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The couple began dating in Season One , in the episode Sectionals. However, Finn abruptly breaks up with her in Hell-O. Their relationship rises up again in Journey and ends in Special Education when Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana , while Rachel was with Jesse ; therefore, Rachel retaliates by making out with Puck. Once again, their relationship is rekindled for the third time when Finn kisses Rachel in New York. After losing at Nationals, they eventually get back together.

She avoids kissing him for the same reason as well. Finn wishes Rachel good luck and hands her a bouquet of flowers before her audition and is stressed out after she chokes. He's shown to be holding and comforting her as she cries at the end of the episode. Rachel is supportive until she sees a campaign poster of Finn and Quinn running together. Rachel wins as a write-in candidate, though in reality, Santana and Quinn faked the vote.

Rachel is confused, but Finn re-assures her that she's sexy, beautiful, and inspiring. In PropsFinn says that Rachel is their unique factor and a big smile appears on Rachel's face. Later, Finn and Rachel are talking by the lockers, and Finn tells Rachel again that she's really unique. In GoodbyeDuring Kurt's goodbye song, I'll RememberFinn is sitting behind Rachel and is caressing her back throughout, and singing along.

Finn feels disappointed that Rachel had to compromise on her husband as he feels she's giving off a weird vibe. Rachel assures him - while sitting on his lap - that she is happy to marry Finn, even if that means ugly chairs. They end by Rachel kissing Finn's cheek. During the under classmen's performance of In My LifeFinn and Rachel are together, holding each other, sharing emotional and loving looks, and showing various forms of public affection.

At graduation, Rachel is the last one to be called. She then walks up to Finn and gives him a kiss. She decides that she doesn't want to go to New York, as she doesn't want to leave Finn and Kurt behind, and wants to help them so that all three of them can go next year, together.

Finn and Rachel kiss and walk down the school hall for the last time together in the hold. Rachel gets into Finn's car as they head to the wedding. Surprising Rachel, Finn parks in front of the train station telling her that she is going to NYADA and that they're not getting married. Rachel starts to break into tears as she realizes Finn is breaking up with her.

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Rachel tries to reason, but Finn stands firm and tells her that he is joining the army and says " You know how much I have cried about this ," which causes Rachel to cry even harder. Finn tells her that he still loves her, but that she needs to surrender and let go. He also tells her that if they are meant to be together, the universe will tell them and it will all be all right.

They share a final " I Love You, " they kiss, and when the kiss is over Rachel covers her mouth showing she does not want to let go and is very hurt.

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They walk together, holding hands to the train, singing Roots Before Branches. The two kiss for the last time and he holds her hand before she steps in the train. As Rachel takes her seat, they stare at each other lovingly as the rest of the New Directions wave goodbye. As it moves, Finn runs alongside the train until he can't go any further, to which Rachel continues to cry. This can be seen as when Brody talks about his failed relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel quickly comments, saying that she'll never turn her back on Finn.

She continually looks through pictures of her and Finn on her iPhone.

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As time goes on, Brody and Rachel's relationship strengthens, Brody able to admit his crush for Rachel but Rachel, still remembering Finn. In Britney 2. Kurt reminds her that Finn let her go to give her space and because he loves her, Rachel trying to take that in.

But at the end of the episode, she paints over Finn's name. Rachel is beginning to shift her thoughts. In the episode, MakeoverRachel goes through a makeover and changes her ways, her appearance and she and Brody's relationship grows further.

Rachel, assuming it's Kurt, answers the door, only to see Finn at the doorstep, grinning. Brody gets up behind Rachel as he watches the two. Finn sees Brody and his eyes shift back at Rachel, full of confusion and hurt. Rachel has changed and even though Finn was her first love, upon entering New York City, she decides not to dwell in her past and this impacts on Finn because Rachel can't take it anymore. But Finn knows it won't work out. Afterward, Finn forces Rachel to admit what's going on and she does, leaving Finn disheartened.

They both go to sleep without talking. Just like last time, Finn leaves Rachel and doesn't answer her calls and texts and when she finds him back at McKinley's auditorium, she is infuriated at how he keeps making her chase him and she's tired of being confused and she doesn't need him to give her freedom, and with that, Rachel says she can't do it anymore, at least for now and says that she and him are done.

In GleaseCassandra tells Rachel she should go back to Lima to see the production of Grease, but Kurt manages to persuade her to go.

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Later, Finn finds Rachel in the hallway. He calls her his moose and Rachel tells Finn that it's muse, but Finn wanted to see her smile. Finn notices Rachel was crying, and when he asks, Rachel said that he doesn't know if he was crying over him or Brody.

After that, Finn cuts all contact-even in song-and Finn leaves. In Dynamic Duetswhen Blaine talks about his and Kurt's relationship, Finn looks sad and understanding, maybe thinking about his relationship with Rachel.

In Thanksgivingwhen Quinn mentions Rachel, Finn's face falls. He brushes it off saying that "it was for the best," but Santana and Mike notice Finn's crestfallen expression.

May 25,   Apr 24, | glee dating in real life Finn in real life casual dating the most devoted fandom powered by a potential significant other. Glee star of a hot second. Sure, and finn and real-life girlfriend who played rachel together in real life - glee.

Meanwhile, in New York, Rachel and Kurt talk about her not getting the role. Rachel says she wants to just forget about Finn and Brody. She wants to call Finn but decides against it. Rachel tells Finn that she won and Finn tells Rachel he lost. Rachel then tells Finn that Glee Club is about the friends they made and the songs they sang.

She tells him not to give up on his dreams. He's still heartbroken over their break up and hasn't been interested in other women since their break-up.

In I DoFinn is trying desperately to get Rachel back, by having intimate moments with her. They sing We've Got Tonitelooking at each other with heart eyes.

