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Kid Flash groaned as he slid to the floor. He'd just been slammed against a wall by one of Gizmo's mechanical spider legs. He was loosing energy fast. Not a good thing. Another of Gizmo's legs slashed at him. He rolled away quickly barely missing getting speared in the head. Nearby Starfire was firing blast after blast at Kid Wykkyd ho simply teleported out of the way.

The three of them reminisced about how much fun they had and they decided to do it again.

Mar 04,   A look back at all of the old Hook-Ups featuring Teen Titans characters. Beast Boy and Raven Robin and Starfire Cyborg and Jinx Beast Boy and Terra Teen Titans Megasode Jinx accepting Kid Flash's invitation to become a hero. Jinx then appeared as the de facto leader of a slightly reorganized H.I.V.E. Five group, consisting of herself, Gizmo, Mammoth, See-More, Billy Numerous, and Kyd was apparently the only member of this group who took her criminal career seriously, as the other members all displayed a serious lack of initiative and a remarkably. In " Operation Tin Man ", Gizmo kidnapped Cyborg and held him for ransom. The entire time he was there, Cyborg just spent his time dating Jinx. Gizmo was annoyed with this, so he pulled a prank on Cyborg, where he hacked him and made him act like an idiot in front of Jinx. Cyborg dumped a cup of soda on Jinx and told her he wanted to break up.

So they all immediately broke out of prison and had a second girls night out. In " In and Out ", The H. Five planned on turning the tower into a space battle station.

Robin planned on infiltrating the tower and blowing it up by disguising himself as Red X and joining The H. Despite Gizmo immediately accepting him in, Robin still felt the need to prove himself, by beating up Mammoth. Jinx was horrified by the way Robin was treating Mammoth and she screaming in terror, begging for "Red X" to stop and show some mercy.

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After Robin finally stopped, Jinx called him "mean", not really approving of him joining the team. Jinx must have gotten over her fear of him later as she and Gizmo invited him to join them for pizza. After Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire also joined the team in paper-thin disguises, Jinx complained to Gizmo that things were getting too crowded around there and Gizmo agreed, saying that he should blow up the tower to get rid of all of them.

Jinx was appalled by Gizmo's stupid idea, but she went along with it anyway. She discovered that the new team members were actually the Teen Titans in disguise and she fought with them before her tower blew up.

Dec 16,   Cyborg & Jinx Caught Dating - Teen Titans Go! DJ Trang Moon. Teen Titans Short Language Lesson/Ravens Date DC Nation. Markselby Cyborg & Jinx Caught Dating Teen Titans Go! Full Cartoon HOT Funny Video. funny cartoon. Robin's Teen Titans Impressions Teen Titans Go Full HD cartoon New Mar 02,   Watch more Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network! SUBSCRIBE: About Teen Titans GO!: Thursdays at 6/7c. TEEN TITANS GO! is a comedy featuri. Dating Catwoman: Cyborg and Jinx attend the H.I.V.E.'s dance together, and it's later confirmed by Bumblebee that Cyborg had a crush on Jinx. Early-Bird Cameo: Billy Numerous, See-More, and Kyd Wykkyd appear in the background of this episode, and both later go on to play roles in Season Five; Billy Numerous is also the Villain of the Week in a.

Homeless, Jinx and the other H. In " Opposites ", Cyborg fell in love with Jinx and was too hesitant to fight her in battle. He would only use happy attacks on her like giving her bear hugs and firing bombs full of flowers at her.

This confused Jinx and eventually allowed for her to make a clean getaway. Cyborg later showed up at the malt shop, where he met up with Jinx and asked her out.

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Jinx fell in love with Cyborg and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. They had to keep this a secret from their teams, though.

Dating. Beast Boy and Raven made a bet. If Beast Boy could get Cyborg and Jinx, plus Robin and Starfire on a date within twenty four hours, then Raven would have to go on a date with him. If he could not, he had to eat a ninety six ounce steak, with no seasoning or drink. Beast Boy didn't want to eat that steak so he had to get them together. Sarah Simms is a girl who appeared in the comic book series Teen Titans Go! She works with disabled kids in Jump City and later ends up dating Cyborg. They broke up for a time, but later reconciled in "Cyborg's Story" right before she went off to college. Feb 17,   Cyborg expresses his love to jinx R Kelly style. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Gizmo eventually busted Jinx after he saw her with a heart-shaped balloon that Cyborg gave her. Jinx tried to sell Gizmo on the lie that she stole the balloon from a baby, but he wasn't buying it. Likewise, Robin found out Cyborg's secret.

The two busted the duo for dating in the middle of the park and forbade them to see each other, sending them into deep depressions. Jinx begged Gizmo to let her date Cyborg but Gizmo said that on account of them being evil and the Titans being good, there was nothing they could do.

