ron can be pretty jealous. Harry smiled at her. He knew that she had been in love with Ron since they were eleven years old. He had found out in second year and it still blew his mind a little to realize that he hadn't seen it earlier. Ron had been clearly oblivious until the Yule Ball in fourth year. But neither one of them had been brave enough to make a move in that direction.

Now it had been three months and they were really happy and quite perfect for each other. I know Ron mentioned something about maybe the three of us just taking a week or two and hanging out at the Burrow like old times.

Hermione giggled at that. It means he has to cook for himself.

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They grinned at each other just as Ron took a seat at their booth next to Hermione. Ron rolled his eyes. I'm very happy that I don't have to go to school anymore. The last year of the program is complete on-the-job-training so that will be nice. I'll really get to start working as an Auror. After the war, no offence but that's the last thing I want to be doing. I love my job.

Ron grinned. Who doesn't love playing professional Quidditch?

Ron is Harry's best friend. Ginny and Harry like each other. Ron is oblivious, of course. Hermione has a feeling that they might like each other. What they don't know is that Harry and Ginny have been secretly dating for the past 3 months. It's not like they didn't want to tell anyone. They just couldn't let Ron or Ginny's family find out. Great romance stories revovling around Ginny, 90 of them will be Harry with only once not, but a the end it may be HarryGinny too. If you like good action stories with some romance in it, and girls hitting guys, and pranks, and Au. Plus what about big brothers. The party lasted until 2AM, when Harry and Ginny announced that they had both had enough! It was an amazing night, surrounded by so many friends and family. Most of the guests had left by 1AM, but many of the Weasley's were still sitting together reflecting on the beautiful day.

Anyway, have you guys been here long? Hermione shrugged and leaned over to kiss his cheek. About half an hour. Harry and I decided to come by a bit early and chat. I promised him I wouldn't pick on him anymore about dating. I think we've come to a mutual understanding.

Ginny knew that the summer would give her the opportunity to spend a little more time with Harry but it would also entail her having to come up with an excuse for her parents. No one knew that they were dating and Ginny knew that no matter how much her parents loved Harry and considered him part of the family she was pretty sure she would not.

Ron laughed at that. Did Mione tell you she got accepted into the internship program? Harry nodded. His two best friends really looked so happy together it never failed to make him smile. It had taken them forever to make a move but now that they were together it was perfect. It's pretty great news. I'm sure Molly will be even more pleased. Ron grinned at that. You should have heard her last night at dinner.

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With Ginny moving back home for the summer, apparently Mum has her eye on this bloke from the Ministry who would be perfect for Ginny. I can't wait to see Gin's face when she finds out Mum is trying to set her up. Harry tried not to grimace at the thought. The way she threatened Charlie at Christmas time is enough to scare me. Ron laughed. Well, we'll see what happens.

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Oh, I got my information about September too and for the summer. The training program starts officially in September but twice a week throughout the summer we have to meet with a partner where we do an exercise routine and a test our defence skills.

My partner is Scarlett Hodgens. She's alright so we'll see how that works out. She's always freaking out if there's a spider somewhere and she's a real flirt. She pays more attention to the guys around her then what she's supposed to be doing. I just hope they don't score me based on her. Hermione glared at him. She's beautiful! She looks like a freakin' supermodel!

Not to mention that Scarlett is really a perfect name for her - she's a total slut! She slept with over half of the guys in our year! Not to mention that she's also wanted Ron since we were fifteen. Harry rolled his eyes at her. Do you really think he's going to blow it with some girl he can't even stand? I don't care how beautiful she is, Hermione, he's not stupid.

She twisted her hands together nervously.

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She's very good at seduction. Harry leaned over the table so that he could whisper to her. Now get a grip on yourself.

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But for the rest of the night, Harry couldn't help but notice that Hermione had lost a bit of her self-confidence and he really hoped that when they were alone later on, Ron would be able to bring it back to her.

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