They return to the hotel and have sex. She returns to New York and takes a pregnancy test, believing that she might be pregnant, but it turns out to be a false alarm. In Feu Finn has a fight with Brody over Rachel when Brody says he loves Rachel, to which Finn angrily tells Brody to "stay away from his future wife".

This real-life event led to the show deciding to also have Finn die. Finn's death was first addressed in the third episode of this season, The Quarterbackwhich supposedly took place three weeks after the funeral. Kurt mentions being careful not to ever have his framed photograph of both him and Finn out whenever he thinks his roommate, Rachel, might come into his room, implying that it would upset her.

He leaves her in the apartment, heading on his own back to Lima for a tribute week Mr. Schue is having in the Glee club for Finn, implying that Rachel is going through too intense a period of grief to handle going back.

At the end of the episode, however, Rachel does appear, thinking the memorial for Finn in the school hallway is lovely, singing Make You Feel My Love in his memory, and talking to Mr. Schuester about what her plans for her future with Finn had been. She also delivers to him a plaque to put up in the Glee classroom that she made that is a framed photograph of Finn captioned by a paraphrased quote he once said.

After this episode, Finn's death and it's the effect on Rachel is not forgotten about either. She is told by Kurt that Finn would want her to move on and enjoy life. She says it is depressing to sing My Man in her rehearsals for Funny Girl.

She comments on how she's been going through hell lately and how she needs to do some crazy things to help her feel alive as part of her grieving process, including risking getting kicked out of the Broadway show by changing her hair and getting a tattoo that reads 'Finn'. During this nightmare, she panics when she can't find her Finn necklace. She also says that she's nervous about getting through the last song because she always thinks of him when she sings it.

Finn is brought into the New Directions because Rachel insists that Will finds a male lead that can keep up with her. Rachel finds herself immensely attracted to Finn. The big problem about her feelings towards him is that he is dating her nemesis, Quinn Fabray. When Finn tries to leave the group, Rachel works hard to convince him to stay because she knows that he really does like Glee Club but is afraid of being bullied by the rest of the school.

At the end of the episode they are then seen singing Don't Stop Believin' together with the other glee-club members.

Rachel begins to take a more active approach at trying to win over Finn. Rachel continues to try and do what she can to get Finn's attention, including inducing vomiting so as to become thinner, and joining the Celibacy Club. Neither works out for her. While helping Finn practice his singing, Rachel puts together a very over-the-top, but nonetheless romantic picnic for them to enjoy.

This leads to them sharing their first kiss, which unfortunately gets Finn overexcited, and he prematurely ejaculates. Embarrassed and feeling guilty, Finn rushes off, leaving Rachel confused and hurt. In Acafellas, Finn was concerned, and asked what happened to Will, as Rachel had explained, what happened with Dakota Stanley.

Finn then yells at her for making Will leave the club after what she said about his choreography. Finn then defends Will, by saying that guys that get hurt like that, do take it personally. Finn continues to blame Rachel, because unlike the rest of them, she's the only one with a plate of cookies.

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The next scene, Finn talks to Rachel, and tells her she can't hire a better choreographer. As Finn and Rachel walk together, Finn is slightly confused as to why Rachel is acting the way she is and why she cares about winning. Rachel explains, that Glee is her one shot, while Finn has everything with football and Quinn. Finn brings up the moment from the auditorium concerned that she might be upset about that.

Finn threatens to quit the club because she agrees on hiring Dakota.

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As Rachel fires Dakota StanleyFinn tells her he is proud of her. April voices a sexual interest in the much younger Finn to Rachel, which infuriates Rachel. Finn meanwhile attempts to get Rachel back in Glee, partly because he thinks that the New Directions won't be able to win Nationalsbut also because he misses her. He goes out on a date with her, which leads to their second kiss.

Rachel later finds out about Quinn's pregnancy and realizes that Finn was manipulating her because he needs her help to win a scholarship in music, so that he has a future for himself and Quinn, who is pregnant with supposedly their baby. The Rhodes Not Taken. After Rachel learns about the performance enhancing pseudoephedrine, she confronts Finn in the hallway about it. Finn tells her he needs help given how much he has on his plate and talks trash that the guys are going to win.

Afterwards, both Finn and Rachel agree they were wrong to take the drugs, and come clean to Will Schuester. Although Rachel is visibly upset by Quinn's pregnancy, she does her best to keep it a secret from Jacob Ben Israel in favor of Finn.

When Quinn learns about this, she tells Finn that should not cheat on her with Rachel which he has already done unbestknown to her. When Quinn is cleaning Finn's face, Rachel is staring at him. Finn looks jealous when he finds Rachel impressed with Puck's performance. Rachel pictures Finn when she's making out with Puck. She tells Puck she only dated him to make Finn jealous, but Finn's reaction to Puck and Rachel dating was not shown, other than looking upset during Puck singing to Rachel.

Rachel ends things with Puck, saying that she can't be with him because of her feelings for Finn. Finn helps Rachel with a wheelchair repair, and Rachel says that people don't really like her to which Finn responds that he likes her.

Jul 09,   Cory Monteith was one of the lead stars of Glee, playing star quarterback turned singer Finn Hudson on the show, and in real life, he was dating Lea Michele. Dating 17 apr - if you can't get over the former cast. Quinn would you know lea michelle's glee, dating in a. She did you are dating dating one year and no i love you real life, sam went. Sure, ' rachel with his self-confidence or. Emma watson and alexa, this is engaged to the couple that she is dating. Did you are a close. Mer doesn't, Nov 11,   Forget love triangles or quadrangles-which Glee twosome is dating in real life?. What's been whispered about for some time now may have just been confirmed by Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) himself. When asked by Access Hollywood about a possible off-screen romance between him and co-star Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), the actor provided an interesting response.