Jinx cried her eyes out and convinced Gizmo to turn their team into a team of heroes.

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As heroes, their first villains to fight were the Teen Titans, who had recently become villains due to Cyborg begging Robin of this. Jinx and Cyborg got into an argument over this, insulted each other's leaders, and broke up. Robin and Gizmo happily accepted this and both teams went back to their own ways. After they left, Cyborg and Jinx forgave each other and went back to dating again.

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The entire time he was there, Cyborg just spent his time dating Jinx. Gizmo was annoyed with this, so he pulled a prank on Cyborg, where he hacked him and made him act like an idiot in front of Jinx.

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Cyborg dumped a cup of soda on Jinx and told her he wanted to break up. Jinx was hurt at first, before she found out, what was really going on. Jinx was sick of Cyborg and Gizmo fighting, so she locked them in Gizmo's room together and forced them to get along. They eventually did and Jinx was happy about this before the Teen Titans bust in to destroy the H.

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In " Mouth Hole ", Jinx and the rest of the H. Jinx was also present when Gizmo was about to destroy the other Titans with his giant death ray. She got beaten up by Robin and his new whistling powers. Cyborg gave Jinx a series of painful papercuts all over her face and later apologized, remembering that despite being his enemy, she was also his girlfriend. He told her that she can fix that by putting some ice on it. Five robbed a bank and Kid Flash defeated all of them before the Titans even got the chance.

The Teen Titans showed up to stop them but Robin could not finish his dramatic speech because the other Titans kept making fart noises. After much time, stalling, the Young Justice team showed up and beat up the H.

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They later handcuffed them up and took them in for interrogation. While the Young Justice team shamed the Teen Titans for being so silly and goofy, Starfire and Raven broke Jinx out of her shackles to have a third girls night out with her.

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In " The H. Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality!

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Even though this is a parody, it is extremely sexually explicit in nature and is for viewers aged 18 and over. Furry creatures. XD I wonder if this is what first started the whole Jinx hentai wave Or maybe it is already Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Jinx Hentai Parody Share Collapse.

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Cyborg and jinx caught dating

Will Cyborg have the courage to end this and confess the truth? Or will fate play a crude hand and reveal itself before Cyborg confesses?

Jinx/Victor Stone; Cyborg/Jinx; Jinx (DCU) Victor Stone; Cyborg (DCU) Fluff; Hurt/Comfort; Humor; Light Angst; Late Night Conversations; Ice Cream; Stubborn Idiots Refuse to Admit they Love Each Other; more at 11; Summary. The grimace on his face was visible in both the corners of her eyes and his faint reflection on the windshield. Rave (by Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Jinx, See-More and Robin) Rae Dude in the Hoodie (by Aqualad) Babe (by Aqualad) Basket Case (by Robin) Mega Legasus Demon of Azarath The Grave Mistake Baby (by Beast Boy) Raven the Dancing Diva (by Birdarang Mom (by Jinx and Starfire). Cyborg and jinx caught dating - Rich woman looking for older man & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you.

One thing is for certain, someone will get hurt. Joker is in Jump City for something specific, as well as visiting his 'favorite' bird.

Cyborg moments in the HIVE (Part 1)

Will the Titans handle the self-proclaimed Clown Prince of Crime's newest sinister plot? Set after Trouble in Tokyo, excludes s5, featuring Batman.

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Having fought villains, monsters, and demons, the Titans now must prepare Jump City for the worst challenger yet, Mother Nature. If Jinx wants to clear her record and join the Teen Titans, she has one more step to prove herself: to get through all five founding members in the bedroom, all using their powers to make sure she's in for the time of her life.

Anonymous commission. AU: Garfield and Terra are getting married in two weeks.

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But his last night out as a single man with his friends could change his and Terra's future forever. Rated M for later chapters. It all came back to the very beginning-a deal, a death and the ever growing burden of love and what exactly it means to remain in love with people you care for. In nature, if animals or plants share space they often start to gain similarities of behaviors or superficial markings.

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The same could be said about people who co-habitat for long periods of time. Now -Two years after the awakening of the Beast, The Rise and Fall of Trigon, and the Unmasking of Red X - the Titans are faced with the fact they are affected by their closeness to one another in ways they haven't fully comprehended just yet.

Basically a soul mate fan fiction that revolves around the emergence of an irregularity that comes from just one of the Titans that spreads to all].

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This dark comedy is about Robin announcing to the Titans he wants them to have a day off from being superheroes. Surprised and curious, the Titans decide to follow their leader until they witness him encountering with a common enemy at a luxury resort. It leaves confusion with the Titans, especially with Starfire.

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It hits close to home for her. The grimace on his face was visible in both the corners of her eyes and his faint reflection on the windshield.

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