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In August , Sulli officially left the group to concentrate on her acting. The status of the group remains unknown as SM Ent. On October 14th, former member Sulli passed away from suicide. Show more Victoria fun facts. Global Auditions in Los Angeles, California, held in

Victoria can eat 3 servings of sirloin steak for dinner and she also loves eating samgyupsal which contains meat.

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For people who say that Victoria is not Lead Vocalist for not being as good as Amber and Krystal Know that a Lead Vocal does not have to have a very good technique and just needs to sing enough to be considered a member of the vocal line. As the years passed, the positions changed, so Victoria was rather considered Lead Vocalist, and Krystal could even be a Main Vocalist since she sings practically the same lines as Luna.

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Nah, face of the group is someone who is considered as a representation of the idea of the group. They even released a music video and choreo and everything! Amber calls Johnny her little brother, not son. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Who is your f x bias? You may also like.

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Kpop Polls Who is your favourite Chinese Kpop idol? Amber is just life goals. She is perfect!

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Kasai Ichinose. Thank you for the heads up!

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It has been added! Thanks for the help in improving their profile! Ally The Llamalover.

Sana Farooq. Lol this was funny. No info about their weight? Krystal stan. Johnny Seo Enthusiast. Amber is actually 56kg. Thanks a lot, we gave you credits in the post.

Yasmin Trammell. I think Krystal is the leader and not Victoria? Karen Chua.

Nov 15,   f(x)'s Luna revealed her just as pretty twin sister on her Me2day. On November 13, she put up the picture with the caption, "My triplet Jin Sun Hee. The pretty girls that have been by my side. Sep 14,   "Heart Signal 2" is a Chinese variety show that brings together a group of strangers to live together in the same house. The rules are simple. Each night, the participants will send a message. Sep 22,   Dating Rumors Involving f(x)'s Luna Float Around, SM Denies and Says They Are Just Church Friends. Celeb. Sep 22, by deedeegii. On September 21, f(x) member Luna .

We gave you credits in the post. Amber is great friends with Jackson of GOT7. Kanakabha Choudhri. How come it isnt mentioned that Krystals in a relationship with Kai from Exo? Did this change or something? I remember that Krystal was the leader.

Panda SC. Hmm Victoria was always the leader. Ariiq Akbar Victoria is a lead rapper. Amber is a lead vocalist.

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Chit tay Victoria is good at cooking. Amber likes mangoes but allergic to them. Park Sooyoung. Hansel A. Oh sarang. Thanks for the ate! Then, what eps? My bias is Luna. Her voice is amazing!

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Michaella Abiva. Maliha Nusrat Arpa.

f(x) Members Profile: f(x) Facts and Ideal Types f(x) (????) consists of 4 members: Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal. In August , Sulli officially left the group to concentrate on her acting. f(x) debuted on September 5th, under SM Entertainment. In September , Amber, Victoria and Luna's contracts with SM expired and they decided not to [ ].

Jay-ar Mantalaba Avila. Kimberly Renee. Yes, that is noted in her profile, thanks for the comment! Katrina Pham.

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Really sorry for the late reply! Jae-Kail Choi. Cassy Kim. Multi-Fandom Trash.

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I just commented that I miss f x lol. I agree!!! Vicente Rhamiel.

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Who else thinks Gong myung 5urprise and krystal can be a couple? Im reminded Kaistal. Sulli is or even Kaistal is Life.

As far as I know, Luna is the only lead dancer. I think Krystal is the center too.

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Amber is not the lead dancer. Only Luna. Tobias Vokoun. Sulli, well she was. Sullis Sugar Daddy. Sulli is afraid of water.

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The best thing about the panel is that they are just as invested in the show as the audience is. All of them have laughed, cried, and exclaimed along with the audience see picture below. The panel is really the anchor of the show.

They have a great understanding of human behavior, often providing insightful commentaries. They are sensitive, empathetic, and the voice of reason. Because of that, they do a good job of helping the audience understand the participants and their situations.

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They are never snarky and often gently remind the audience that these are real people who are putting themselves out there to find love. They have such great chemistry! You get the sense that they genuinely like one another. They are a group of extremely likable people you would root for.

Fx luna and chen dating

An all-around good solid lineup. All of them hail from different backgrounds and they even shared that they might never have met if not for the show. Though they might be different, their experiences, hopes, and fears are all highly relatable. I hope they all find the love and happiness they deserve! All epic romantic dramas have two key ingredients - the ride or die OTP and the love triangle. This show is no different.

They are so CUTE together. Qi Jun says the most romantic stuff without batting an eyelid. He says it so well that sometimes you wonder if the production team feeds him lines.

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But if they did, he could not have delivered them with such conviction. By the way, none of the participants are actors.

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They are just ordinary people who have a 9 to 5 job. So if all these are fake, my life is a lie and they are the most natural actors I have ever seen in my life.

As for the love triangle, the show has many memorable ones.

Amber Liu - Other People (Official Video)

I still wish that everyone can pair off perfectly so everyone will be happy at the end of the day. Alas, love does not work like this. It is just as good as any scripted romantic drama. The show is perfect for a cozy Sunday in when you want to watch something light-hearted and sweet.

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