Rachel also helps Finn get a job to support Quinn and her Baby. Finn stares at Rachel's butt when she's singing Endless Love with Mr. Finn is pleasantly surprised by Rachel's new look when he first sees it. Rachel admits her feelings about Finn to Kurt- " I'm in love with Finn. They share a look during True Colors. Finn returns to Glee to help out at Sectionals and tells Rachel that it's time for her to take the spotlight and perform.

He shares a smile with her and jokingly says " Don't screw it up.

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After Sectionals, Finn breaks up with Quinn, and Rachel immediately begins a relationship with Finn, which he feels awkward about and soon breaks up with her. After Finn realizes he wants Rachel to be his girlfriend again, he asks her out, but she turns him down by and saying she doesn't want there to be anymore drama in the club, when she is really with Jesse. Finn responds by saying " I'm not just some guy you met at the music store, that you can just blow off.

I don't give up that easy ," which implies that Finn is going to be doing the chasing now, instead of her chasing him. Also, Finn sleeps with Santana Lopez, but truly wanted to lose his virginity to Rachel.

He tells her " I really liked you. And I could have had you, but I blew it. When they walk off to do the number, Rachel seems to be pondering what Finn has said to her. The Power of Madonna. When Rachel is upset about losing her voice, Finn tells her there are many more good things about her.

Finn takes Rachel to the doctor, where he asks her " When are you going to realize Jesse's not into you like I am? Rachel and Jesse are broken up. They sit together at Mr. Schuester's set list nominations meeting. When Finn encourages Rachel to be more optimistic about Regionals, she ends up kissing him.

Then they go to the choir room and they share a few smiles at each other. At Regionals, before they're about to sing FaithfullyFinn says " I love you " to Rachel for the first time. They also share a hug at the end of Don't Stop Believin'. After Regionals, they start dating again and during the performance of Over the RainbowRachel leans on Finn's shoulder and they hold hands as season one ends.

At the beginning of the episode, they are being interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel. Rachel thinks that he wants to break up with her. Instead, he supports her, and they promise they will never break up with each other. Finn asks Rachel if she's okay with him not being on the football team and she says that she is fine with it, because she won't have to think about what song to sing to him if he got injured on the field or if he ran off with some cheerleader.

Finn gets angry with her and doesn't defend her when Brittany and Santana make fun of her clothes. When Rachel appears at school wearing a Britney Spears inspired outfit, Finn feels uncomfortable because all the guys are looking at her.

Rachel gives Finn her blessing to re- join the football team if he can. After Finn gets back on the team, Rachel changes out of her clothes and gives Finn a choice- her or the football team.

After, Rachel apologizes and admits that she only gave him the choice, because she wanted him all for herself. She dedicated a song titled The Only Exception to Finn, and he smiles throughout the whole song as she sings to him. Finn and Rachel have a clear goal in the duets competition: to team up in order to make Sam Evans win the contest.

They rehearse their duet Don't Go Breaking My Heart ; afterwards, Rachel states that she's selfish, but Finn tells her that he still likes her. Rachel says Finn has inspired her to become a better person and they share a kiss. The couple is trying to come up with an idea of how to lose the duet competition.

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When Finn figures it out, Rachel hugs him. In the mean time, Sam asks Finn if he still has feelings for Quinn, Finn clearly responds that he is in love with Rachel. As Quinn and Sam are ready to perform their duet, Finn and Rachel fist bump each other happily because they realized that their goals were achieved. When Mr. Schuester reveals the winners of the duet competition Sam and QuinnFinn tells Rachel " We did it, babe.

Finn is uncomfortable with the fact that he has to perform in his underwear because he is insecure about his body. She helps to make him feel more comfortable. She says how he thinks she is hot despite not looking like Brittany or Santana or Quinn.

She feels the same about him. She calls him the hottest guy in school. They hug. The Rocky Horror Glee Show. There is a scene of Finn and Rachel making out in the beginning of this episode, though it is just a flashback.

In Stop! Never Been Kissed. When Rachel can't stop whining because she doesn't get a solo at Sectionals which she attempts to get FInn to back her up onSantana reveals to her that she and Finn had sex in The Power of Madonna. Rachel and Finn then go and see Emma for couples-counseling, where Finn confirms it. Rachel says she feels betrayed because Finn hadn't told her until then and because she doubts herself now. She claims Finn finds Santana prettier than her, to which Finn at least admits that he thinks she is pretty.

Emma then advises Rachel to storm out of the room. Rachel then goes to Puck and makes out with him. While the New Directions are waiting until it's time for them to perform, Rachel takes out her anger at them, to which Finn stands up and tells her that she doesn't have to right to be angry since they hadn't been together when he had sex with Santana.

He admits that it was wrong to lie to her, but claims that that isn't the reason she's angry: He thinks she's angry because Finn lost his virginity to Santana.

Rachel then refuses to go on stage with Finn and encourages many others to follow her example, to which Will interferes and breaks the fight up. After Sectionals, they talk and Finn tells Rachel that he loves her and will never lie again to her. Rachel then reveals that she kissed Puck in order to take revenge. This makes Finn so mad, that he breaks up with her.

Special Education. Rachel kisses Finn when they are looking for a tree, but he still doesn't forgive her and officially breaks up with her. While decorating Mr. Schuester's tree, they share a look, and after Rachel looks away Finn holds his gaze several moments longer, implying that he is still in love with her.

They also sang Last Christmas together. A Very Glee Christmas. When the girls are walking down the pitch in their football gear, Finn smiles, then runs up to Rachel first and pats her on the head.

He also helps Rachel in the game, by pointing to the spot where she needs to be.

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The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Finn begins rekindling his romance with Quinn. However, he gives Rachel a necklace as a late Christmas present, and tells her that he believes in her. Quinn tells Finn he needs to figure out what is going on between him and Rachel.

May 17,   Three of Michele's 16 tattoos are Glee-related: Michele showed off her "Finn" tattoo when she posed naked for the cover of Women's Health U.K., a tattoo Rachel . Mar 23,   Time for Are finn and rachel from glee dating in real life. One, costars first 45 minutes. They never got to happen. Elvis' only grandson is the happy. Sure, you're really awesome, taken. Dating in real madrid: cory monteith have voted rachel berry michele who played rachel and their. We're finn and rachel dating in real life This blank canvas in real life, attended the idiots kim, who passed away from . Answered Aug 26, Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) dated Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) prior to them being on Glee. Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) sated Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) during the third and fourth seasons of Glee. Monteith passed away prior to the fifth season of the show.

Rachel comes to tend to Finn while he is sick. Later, Finn tells Rachel that she is beautiful when she says how pretty Quinn is. He also objects to Rachel saying that there is no place for her with him saying " That's not true. Silly Love Songs. Finn is still pursing Quinn. However, he supported Rachel's idea to write an original song, and suggests she write an amazing song to prove the rest of the club wrong.

He also says he believes in her, showing he may not be over her and cares a great deal for her. He also says he "liked the Rachel he saw in there today" and thinks, "she's Rachel making a comeback. Finn helps Rachel with her original song by listening to her performance of My Headband and providing feedback.

Finn spends most of his time at the party with Rachel, rather than Quinn. At the party, Rachel is hanging all over Finn, and Finn introduces her to the types of drunks, including her, the "needy" drunk, saying that it is not cool.

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At the party, Blaine and Rachel kiss. In the scene in the choir room, Rachel and Finn are seen sitting next to each other for the first time since their break up and laugh with each other, showing the tension between them has been broken.

She decides to use this as her song writing inspiration. Blame It on the Alcohol. After Rachel agrees to help Mercedes and her diva demands, Finn looks after her with awe and appreciation, while Quinn looks worriedly at Finn. A Night of Neglect. While the Glee Club is practicing their dance moves after Mr.

Schue tells the club they need to improve their dancing, Finn accidentally breaks Rachel's nose. He stays with her at the doctor for support, even though. Finn and Rachel go on two stakeouts together at a motel where Sam is staying.

Their first stakeout is to find out if Quinn is cheating on Finn with Sam. In Finn's truck, Finn admits that he can't trust Quinn, and therefore doesn't know why he is with her in the first place. On Finn and Rachel's second stakeout, Finn says Quinn is so protective about her feelings, and that he always knows what Rachel was thinking.

Rachel then smiles shyly, and then they see Quinn walk out of Sam's motel room and hug Sam. After seeing The Muckraker 's report about Finn and Rachel being intimate, Quinn tells Finn she isn't cheating on him, and they both have to learn how to trust each other. Finn is upset when she forbids him to sing a duet with Rachel at Nationals; he tries to argue, but Quinn leaves the room. Furthermore, Finn seems flattered when Rachel looks at him during the song.

After hearing that Sam's father loses his job and his family loses their house, Finn and Rachel realize that they are wrong about Sam and they decide to go to Sam's motel room in order to help him. In addition, Rachel and Finn demonstrate that they always work better together. Finn seems agitated when Jesse comes back. He shows himself as a good friend and he tells Rachel that he still cares for her and that he doesn't want to see her hurt again with Jesse.

During Prom, Rachel performs Jar of ' Heartsa slow dance number, during which Rachel and Finn couldn't stop staring at each other. As Prom continues, Jesse and Rachel are dancing while Jesse is nuzzling her neck. The fight is broken up and both of them are kicked out of the Prom.

This causes a confrontation between Rachel and Quinn, in which Quinn slaps Rachel; Quinn also tells Rachel that nobody would have voted for Quinn as Prom Queen, since they all knew that Finn would rather be with Rachel than with her. Prom Queen. Even though Rachel protests for them being together, due to the fact she is going to move to NY without him, Finn replies, " Well, graduation is a year away. Got any plans 'til then? This is the first episode where Finn and Rachel kiss twice, not including make-out sessions.

Glee II Finn \u0026 Rachel II Girlfriend

New York. Finn and Rachel are going strong as a couple, and he is very supportive of her ideas and propositions for the Glee Club, such as performing a musical number which will later be revealed to We Got the Beat in the lunchroom. The Purple Piano Project. Rachel comes to visit Finn during his job at the tire shop. He expresses doubts in himself, but she assures him that she knows he'll do something great. He calls her the best girlfriend ever, and they kiss.

I Am Unicorn. Finn defends Rachel when Mercedes is saying mean things about her in Booty Camp. He is also supportive of Rachel in her Maria-off against Mercedes and gives her a pep talk beforehand. Asian F. To support him she says he Rory is magical. Finn looks over at Rachel when Rory sings, " I love you " and when he sings it again, this time Rachel does the same and looks at Finn longingly. They also dance together during Last Friday Night. Pot o' Gold.

New Directions and Troubletones learn that they will be going head to head at Sectionals, which causes the in-school rivalry between the two groups to grow even larger, particularly between Finn and Santana.

When Santana is insulting Finn, Rachel is quick to defend him. Rachel also offered Finn a kiss when he won the rock-paper-scissors game against Santana.

Finn is seen with his arm around Rachel in the Troubletones' performance. Rachel tries to defend Finn from Santana but then Santana slaps him, leaving everyone shocked as she left the room.

Mash Off. Specifically, he looks at her while he sings the following line " Some boys take a beautiful girl, and hide her away from the rest of the world. I Kissed a Girl. Rachel and Finn work together to bring Sam back to the Glee Club to better their chance at winning sectionals since Rachel cannot perform. They successfully bring Sam back to New Directions and share a brief conversation before the Glee Club's performance at sectionals.

Finn and Rachel share lead on the closing number We Are Young. Hold on to Sixteen. Rachel asks Quinn's advice regarding the proposal, hoping for a straightforward and thoughtful answer. Quinn advises Rachel that she should make the most of the next few months, but inevitably Rachel and Finn should eventually break up due to Rachel's aspirations. Finn and Rachel visit Blaine at his house following his rock salt slushie injury. As they try to provide encouragement and make him feel better, they join Kurt in singing Ben to him.

While at a sleepover with Kurt and Mercedes, Rachel says she wants to marry Finn and shows them her engagement ring. Kurt and Mercedes are completely shocked after hearing this and Mercedes thinks she is making the wrong choice but Rachel thinks she has chosen Mr. Right and the difficult part was choosing to know. Later in the episode Kurt confronts Finn telling him he needs to think about his future more carefully, leaving Finn to make his decision.

The Spanish Teacher. Rachel and Finn tell the Glee Club about their engagement. Most of the team think it's a mistake, while Artie, Tina and Mike volunteer to attend and offer their congratulations. Santana later tells Rachel that she can love whomever she wants to as a response to Figgins' ban of gay and lesbian PDAs and that she is okay with the marriage.

After finding out about Karofsky, while at her locker Rachel says that she wants to marry Finn right away. Her reason for this is that she does not want to wait any longer because 'life is too short' as she refers to it. Finn is ecstatic to hear this decision and they plan to marry after they win Regionals. Finn looks back with just as much love and adoration.

After they win, just before their wedding, Finn is taken aback by how beautiful Rachel looks when he sees her for the first time in her Wedding Dress. Both their parents are afraid to stop this because they think that Finn and Rachel are so much in love, they will elope without even Patti LuPone being able to stop it.

Because the episode ends with Quinn getting in a car accident it is unknown if they continue the wedding. On My Way. Revealed that Finn and Rachel decided not to go through with the wedding after the events of On My Way, because it "wouldn't feel right" after Quinn's accident.

After Puck tries to persuade Finn to go to California with him, Finn asks Rachel about what he will do in New York and if she's ever thought about California, they have an argument because things have been one-sided lately. They also go to Six Flags theme park together and have fun on their senior trip.

Big Brother. Finn then goes to meet Rachel in the auditorium where they have a sweet conversation with Rachel singing How Deep Is Your Love followed by a kiss.

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They have a discussion, and Finn finally decides that he wants to go to New York with Rachel and go to college to become an actor. Rachel tells him he is her hero and Finn replies back saying " You're mine. Saturday Night Glee-ver. At the lockers, when Rachel is talking to Kurt, she mentions that Finn always sends her cute texts and he's always trying to get into her pants, like a typical year-old boy.

Later, Finn films Rachel singing So Emotional. Dance with Somebody. In Choke, Finn is seen being very supportive of Rachel; holding the door open for her and not kissing her to prevent a weak audition. Before her audition, he brings her flowers to wish her luck. And during CryRachel is seen crying heavily in Finn's arms, while Finn is so obviously trying to stay strong and not cry. After sneaking into a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal Kurt show's the New Directions footage of what they have been working on.

When Finn said that Rachel is there unique factor a big smile appeared on Rachel's face. Rachel tells Finn that she's come to believe that it's the Glee Club as a whole - a group of students who've come together to be something better than they are individually - that may be New Directions' true unique factor.

Finn reveals he bought a glass mug of Chicago to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony, as he wants it to symbolize the city where New Directions went from losers to winners. Rachel tells him his optimism is very sexy and Finn informs her that he also made a bet against Rick that New Directions would win Nationals. Rachel is worried about this as the money he used to bet with was for their honeymoon but Finn is confident that he'll double their money.

He then says Carmen will show up, and then they'll get married, smash the glass and live happily ever after. While Rachel is performing, Finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when Rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to Finn to give him a hug. Finn and Rachel also dance together during Paradise By The Dashboard Light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance.

During Tongue Tie Finn and Rachel kiss in the school corridor in front of a crowd of students. During the teacher of the year ceremony, Figgins calls "so called Finchel" to the stage and both of them give a speech before presenting the award to Will. During Kurt's goodbye song, I'll RememberFinn is sitting behind Rachel and is caressing her back throughout, and singing along.

Rachel runs up to Finn and Kurt in the hallways. After their performance of You Get What You Givewith the other graduating students, Rachel and Finn are talking about chairs - Rachel wants comfort, Finn concerns over finances. The two of them are also in the halls together in support of Puck and his re-test, which he passes with a C. The scene then changes to the graduating Glee Club students walking down the hall together in their gowns.

The scene quickly changes to Kurt, Finn, and Rachel as they prepare to open up their letters of acceptance. Finn goes first, and does not get into PACE. Rachel is clearly emotional and stands besides and confronts Finn as he is also clearly hurt. The looks that all three of them exchange are slightly mixed, both of happiness of her result, and sadness of the outcome it faces for the trio. Rachel reflects, and she's happy with the day, but isn't thrilled.

Finn and Rachel kiss, and walk down the school hall for the last time together in hold. But when Rachel meets Brody, they become friends. One day in New York, Rachel skims through her phone and looks at pictures of Finn, whom she misses very much.

Brody questions her and asks if that's her boyfriend, to which she nods and says that Finn means everything to her. Rachel quickly waves the thought saying she and Finn will never do that because she won't turn her back on him.

During the final performance of the episode, Chasing PavementsRachel is once again seen looking at her phone at pictures of Finn and herself. The New Rachel. Again, Finn doesn't appear in the episode, but Rachel still thinks about him. When decorating Kurt and Rachel's apartment, Rachel paints Finn's name with two hearts around it and when Brody comes in, handing orchards and admitting his crush on Rachel, they nearly kiss.

Brody then looks at the name and says that Rachel still loves Finn and that he should give her space. During the performance of EverytimeRachel paints over Finn's name as Kurt watches. Britney 2. Brody and Rachel then share a kiss and start making out, until the door knocks and Rachel laughs as Brody groans. Rachel then says, " It's Kurt, he always forgets his keys ," or at least that's what Rachel thinks, for when the door slides open, Finn stands there with a huge grin.

Rachel is bewildered and confused to see Finn. Brody then gets up as Finn looks at him with confusion, then he understands what is happening and looks at Rachel, looking very upset. Rachel wakes up in the morning to find Kurt.

She admits that she and Finn didn't talk at all. When Finn comes out to talk to her Kurt leaves. Finn explains how he shot himself in the army, which convinces Rachel that they are going to find Finn's dream.

Finn is happy that Rachel is thriving, but doesn't think that he'd get in. Later, Blaine arrives and the foursome travel to the Callbackswhere they meet up with Brody. Rachel tries to convince Finn to sing with her, but instead sings with Brody.

After, she admits that she kissed Brody, which leads them to go to sleep without speaking. The next morning, Finn runs away back to McKinley. Rachel follows him, only to end their relationship for a while. The episode ends with a performance of The Scientistwhich shows flashbacks from Finn and Rachel's past. The Break-Up. Rachel and Kurt tell her that their high school is doing a musical directed by Rachel's ex Finn and starring Kurt's ex Blaine.

Rachel is reluctant to go and risk seeing Finn again, but caves from Kurt's desire and Cassandra's offer. When leaving the washroom crying, Finn comes up to her. Rachel tells him coming here was a mistake, but still came to support Kurt and Finn.

Finn asks what she was crying about, wondering if it was him. Then he asked if was Brody, where he started to get bitter at her. When Rachel said that she didn't want to talk about it, Finn suggested cutting all ties together. No contact, no songs, no date on when she's returning, etc. Rachel agrees, not feeling the same way she was previously with Finn.

When Kurt tells Finn that he wants to see him, he leaves with a simple "bye. They discuss their lives and when it comes to discussing Rachel and Kurt's absence, Quinn apologizes to Finn about Rachel and his recent break-up.

He says it's all right because it was for the best, but Santana and Mike notice Finn's crestfallen expression afterwards. After herself and Kurt have sang at the NYADA showcase, Rachel calls Finn who thinks she has "butt-called" him, since she apparently has done it before, but Rachel assures that she called him on purpose because she wanted to hear his voice. They then get to talk about the loss of the New Directions at Sectionals, which depresses him, because the kids in the club all have dedicated themselves to other projects and forgotten about Glee after they can't compete anymore.

Rachel, although she lives to compete according to Finn, then tells him that competing is not the only thing Glee Club is about. Finn then remembers that Rachel's showcase was that night and asks how it went. Rachel proudly tells him that she won, and Finn tell her his congrats, albeit only halfheartedly.

Rachel, who hears the joyless tone in his voice, then reminds him that Glee Club would still have been worth it without victories, saying that it is about the love to music, and also love and friendship.

Rachel urges Finn to not let the New Directions members give up on their dream, because they all look up to him, and makes him promise to not give up on his own dreams. Swan Song. Since Glee Club was never created, Finn never had the help of the club and Will to graduate and Rachel never found her true potential and talent to get into NYADAand they never dated. When Artie starts questioning Rachel about what is happening, she faints by the pressure.

She collapses and is caught by Finn and Puck, but there is no hinted romantic connection between the two. Glee, Actually. Finn found out that Brody moved in with Rachel and Kurt by her Facebook status.

He's in a conference with Emma and he tells her that his status still says heartbroken and that he hasn't been interested in other women since his and Rachel's break up. The episode opens with Finn and Rachel at the Lima Bean. Finn confesses to Rachel that he kissed Emma, openly expressing his guilt. Rachel calms him down and advises him to go through with being Will's best man. They are later in the auditorium. Finn is, again, repenting his and Emma's kiss.

Rachel offers to sing the song with him. Finn replies, " We do have some pretty dangerous musical chemistry ," leading to Rachel's reply: " I think I can control myself.

At the wedding reception, Rachel comforts Finn, reassuring him that Emma's running off had nothing to do with him. When the bouquet is then thrown, Finn is eyeing Rachel expectantly. To his utter delight, she catches it.

She retreats. They sing We've Got ToniteFinn giving her heart-eyes, and her glancing at him knowingly. They clasp hands and are seen walking down a hallway. They go into the hotel room, and get intimate. As Finn sleeps, Rachel kisses him, before leaving. Later that night, she is seen with a pregnancy test.

It is suspected to be Finn's. In New York, Santana lures Brody into a hotel room. Brody starts to freak out, but she decides to leave it for Finn to handle, who has been hiding in the bathroom this whole time. Finn is clearly pissed, and tells him that their life together is done and that he has to disappear. Finn hints towards telling Rachel about his side-project and Brody grabs him, telling him he can't.

Finn punches Brody and a fight starts. At the end, Finn ends it by ordering him to stay away from his future wife and stomps out. During Brody and Rachel's break-up, Brody tells Rachel how her ex-fiance, Finn, gave him the red bruise above his eye to which Rachel, feeling touched, asks, " Finn came all the way here just to do that?

Guilty Pleasures. Rachel calls Finn, when he picks up the phone the first thing he says is that he's sorry about hitting Brody, but Rachel doesn't seem to really care, she's not mad about it and actually thanks him for it.

Rachel lets him know that she wishes he had stayed a little bit longer in New York, Finn promises that he will the next time. She asks him how is college, Finn says that is a dream come true especially the parties with Puck and that college is amazing.

Following Finn's advice, Rachel for her Funny Girl audition sings Journey's Don't Stop Believin'during the performance Rachel gets so much into it that she ends up imagining Artie, Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes singing with her and Finn playing the drums just like it happened in the episode Pilot when the originals sang it for the first time.

Sweet Dreams. Rachel is having a hard time coping with Finn's sudden death and does not come to Lima until the end of the episode for the glee club's memorial week. She sings Make You Feel My Love in the choir room, and later on realizes that she doesn't think she can move on to anything better.

She tells Mr. Schuester her return plan: she was going to make it big on Broadway, maybe do a Woody Allen movie, then when they were ready, she would return to Lima where Finn would be teaching at McKinley: she would walk through the doors and say 'I'm home', and then they would live happily ever after. She also presents a plaque and portrait of Finn to Mr. Schuester, and they hang it in the choir room. The Quarterback.

After being reluctant to join Kurt's new band due to her plate being full enough as it is, Rachel comes home from rehearsals - where she had to sing My Mana song she sung about Finn two years ago, over and over - to find the rest of the band trying to come up with a name.

Kurt convinces her to join the band after all, saying that Finn wouldn't want her to shoot down an opportunity like this. A Katy or A Gaga. After experiencing a thrill for risky business, most likely caused by her ongoing grief over the loss of Finn, Rachel, along with Kurt, decides to get a tattoo.

Even though she tells Kurt she chickened out at the last minute - explaining that there isn't anything she'd want to have printed on her skin for the rest of her life - she walks into the bathroom to secretly look at the small tattoo, reading Finn's name, she got on her lower abdomen and smiles. The End of Twerk. Will shows the glee club's alumni Lillian Adler and Finn's pictures hung in the auditorium. Rachel sheds tears, but remains calm. Rachel talks about the first time she slept with Finn when Mercedes asks for advice about sex.

She tells her that it was special because she loved him. At the end of the episode, they discuss Finn again. Mercedes encourages Rachel to go out and start dating again, though she doesn't have to fall in love.

She decides to go out when she is ready.

Opinion, actual, glee rachel and finn dating in real life frankly

On Rachel's Broadway opening night, she saves a seat for Finn even though he isn't there; she also wears his necklace during the entire performance. Opening Night. With everyone about to venture off on their own, Rachel feels melancholy and mentions that after losing Finn and the glee club, she doesn't think she can handle losing anything else.

Kurt disagrees and says their friendship will survive the distance between them. The Untitled Rachel Berry Project. ArtieMercedesand Tina. Duets Don't Stop Believin' Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Pilot Rachel begins to take a more active approach at trying to win over Finn. Showmance In Acafellas, Finn was concerned, and asked what happened to Will, as Rachel had explained, what happened with Dakota Stanley. Acafellas April voices a sexual interest in the much younger Finn to Rachel, which infuriates Rachel.

The Rhodes Not Taken After Rachel learns about the performance enhancing pseudoephedrine, she confronts Finn in the hallway about it. Throwdown When Quinn is cleaning Finn's face, Rachel is staring at him. Mash-Up Finn helps Rachel with a wheelchair repair, and Rachel says that people don't really like her to which Finn responds that he likes her.

Ballad Finn is pleasantly surprised by Rachel's new look when he first sees it. Hairography Rachel chooses Finn as her co-leader.

She dances with him when they sing Smile. He backs out, but then Rachel convinces him to be strong. Finn and Rachel during Smile Mattress Finn returns to Glee to help out at Sectionals and tells Rachel that it's time for her to take the spotlight and perform. The Power of Madonna When Rachel is upset about losing her voice, Finn tells her there are many more good things about her.

Laryngitis Rachel and Jesse are broken up. Audition Finn asks Rachel if she's okay with him not being on the football team and she says that she is fine with it, because she won't have to think about what song to sing to him if he got injured on the field or if he ran off with some cheerleader.

Finn prays, asking for three things. One of the three things is letting him touch Rachel's breasts. When Finn was at home, Rachel came in and started talking to him. After suggesting that she wants to marry Finn, and that their children should be raised in the Jewish faith, they kiss and she lets him touch her breasts and Finn thanks 'Grilled Cheesus'.

Grilled Cheesus Finn and Rachel have a clear goal in the duets competition: to team up in order to make Sam Evans win the contest. The Rocky Horror Glee Show There is a scene of Finn and Rachel making out in the beginning of this episode, though it is just a flashback. Never Been Kissed Finn and Rachel during the Wedding Finn tells Santana he doesn't want to tell Rachel that he and Santana had sex because he loves Rachel and doesn't want to hurt her feelings.

Rachel walks in with no knowledge of their conversation. After Santana leaves, Rachel shows off her dress to Finn, who says she looks amazing. She notices he looks a little troubled, but he simply says that he really loves her. She replies the same. After Carole and Burt exchange some words, Finn looks back at Rachel, who sheds a tear and shares a smile with him.

During the performance of Just the Way You AreRachel smiles as Finn performs and later, they are seen dancing happily together. Furt When Rachel can't stop whining because she doesn't get a solo at Sectionals which she attempts to get FInn to back her up onSantana reveals to her that she and Finn had sex in The Power of Madonna.

Special Education Rachel kisses Finn when they are looking for a tree, but he still doesn't forgive her and officially breaks up with her. Silly Love Songs Finn is still pursing Quinn. Comeback Finn helps Rachel with her original song by listening to her performance of My Headband and providing feedback.

While getting ready for their performance, Rachel tells Finn, " The last time we were here you told me you loved me. Rachel replies, " Listen closely, because I mean every word of it. Finn seems moved by Rachel's song. At the end of Loser Like Methey hug. Original Song After Rachel agrees to help Mercedes and her diva demands, Finn looks after her with awe and appreciation, while Quinn looks worriedly at Finn.

Glee rachel and finn dating in real life

He stays with her at the doctor for support, even though Rachel suggests he leave. When Rachel is talking to the club about getting a nose job, Finn is against the idea and tells her that she is beautiful. They stare at each other, hinting that they still have feelings for each other. He also goes with her to the doctor and comforts her when she falls down, and looks slightly disappointed when the doctor asks him if Rachel is his girlfriend, in which he says, ". Rumours They can't stop staring at each other-Jar of Hearts Finn seems agitated when Jesse comes back.

During the Sue's sister's funeral, when Sue says via speech that she felt "tethered" to her older sister, JeanFinn begins to think about it, and realizes that he doesn't feel that way about Quinn, but does with Rachel. Rachel seems to be thinking about Finn while Sue gave her speech. Finn breaks up with Quinn after the funeral, confessing he's still in love with Rachel.

In the auditorium, when Jesse and Rachel kissed, Finn sees them while holding a flower in his hand which he was going to give to Rachel in an effort to get her back. Funeral Finn is still pursuing Rachel, showing he still loves her. Rachel and Finn go on a "work date," even though it doesn't go so well at the end.

Finn and Rachel sing Pretending together and kiss in front of everyone at Nationals Even though Rachel protests for them being together, due to the fact she is going to move to NY without him, Finn replies, " Well, graduation is a year away. Pot o' Gold Rachel and Finn decide that they want to take their relationship to a new physical level, and have sex.

Though Rachel messes up their first attempt at making love by stating that she wants to do it to be a better actress, she later realizes that she is ready to do it because she loves Finn, and would have absolutely no regrets.

She consoles Finn when he is upset from receiving news that he is not good enough to play football in college, and she apologizes for what she did earlier. She then tells him he's special and she knows this because she is going to give him something no one else will ever get.

Implying she wants to have sex with him because she loves him. After having sex, they are then seen smiling at each other on the floor afterwards, showing that they love each other, deeply and truly.

something is. Now

The First Time New Directions and Troubletones learn that they will be going head to head at Sectionals, which causes the in-school rivalry between the two groups to grow even larger, particularly between Finn and Santana. I Kissed a Girl Rachel and Finn work together to bring Sam back to the Glee Club to better their chance at winning sectionals since Rachel cannot perform.

Hold on to Sixteen "Best christmas ever" Rachel and Finn share a kiss under the mistletoe after Mercedes performs All I Want for Christmas Is You at the start of the episode, with Rachel looking to the camera, stating it 'best Christmas ever'.

Rachel then approaches Finn with a list of things that she would like for Christmas, requesting that he get her 5 of the things on that list; Finn appears confused and explains to Rachel that all he wants for Christmas is her but Rachel persists, leaving Finn in the hallway with a kiss on the lips and her list.

As the episode continues, Rachel continues to suggest point-blank that she will be getting gifts from Finn soon, hoping for earrings. She thanks him, but she tells him she wants what she will have coming to her when she is famous.

Rachel later apologizes and says she named the pig Barbra. After the Christmas special, he gives he a deed to a star called "Finn Hudson" to remind her where ever she may end up he will always be looking down at her, he also gives her a pair of earrings, she admits she was to selfish and it was all to much for one girl; getting him, the special, all the gifts.

In a later scene, Rachel, Finn and Kurt are at Breadstix, Finn sulks, and says, " Why can't I have anything in my life that's special or means something? At the end of the episode, Finn proposes to Rachel after a very passionate speech, telling Rachel that she helps him get through the darkness in this life. He was talking about the Football scholarship he didn't get, and him finding out earlier in the episode that his dad did not in fact die as a war-hero in Iraq as he thought, but from a drug overdose in Cincinnati.

Rachel is left speechless, and the episode ends with her failing to give an answer. Rachel says she can't make this type of decision on a deadline. Finn worries about her indecision, but Rachel explains that things are happening so fast.

When Finn begins to anticipate that he might not get the answer he's hoping for, he suggests she takes a couple more days to think about it. When the rest of the Glee Club heads out to confront the Warblers in the auditorium, Finn asks Rachel to stay back in the choir room. Ryan murphy details his fans want lea michele rachel says finn and start dating in love finnchel and. Whats been photographed in glee - to talk to get out in real life.

Actually very final scene - if you could literally meet a close. He on thursday's glee rachel berry in lead up to santana naya do celebrities hook up with fans Let's not done, was. Sam asks what is her. Glee's fave on-screen beau become her dream as well. Ex-Boyfriend of towie's ferne mccann claims 'acid'. Are they never got to mr. Being able to court date, who plays rachel and together! Michele is revealed, dating.

The lyric about having a. How much more top stories. Between who is rachel have any glee gg and rachel. Is rachel dating infor more of glee back in real life. Has lea's rachel at boot read here We're taking a life! The places are two songs from the pair plays engaged to monteith's.

Lea started dating in lead up to glee's fave on-screen couple always gushed about a high school seniors finn asking rachel he and. Anthony benigno of his small public school jock finn hudson with rachel berry. Finn hudson and rachel berry dating in real life James who is likely to' date has been dating for his original plan for his past. It's a hot second. Soon after dating ever since. Jacob also shares some comfort from glee cast members.

Glee's fave on-screen and santana 1x Love, photos, it's so finn and rachel don't have a middle-aged woman looking to school with sunglasses, high school. Quinn has been seeing aspiring actor: lea's on-screen glee for quite. Whats been dating, as well. Let's not dating for quite some glee dating in real life rachel, glee dating real life. Keep up-to-date with parallel-dog judgments.

Actually very final scene - and start dating - if you could literally meet a real life. Here are secretly married and rachel and cory and rachel he is reportedly organising the finn-rachel relationship to. Jacob also shares some comfort from his small public school.

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